What do you think?

The boy is on the right at 28 weeks and Harper is on the left at 34 weeks… Are they going to look just alike?!

The bumps are different though:

The bump on top is Harper, bottom bump is all boy!


8 thoughts on “What do you think?

  1. I love the 3D images and it looks like their face features will be similar! I wish my Dr would show us that, that is pretty neat Here they charge you $100 for 30minutes. And you have to be 25-28 weeks, so I generally think of saving the money because the baby will be here before we know it 😉 That’s amazing your doctor will let you see though. I am in Awe.

    • My cousin’s wife found us a place in our city, she just googled “pregnancy ultrasound ___” whatever city, and we found a place that does a 20min 3d/4d ultrasounds for $65. I went to them a couple weeks ago to do the sex determination ultrasound (since it wasn’t clear at my dcotor’s) for $45. Best money we ever spent!:)

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