28 Weeks

Well, hello third trimester, you certainly came so much more quickly than the second!

We’ve had an eventful couple of days.

Ya see, yesterday I went in for my 28 week appointment along with one hour glucose test. Let me ask you this? Does any sane person like the sugar drink? Because I was totally into it because I was craving sugar.
Shortly after my crack cocaine orange drink, the baby WENT NUTS BANANAS BONKERS! The first part of the appointment went well, my cervix was long and closed, which is what we want right now.

Next, was monitoring time since I had to wait an hour anyway for the sugar drink to be raging through my veins.

I get hooked up like some sort of science experiment and am left alone in the room.


I start playing tetris and try my best to ignore how many times this kid is turning, stretching, and punching me in the underwear area. It was getting uncomfortable!!! He is just SO low. It’s a much more uncomfortable feeling than I remember from Harper.

Then my monitors went cray cray. I kept trying to look to see what was up and all I saw was the baby’s heart rate looking funny. I can’t read those stupid strips for anything! After about 5 minutes of the loud beeps, the dr comes in to check out my strips. She stared, and stared, and stared! Then she called in her nurse to stare with her. Then their tech came in to stare. I was officially being looked at like I was going to explode.



Dr G: Did you hear that?!?
Nurse M: Yeah I did…it’s like theres a second beat.
Me: I turned a color that indicated bewilderment.

They then assured me they thought their machine was picking up my heartbeat as well as the babys. Thanks for giving me a stroke, people.

They watched and watched and watched some more. Apparently they were hearing what sounded to them like arrhythmia in the baby’s heartbeat. And get this, I was having contractions every 3 minutes.

They scurried me over to have an ultrasound, and I got to see his sweeeeet face!!!! EEEEK!!!


I waddled back to the office and Dr G told me to wobble down to labor and delivery because they needed to watch the baby and make my contractions stop. Wonderful.

I submit all of my medical information to the admissions receptionist. We had a little conversation like this:
Receptionist: Whose your dr?
Me : Dr. G
Receptionist: Oh okay so you’re getting induced today right?
Me: Sh*t, really? Do I look full term already!??

Moving along… I was hooked up to everything under the sun only to be told I was fine 8 hours later. They did manage to shove 2 procardia pills down my throat half way through my stay to lower my blood pressure (supposed to stop contractions). Those stupid pills are like hangover pills. I STILL have a headache from my blood pressure dropping into the dead fish zone. I’m so thankful she didn’t send me home with orders to take this med YET. I am really not sure I can do it! Taking care of a 1 year old under the influence of the hangover pill is HARD. How do those moms I see going to bars every week do it? I couldn’t take care of a kid hungover!

That was our day, now we are home and partially happy, with the exception of my headache and dead fish syndrome.

Here are the 28 week stats

Size of the baby: He is about 2.5 lbs and 15 inches long already!!! He always measures big for us! According to babycenter, he is the size of a chinese cabbage. (?)

Weight gain: I’m reaching bison status.

Gender: In case you missed our gender reveal video:

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/52246066″>Eddins Reveal</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/mckenziemillerfilms”>McKenzie Miller Films</a> on <a href=”http://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Movement: He is away every hour for sure! I don’t want to say it’s more movement than with Harper, it’s just more uncomfortable, so I focus on it a lot. He is feet down, I assume his feet are in my vagina actually, because it’s REALLY not a great feeling when he moves.

What I miss: My entire wardrobe! Being tan. Thongs. Yea, I said it.

Cravings: Fried pickles, fried calamari, chocolate cake with ice cream, orange juice, sour cream.

Symptoms: Tiredness, to the point that I can actually have a 20 minute nap everyday. This is unusual for me, I have been tossing and turning trying to nap for months, but just could never get to sleep, I’m SO glad I can have a few minutes of real rest. AND THIS. Yuck.

Best moment this week: Having John close enough to home he could take his lunch break with us. And doing a super cute DIY valentines project…soon to be presented on the blog! You’ll all just die.

Worst moment this week: Being in the hospital!

Oh yeah, and here’s the bump:



This afternoon I think Harper was wanting some bump love because she crawled up on the couch to hug my tummy!



then watched Teen Mom with me almost the entire show!  She loves to hear the kids on there talk!





I hope everyone else is doing good and nobody feels like a dead fish.





11 thoughts on “28 Weeks

  1. I promise if you have to go on procardia you will get used to it. You just can’t stand up fast. Lol. But so glad everything seemed to fix itself. Not going to lie, I was hopingg they were going to say that there was a twin!!!

    • They had me on a big dose with Harper around 33 weeks and it was terrible, but I was able to rest all day so I dealt with it…….I STILL have a headache from the one dose 36 hours ago! If we are like 34 weeks pregnant and they want to put me on it I will probably say no if baby is still measuring big! No twins!!! AHHH!!! That would mean THREE under 2!!!

  2. My baby had an irregular heartbeat and was breech around the same time. We didn’t have any more issues with his heart, and he turned shortly after and has stayed head down. Man, 3rd trimester has kicked my butt from the start! At least there are naps, though. 🙂

  3. Scary day! Glad babe is well and mom is hanging in there. Btw – I wore thongs throughout my pregnancy. At first I was cursing Victoria’s Secret for making one size fits all lace thongs, I mean really??!! But while pregnant they were fantastic!! Haha, highly recommended!

  4. What an appointment! My goodness that seems like a busy day. I have heard quite about about this orange drink and I can’t say I”m looking forward to it. The things we do for little loves.

    Anyway, I’m glad things are back in order and I hope you start feeling like yourself soon!

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