Oh yea, and we got a dog.


And she hates him. JUST KIDDING- she was mad I was making her sit there for a picture! 🙂

//IMG_7305  IMG_7364 IMG_7373 IMG_7388 IMG_7389 IMG_7391 IMG_7392 IMG_7403


14 thoughts on “Oh yea, and we got a dog.

    • It was a completely irrational decision…lol it was like someone took over my brain…I’m not a dog person, we need more cats if you ask me. But he’s cute and I thought Harper would really have fun with him!

  1. Please tell me this happened because you suddenly got all that “nesting” burst of energy and needed another toddler to take care of. LOL. I can’t wait to hear stories about your three children =P PUPPY IS SOOOO CUTE THOUGH

    • It was a mix of “this needed to get done” and if “I don’t pick it out, John will bring home something he finds on the street soon.” Then I started to worry if we waited til the new baby, I would change my mind and we would get a street dog anyways bc we were getting a dog no matter how we were getting a dog- johns a dog guy. I get it- I LOVE cats. Maybe now that he has his dog we can sneak another cat in the mix 🙂

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