I’m hooked

Okay bunny, very funny, now let The Mommy go home!!!!



This has been the last 15 hours of my life- hooked up to IVs and monitors! Early contractions are no good – but ultrasounds show my boy is 5.5lbs, and that’s super encouraging!!!! In a couple weeks he will weigh what Harper weighed when she was born at 39 weeks (he’ll weigh that at 36 weeks!!!)

Until then ill just lay here attached!


9 thoughts on “I’m hooked

  1. So many happy thoughts going your way! Also, your plane is ready on Etsy! It’s chilling under “custom listing” so it’s safe and sound waiting. It’s looking like your a bit busy at the moment so no rush, just thought I’d give you the heads up. The shop is EmyAnnie on Etsy.

  2. I had my little girl at 34 weeks after weeks of contractions. We ended up having a 2 week nicu stay which was tough at the time but manageable. Hang in there!

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