Seeking medical advice from randoms

What does carpal tunnel feel like? Is pregnancy carpal tunnel really a thing? I either have it, or I’ve sprain both of my wrists from lifting my metric ton a$$ up. They really feel sprained. They may just not be used to all this jelly.

NEXT, my belly button hurts. Has anyone attempted to relieve belly button pain? Do people do that? I thought about duct taping a marble inside of it. No really, I thought about that. It needs a support system so it doesn’t collapse on itself anymore. Are there belly button stints on the market? A button brace? No?

Look at it, it’s gross. And yea, those are marks from laying down, because it’s all I do.




11 thoughts on “Seeking medical advice from randoms

  1. What you’re describing sounds a lot like pregnancy-related carpal tunnel. It’s a real thing & not very fun. Most docs will prescribe braces, which apply pressure to help alleviate some of the pain & swelling. I’ve found when my cts is particularly bad, icing my wrists helps a bit.

    • It’s in a weird (only because I can’t find it on google) place for what people describe as carpal tunnel too- it’s not where my thumb and wrist meet its the other side where pinky goes down to meet the ulna! Most people say they get numbness too and I don’t have that which only convinces me more that my wrists aren’t used to pulling my fat butt up! 😉

      • My orthopedic doctor told me that the numbness from the pinky to the elbow is an ulnar nerve inflammation. When I was experiencing this (in addition to carpal tunnel), she said I needed to train myself to sleep with my arms straight vs. bent in a fetal position, as was my preference, and to avoid leaning on my elbows on tables, both of which would take pressure off of the ulnar nerve. Hopefully this helps! It definitely did for me.

      • That makes sense bc I sleep w my wrists and arms folded up by my head!!!! As if all the other pregnancy symptoms aren’t enough!!!! I need at least one to back off before another hits! I think I have rosasea too now! Arg!!!!! Pregnancy gods are mean!

  2. I had something called De Quervain Syndrome or it’s also called Mommy Thumb, it sounds a lot like what your describing. I had to wear a brace, which I still wear now but only at night, and ice it.

  3. i had carpel tunnel this pregnancy as well! didn’t have it with my first ….only thing that worked was wearing a wrist brace (that keeps thumb from moving as well) 24/7 for a few days. it has since cleared up and hasn’t (knock on wood) returned! feel better !!

  4. I’ve never commented on here before, but I had the same belly button issues when I was pregnant! And it full on aches, doesn’t it? Ah it got all stretched out, mine never poked out but it sure hurt like crazy.

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