This is a guest post, by my sweet friend Jenny on another fabulous blog! It’s so beautifully written, and I LOVE it. She really opens up to us and warms our hearts with her precious memories and sweet thoughts! Those sweet written thoughts carry over into real life too- I’m convinced Jenny is one of the most thoughtful people ever. 🙂 Send your thoughts and prayers and internet HUGS to her as her sweet boy is coming sooooon! XOXO Bell

the ramblings

We’ve felt such heartbreak lately that I feel more and more grateful for those of you who’ve rallied around to share and love and embrace the Tiny Spark Series. Lord knows we need some light right now. The idea for this collection of stories chronicling everyday moves from darkness into that silver-lined space sprang from seeing a high school friend finding her Hallelujah Hat. Today I am honored to have her here sharing her story with you.

    Jenny Cooper Rumble has a sweet, bright-shining spirit that I’ve adored and even envied since our high school days. Witnessing her journey over recent months has made me question the theory that good things happen to good people. I’ve found myself accepting, doubting, and changing this age-old idea while watching her life unfold. Things good and bad happen to everyone because we aren’t in charge here. And this is scary, yes…

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