She’s cute…

but she will be mean to you if you’re her mother.

But let’s not forget, she’s cute.




My baby has had an A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E with me the last few days. I don’t know where it came from, but I’m hoping it leaves soon. She knows she’s being mean too, if a stranger sees her acting that way, she totally stops. Like she thinks “oh no, they caught me acting that way!” I’m chalking it up to teeth. I need something to explain my lack of night time, and day time sleep. I keep telling myself she’s teething. I’m not sure if I believe it because it’s been a couple of weeks and there are no new teeth. Am I just looking for something to blame?

We have been almost skipping our daytime nap 4-5 days a week now. I say we, because I like to nap too. I also think the baby inside me likes to nap with me, so I get the right of saying “we”. WE are all tired. None of us are sleeping. Then we are tired. Then we don’t sleep. You get it…….

When Harper was a 6-12 month old baby, I had a mental rule of only letting her cry for 10 minutes or so MAX when I put her down to sleep and she didn’t want to go. She would hardly EVER last that full 10 minutes. When she was a NEWBORN (like 1-5 months), she would only last 5 minutes of crying, then we would watch her give up and go into sleep mode right on our baby monitor! It was like she thought “this screaming thing sucks, I think I’ll go to the other side now”.

We are passing our 14 month marker, and SHE WILL STAY AWAKE FOR 2.5 HOURS DURING NAP TIME. She will sleep 30 minutes.


I’ll address some questions to set up our scenario a little better:

  1. Is she REALLY tired, or are you just putting her down? She’s SO tired. I wait until all the signs are present. She rubs her eyes, they have dark circles underneath them and are puffy, she melts down easily, she’s been awake 4 hours. STRANGERS see her around this time and will comment on my sleepy baby!

See: tired baby! 20130208-220937.jpg

2. Is she wet? I change her before every nap. Then I come back if she fusses for a long time just to make sure she hasn’t pooped after I put her down.

3. Is she hungry? I always put her down with a bottle at nap time. Sometimes she drinks it, sometimes she gets mad when I try to hand it to her and tosses it aside.

4. Does she have a lovie? She has “Fake Tom” her raccoon. Sometimes she will throw him (and everything else) outside of the crib, then cry for them to come back. Doesn’t work like that sister!

5. Does she have a pacifier?Pacifier is always given. Recently, it’s always thrown out of the crib, pitching of the fit ensues.

6. Do you rock her to sleep? She gets SO MAD when I try to rock her or hold her when she’s upset. She wants none of it. She FIGHTS me to get away because when I pick her up from sleepy time, it means it’s play time.

7. Can’t you just take her to bed with you? I can’t if it’s daylight. OR if I want to have any sort of electronic or light on. Hence this doesn’t work at all for daytime naps. Only night time, and if she’s not feeling good. She just tries to get off the bed and play, and when I stop her, oh it’s on.

8. Do you have a routine? I have a rough routine. It’s not like we read a book and sing a certain song before bedtime though, it’s more like I start to watch for signs of a sleepy baby, then take her to her room and give her a bottle and tell her it’s time for a nap.

9. You mean you let her cry for HOURS? She doesn’t cry the whole time. The first hour will consist of her babbling to herself, throwing items out of the crib, or banging the things she kept against her rails. The next 30 minutes will be crying. She’s mad. She’s mad she threw all of her toys away. I only go back one time to hand her the things she threw away, out of desperation. She will usually fall asleep at this point for 30 -ish minutes. Then she’s back up talking to herself, kicking the rails, and throwing things out of the crib. I was told by a doctor to keep her down for the entire “quiet period” that I expected her to nap. She went from 3 hour naps to almost diddly squat.

I need help from internet land. I need you guys to write her a letter or something asking her to nap. 🙂 At least tell ME how to make her nap because I refuse to accept that she’s just done with naps at 14 months. Not an option. She will nap until she’s 4 because that’s when all the sleep books say she can officially throw away her nap time if she pleases. NOT A MOMENT SOONER, PEOPLE.

She’s so cute, now I need her to stop being mean to me.

I’d like to now reflect on the last day I remember her falling to sleep for her daytime nap without issue:


That was nice.

Thanks in advance for helping out a desperate fellow mother. Oh and while you’re helping me out, go ahead and VOTE for the blog on Top Baby Blogs today! 🙂 We are in the top 20 – YAHOO! This means more visitors, and I do love visitors, and comments, and emails!



Unrelated news: I got her a baby doll today at the store and it’s pretty cute. Until she throws him into the floor. Small steps.





6 thoughts on “She’s cute…

  1. When you were little, I would fix you a pallet on the floor in front of the TV. I’d put your favorite movies on (your favorite changed every few days) and lay you on the pallet. You would lay there and watch it until you couldn’t hold your eyes open any longer and you would doze off. Some days you didn’t want to lay still, but if I laid down on the pallet with you, I could usually get you to settle down.

    As intensely as Harper watches her movies, it might work with her too.

  2. Oh no!! I was hoping the nap thing would just magically happen one day! Don’t tell me it only gets worse!
    I hope you figure it out – and then share your wisdom :). I don’t think she’s done at 14 months for sure though!

  3. My little one went through this at 13-14 months and I just stopped giving her maps for about two weeks if she wouldn’t fall asleep in a 1/2 hour. Then at the end of two weeks I started over and did the naps a lot later in the day. Worked like a charm. She would wake up at 7:30am and normally go down at about 10:30am for a nap. But I switched nap time to 1:30 or 2pm even if she seemed tired earlier and it totally worked. This was also when she cut naps down from 3 hours to 1.5 hours. Now she is 2 years old and does not have a day time nap. All kiddos are different! I’ve got a very independent one on my hands!

  4. I’m a firm believer that babies sleep when they need to. Maybe instead of keeping her in bed for that whole time get her out, wear her out, and maybe she will take two small naps instead of one. Personally I think all that down time in her crib is making her hate naps. Who wants to stay in there alone for forever? Not me!!! Lol. But good luck! The girls fight me too…and are mean!!! But in public they are little angels! Haha! Kids are too smart. 🙂

    • I don’t know what’s up with her because she used to nap for 3 hours a day! She’s SOOOOOO tired…she rubs her eyes nonstop and gets dark circles…then once she’s down, it’s like she’s energized and ready to talk for an hour to the crib. Any little thing will make her scream and cry when she doesn’t nap- I know she is tired, but why won’t she sleep?! Why don’t kids want sleep like we do? Don’t they know how amazing it is?!?? I’m so afraid that it’s just a “stage” and that if I let her know I’ll get her out of the crib every time she whines, that I’ll help turn NO NAPS into our routine foreverrrrrrr!

      • I can understand that. What I have done with the girls is let them set their own nap schedules. As soon as they wake up I get them out and play. I guess I just try to make naps enjoyable. They know that I’m always there when they need me and aren’t forced to sleep. Sometimes they sleep for 1/2 hour sometimes it is 3 hours. It seems to have worked for us so far. But then again I’m not keeping my fingers crossed!! I hope it gets better!! No one likes a grumpy baby. Lol.

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