Oh great wall, here you are again!!

I’m here at the wall. The (probably brick) one I’ve run into this pregnancy where everything is hitting me all fast and furious like.

My movements:

  • Slowest walker IN LIFE.
  • Boobs errrrrywhere. If I’d like to roll over in bed, I need to inventory to make sure all of my boobs came with me, and aren’t sitting on the other side of the bed, or even worse, the floor.
  • I do a mighty fine cowboy walk. As if I’m walking AROUND something. You can probably guess what I’m walking around, no it’s not the belly.
  • Bedtime rotisserie chicken turns allllll night. Right side, left side, right side, left side, back for as long as I can stand it, right side left side. You get it.
  • When I get out of bed in the morning, I have the posture of a t rex. All hunched over and grabbing my lady bits because they hurt so bad! Yea yea I know, Trex’s arms are too short to grab their lady bits…
  • trex
  • Give me a cart, I will lean on it during breaks at the publix. Like hardcore lean, people probably think something is wrong with me.
  • If I decide to lay flat on the floor, well I better have a buddy system going on, because I cannot get back up unless John helps me. My hips sort of lock? It’s strange. and VERY painful!
  • Don’t sit me in a chair more than an hour because I will be in tears from back pain! Why does sitting hurt so much?!


  • Like someone has been beating my Queen Victoria with a baseball bat.
  • Doomed. 8 more weeks is a LONG time to go when you feel like this already!
  • Tired, but unable to sleep.
  • WEIRD. I consistently tell people that something is wrong with me. I don’t know what it is though. I don’t know WHY I feel that way. I just feel off. Not right. I obsess on “what if my body is trying to tell me something is about to go wrong”!?
  • Overwhelmed, I have so much to do. Everything takes time and money- those are harder to come by since Harper is with me all day!
  • Fat. It’s a hard pill to swallow lately, but I know it’ll come off fast.

Anyone else hit their wall?

Hope not.

Oh yea, Harper ran into her wall yesterday haha! Turbo crawled right into it and looked embarrassed that I saw her!

Check out that bump!




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10 thoughts on “Oh great wall, here you are again!!

  1. I needed this post. Baby fever is slightly subsiding now that I remember how freakin painful it is at the end!! Hope you feel better!!

    Her bumps, her little he-ad bumps… lol.

  2. Ugh that stinks! I hope the next 8 weeks go by quickly! I don’t think I’ve hit the wall yet (27 weeks) but I know what you mean by both the “rotisserie chicken” at night and feeling like Queen Victoria is getting clobbered :/ I’m having pain in that area, but not nearly as bad as yours sounds! Mine just keeps me from putting my pants/socks/shoes on easily or taking the stairs quickly. Everyonce in awhile it hurts out of nowhere but not consistently. Is the baby still breech? Do you think that may have something to do with it? I wouldn’t know, this is my first pregnancy so I’ve got zero experience. Feel better!

    Harper is still super cute, even with a bruised forehead haha.

    • I am 100% sure he’s still breech just from the movement I feel! I feel a foot on my left side and a head on my right side! Nothing up above my belly button! I think the pain in the lady parts is from that, since I didn’t have it with Harper! It’s like it’s bruised! Maybe it’s just the extra blood flow down there? I need a hover round.

  3. I feel like that too!
    Sore! Like all my joints hurt. My hip even pops (loudly) when I roll over in the bed. If my boobs keep getting bigger I am going to have to tape them down lol! You’re not alone, that is for sure.

  4. Oh man, that sounds rough. I’m having my share of pregnancy aches and pains, and walking like a grandma these days too, but you sound like you’re in rough shape. I hope it gets better (and that it’s NOT your body’s way of saying something’s going to go wrong)! That would be hard to deal with for another 8 weeks.

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