Kisses for all mankind

I have been on a DIY rampage lately. Well, I mean, I just found 4 projects I wanted to do that took minimal effort.

1. Paint chip mobile -Google it to know what it’s SUPPOSED to look like, and keep in mind, it’s almost totally free to make!!!! I’m into that.


2. Paint chip rose Valentine’s Day wreath. PAIN IN THE _ _ _!!!! It was just so pretty online I couldn’t resist. Appealing parts : It’s really cool and cheap. 8$ total to make. Parts that make you want to stab yourself with your fiskers: It takes FOREVER. No really. It does. I’m factoring in around 2-3 hours per night for 5 nights. THEN add the part where you have to rape your local home depot of your favorite color paint swatches. I did a really dumb thing, I only wanted one color. I had to take every single dusty rose paint sample from THREE different home depots. THREE. There are no dusty rose paint swatches in the greater birmingham area now. I’m sure of it.

My wreath isn’t complete yet, I still have to fill in some bald spots, but since it’s raining and I can’t display it yet, I am giving myself a break until the sun comes back around. Here it is: Cute even though unfinished!

20130115-002608.jpg3. Paint chip Valentine’s day cards. I was going for a very hand made look for this one. I sent out 25 Valentines this year. Each card contains 10 paint chip hearts. (10 because you have to do one on front, and one on back of each heart) So I hand constructed 250 hearts taped to 25 strings of yarn for the total project. It was a little more in depth than I expected, but it was a total cost of 6$ and a few hours of work one night. Totally worth it since professionally made Valentine’s day cards (with person photos on them) will run you 2.00 or more. No thanks.

Here’s my result:


20130115-001629.jpg4. Kissing booth. I had to have a picture to put in my cards. I’d already bought Harper some ultra cute valentine’s clothing and was just going to throw a picture of her in a pink dress in each card. BUT my friend sent me a picture of a newborn photo shot, a little baby girl in a basket with a sign labeled “kisses 5 cents” above it. Que the pinterest searches for real kissing booths and I’d figured out what we would be doing for the next week.

As I emptied a ginormous box of diapers (one of the huggies 250 counts from costco), it came to me. HOLY CRAP THIS BOX IS PERFECT SIZE FOR A KISSING BOOTH!!!! I immediately cut the top flap off and scooted downstairs to spray paint the whole thing black. I stenciled my letters and cut out hearts onto my pieces and glued the top flap on with hot glue and wooden dowels I had laying around. PERFECTO!!!! And cheap. Really cheap. Free since I had all the supplies at home. It just needed a finishing touch of balloons. 6$ at party city. Here is my 6$ photo booth!



She is yelling at our cat, Tom.


Mom, did you know that Tom is over there?!


My Mammaw’s necklace added a perfect touch, don’t ya think?!

IMG_6714 IMG_6755 IMG_6765 IMG_6768 IMG_6782 IMG_6800

She is blowing us a kiss!! SO SMART!

IMG_6799 IMG_6806


Bell and Harper



11 thoughts on “Kisses for all mankind

  1. My ovaries just burst from the cuteness!!!!! Oh my god how adorable she is.

    The rose wreath turned out great, well worth pillaging Home Depot! I admire your dedication to crafting. I’m a lousy crafter, right now I have 3 tables I need to paint piled up in my livingroom, along with a xmas tree that needs to come down. (I guess that puts me more in the lousy housekeeper category?).

    Having said all that… I think I could attempt that mobile…..

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