That’s so cute…wait, no it’s not!

I had been sort of waiting for Harper to notice baby brother in the workings. One day I lifted my shirt and showed her my belly. Huge hit. She would touch it and laugh! It was really sweet. She recently started to lift my shirt while we were watching tv and touch my belly button. Still cute.
So we are at publix today, and she touches my stomach- cute right?
Then she starts to lift my shirt up in the middle of the store!! NOT CUTE! 🙂 I really didn’t think this whole thing through.



She did lift up her daddy’s shirt the other night and poke his belly button with laughter… Which made me laugh so hard I cried and probably peed a little. I told her that was daddy’s baby.


6 thoughts on “That’s so cute…wait, no it’s not!

  1. My niece did this to my sister in the grocery store, too! My sister wasn’t pregnant, but she had been teaching my niece body parts and she went “Where is your belly button?” and my niece reached over and yanked my sister’s shirt up! Needless to say, we’re still working on differentiating “yours” and “mine”.

    Hahaha, I hope my little munchkin unknowingly turns the tables on my hubby at least once or twice, it’ll be a little bit of payback for all his teasing while I’m pregnant 🙂

    • LOVE that place too! I’ve heard people rag on it because the prices are a little more than wal mart, but totally worth it. They ALWAYS carry my stuff to my car, they remember me by name, they remember my daughter and give her balloons and cookies…and you don’t have to deal with everyone who goes to wal mart! I probably only go to wal mart 1 time every 2 months- I avoid it as much as possible!

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