Rollin’ with my homies

We are totally honored to be on Apartment Therapy’s 2013 list of Best home and family blogs!  If you think I’m sort of cool, head over there and vote for me!  🙂  EXCITING STUFF PEOPLE!  Here’s the link, you’ll have to sign in, then vote for The Homies 2013 Best home and family section.  

Thanks for everyone’s support!




3 thoughts on “Rollin’ with my homies

  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences. It helps to get an idea of what I may expect. My mother keeps warning me that I may not be able to breastfeed so not to get my heart set on it. Gee, thanks Mom. She also doesn’t understand that I have no intention in inteoducing baby to a bottle for a while. Ugh. Hope she comes around!

    • Ah when I read this I thought about my relatives saying the exact same thing! “Don’t get your heart set on it” “Don’t let it bring you down if you can’t”…….. Those words just made me think nobody thought I would be able to do it at all! They’re not meaning it like that, but they didn’t experience it the way you or I will I guess. They also may feel guilty and are trying to make themselves feel better? I had a friend that would tell me her baby just didn’t like her milk, but loved formula. I always wondered if she felt insecure that she stopped feeding, but I’m not her and I don’t have a baby yet that doesn’t like breast milk thank good ness! 🙂 Just keep telling yourself when you hear those comments “they didn’t mean it like that, they probably just didn’t experience it, or feel some sort of mother’s guilt of their own”

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