A de-breeching.

The past 2 weeks are getting to me. My doctor confirmed that I do indeed have a breeched m17 hellcat in my stomach. This explains why I feel like there are 2 whole feet in my VERY low pelvic region. Every twist and turn hurts! I’m too afraid to take a mirror down there, because I’m just sure a foot is sticking out. So, for selfish reasons only, I would like to de breech this kid. I’m 90% sure we will have a c section since it’s been so soon since we had Harper via c section, so it really is my SELFISH need to feel better. I’m only a little over 7 months pregnant, and am freaking out at the prospect of getting more uncomfortable than I already am. 2 months of progressively getting worse. I shudder.

Here’s a short practice run on project debreech (a breech tilt):


Note to self: My boobs look so much better upside down.


I’ve also been doing the cat stretch, knee-chest position, and downing lots of orange juice.

Anyone have any success with non-painful methods?

Everyone say a prayer that soon, I will have more room in my pelvis. Because things are just not working out right now down there.




11 thoughts on “A de-breeching.

  1. My munchkin is breech, too! I’m only 25 weeks along but it’s my first. I was wondering why most of the kicks and jabs I feel are so low when I kept hearing stories about painful kicks to the ribs and diaphragm. The ultrasound tech had told me the baby was breech (and had a hard time getting it to hold still long enough for all the necessary measurements, it’s an active little monster) and I had guessed that was the reason most of the kicks bounce around in my pelvic region instead of behind my belly button, but I didn’t know for sure. I’m lucky though, some of the movements get uncomfortable but none have been painful so far, and the munchkin rolls quite a bit so not only do I still get the occasional belly button jab, many of the motions feel more like tumbling than direct hits :/ I wish you success in your de-breeching so it no longer hurts!

  2. I read on a birth board that one woman put a bag of frozen something (peas, insert veggie here) on top of her belly and a warm compress on the bottom of her belly to encourage the baby to flip. She said it worked. She also played music down there to encourage baby to turn. I guess what could it hurt? I’m 36 weeks tomorrow and this kid is KILLING my ribs – but I know the alternative is killing down there, so we really can’t win.

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