This is what a breech baby bump looks like

Like I swallowed a tonka truck.


12 thoughts on “This is what a breech baby bump looks like

  1. She hasn’t said anything about it, and I haven’t asked only because the things I read online say having a DR do it is very painful! I’m a wimp. We were already leaning towards a c section since our babies will only be 16 months apart from when we had Harper via C so my incision site isn’t considered completely healed until 18-24 months. I’m just taking it as a sign that we shouldn’t risk a VBAC I guess. It’s so strange to feel and see…it makes me think of how you can see that a snake has eaten a bunny…but the bunny stays in lumpy form in it’s stomach! 🙂 WEIRD. It’s much more uncomfortable than my regular baby was for sure!

  2. Hmm, I have been wondering if mine is breech. He was breech during the last ultrasound, and the Drs said that would be something we need to keep an eye on. How do you know (feeling with your hands wise) that he is breech?

    • Up until 28-30 weeks I couldn’t feel anything with my hand from the outside..: with Harper I could find her head or bottom with my hand! Now I feel a lump on my right side and kicking on my left side (I assume- its one or the other). I can tell when he stretches because ill feel my right and left side bulge at the same time I never feel movement near my ribs to indicate he’s moved any! Where do you feel most of the movement now?

      • All over! lol! Seriously. I have a knot under my rib on the left side, usually trying to get under my rib cage, which I have to push out a lot. Sometimes the hard place is on my belly button.

      • This is EXACTLY like me! my right and left sides bulge all the time with something hard, just at the level of my belly button, but nothing ever higher!!!

  3. This is really interesting as i think mine is breech too. i rarely have movement above my belly button and always bulges out to the side so i think he’s def lying on his side. i worry he won’t get head down but people say it’s too early to worry. how do you know what part is what when you feel the belly?

    • I think when they are breech you can’t really feel with your hand what is what! With Harper I could clearly feel her bottom and feet…but with this one, the doctor didn’t even seem to be sure from just feeling my belly! I only feel movement below the belly button too! I feel like he would be so much more comfortable if he would stretch is legs out into all that extra space above the belly button, what’s up with that?! All the kicking sensations are in my lady parts instead of where you would expect them to be!

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