We survived the storm

Here’s a quick update on our last weekend:

Harper and I both had “sinus infections”. What a coincidence huh? The doctors think so.

My doctor already knows I’m a bajillion months pregnant, so she just called me in a z-pak, since that’s the only thing they’ll do for a pregnant other than putting me out to pasture.

Harper’s doctor, or lack there of (not because she sucks, but because she was out of the office the 2 days I called), would NOT call in anything for her. I explained that I was almost unable to even fit in my nissan cube, I explained that I was also sick, I explained that this kid HATES the doctors office. I think I even joked that it might make my water break to endure all the stress it would take to bring her to the office. They wouldn’t do it! I go in, it sucked, they told me to “just keep doing what you’re already doing”. For real???? We are BOTH still snot faces and cough allllll night long. It’s sad. My cough is more like an “I have emphysema cough” though.

Here’s our day at the doctor:


To the right: GIANT tear.




THEN the next day I started to HURT.

I’ve had contractions the last month or so, but these hurt! Like someone was stabbing me. So I went in, and of course they could see them on the monitors. Clear as day. What wasn’t clear is why they admitted me to the hospital since my cervix wasn’t changing (making me ineligible to have a baby). We did this 2 weeks ago. AND they didn’t even re check my cervix at the hospital to see if I had changed! FRUSTRATING!!







We went home the next morning (saturday). I feel like I ruin all of our weekends!

Today this sweet mark appeared from the aftermath of my IV.



So we are home and acting as normal again. I’m just frustrated! I don’t like to be told “we would deliver you if you were 38 weeks”…well that’s great, I’M NOT. Quit dangling the carrot in front of the bunny rabbit.

Sorry to moan and groan. I felt like I dropped off of the wordpress map for a couple of weeks because of the snot/contraction storm of 2013.

Here’s a good thing I’ll share instead of being ALL negative: Go buy already made butter crossaints, cut in half, add red sauce, cheese, and pepperoni. Bake at 350 until the cheese melts, then broil for a couple of minutes to toast top. AMAZING.






9 thoughts on “We survived the storm

  1. Oh, wow…what a rough couple of weeks! I am SOOO sorry! How incredibly frustrating! I hope you and Harper get better real soon! I can’t imagine being this large and close to the end with all the discomforts that go along with it and be sick too! Luckily, only a few more weeks!!!

  2. awww poor you! please don’t snap but i hope you guys will get better and don’t worry too much. breathe in, breathe out. you can have the baby any time now, don’t have to wait till 38 weeks.

  3. If there is one thing I know on this earth after my last 6 weeks of pregnancy…NEVER tease a pregnant woman with early delivery when she is ready to explode. I am sorry you were seen by sadists.

  4. ICK! Well, I hope you are both feeling better soon. You need to be in tip top shape for having that baby! Being sleep deprived and feeling blah just can’t be good. And it’s still amazing how completely adorable Harper can look, even when she’s ill. And I am sorry you are having contractions……… esp the painful kind. Yipes!!

  5. A bajillion months pregnant. YES. THAT IS WHAT IT FEELS LIKE!
    Can’t believe what you’re going through, with the contracting and then being sent home, over and over… and now a sinus infection. Great! Really sorry to hear it has been so rough.
    Hope they don’t put you out to pasture and you start to get the benefit of that oxytocin hit as the big day draws closer. Mmm, oxytocin…

  6. I am so sorry to hear you are so uncomfortable! When I had my son, I had contractions for the last 2 months! It is so exhausting, but worth it in the end. Keep your head up, your doing great!

  7. Aw bummer! Sorry it’s being so rough for you. Hopefully the next couple of weeks will be uneventful and fly by. Are they going to induce you once you get to 38 weeks? Or just wait to see what happens?

  8. What a weekend, I’m so sorry! I had an awful bruise from my IV that’s still hanging around. I also have good news to hopefully cheer you up, the safari animals are done and listed! 🙂 I hope everyone feels better soon!

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