35 Weeks

35 week stats

Here’s the bump:


(the top is 35 weeks and the bottom was at 30 weeks)

Size of the baby:

Thebump.com says that he is the size of a honey dew melon. Last week he measured at 5.5 lbs so he’s bigger than the average 35 weeker, I suspect! I wish I had an ultrasound picture from our last appointment, but I got stuck with the newb technician, so she couldn’t get ANY good pictures of him. I wanted to go all diva on her and say “you should just call the other girl in here, because she gets me 3d pics every freaking time!!!” I didn’t.

Weight gain: Too much. I will say nobody at the dr’s office has scolded me for it, so it must be normal to them. The number on the scale sure hasn’t deterred me from eating whatever the heck I want.

Gender: In case you missed our gender reveal video:

Movement: ALWAYS. Too much, actually. Last night I slept 45 minutes. FORTY FIVE MINUTES. THE ENTIRE NIGHT. I slept more than that our first week home with Harper. He was FLIPPING OUT. All night. ALL NIGHT. Violently. He may be breech again with all the movement. It was bananas.

What I miss: Being able to fit past my grocery cart in the check out aisle. There’s no going around to unload it if I’m behind it. I just won’t fit. So I look really stupid if nobody offers to help me because I have to wait until I can push it completely past the register to go around, then push it back to the unloading area.

Cravings: Deep fried batter. Yeah, really. The last time I made fried pickles, I decided I was tired of pickles, and just ate the breading off every one. It was great. I want to just deep fry the buttermilk batter now.


  • Heartburn. Like I chugged a bottle of hot sauce.
  • Carpal tunnel…maybe? My wrists started to go numb…I had “stranger wrists” last week.
  • I’m so blazing hot all the time. Although, when I take my hand and feel my skin, it’s FREEZING cold. But I feel hot inside!
  • Belly button pain.
  • Extreme hunger.

Worst moment this week: Going to a public restroom and realizing their toilet was shaped drastically different than mine at home. It was like the thing was made with a ramp for my pee to shoot forward. I learned a very important lesson: sit further back on unfamiliar toilets.

Best moment this week: I predict it will be tomorrow when I get my hair fixed. It has turned a yellow/ red mix lately. When I take pictures of myself, I think I look like someone’s mugshot who went to jail for distribution of meth.

We also had a day of practicing to be a big sister where Harper would constantly kiss her baby doll.  SO cute.  We just have to work on the closed mouth kiss.  I’m not sure why she opens her mouth- awkward.


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5 thoughts on “35 Weeks

  1. Finally I worked out on my settings how to get emails when you blog! 35 weeks not long now! So is he head down now? I’ve been having a weird sensation on my left leg now and again it’s like someone’s pouring water down my leg!?

    • WEIRD! At least it isn’t actual water running down your leg right? 🙂 Yes he’s head down as of last week! A couple of weeks ago I took a pic of my belly looking square, and he was extra uncomfortable, I think that may have been when he was turning around! I was really convinced there was NO way he would have room to turn. I guess he made room.

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