Totally predictable post

Surprise, we are BACK at the hospital for an overnight stay! Go figure!!! My spidey senses tell me that this will be the LAST observation stay for the pregnancy until we get to meet baby boy! We are almost at the “completely baked” stage, and that stage will make me very happy. I’m tired of getting prodded and observed only to be told my body is an A-hole and nothing is progressing except my stinking non productive contractions!
Here are some things I really wish I had right now:
-a giant bag of candy and cheeseburgers (because I’m not allowed to eat until tomorrow)
-a hair stylist, since I didn’t even wash my hair because I didn’t really think they’d admit me AGAIN!
-prettier underwear for my backless gown.
-a kitten.

Here’s a picture of the baby from today:

They said one of his feet is up by his head. He’s doing the splits inside of me. Think on that for a moment.
I felt the hardest kick of the entire pregnancy earlier, maybe he got the other foot up there.
As a get well wish, VOTE for us on too baby blogs today! Just click the owl on the left to submit your vote and check out some other great blogs while you’re there!
Well, that is all. Say a prayer for my cervix.



5 thoughts on “Totally predictable post

  1. I really do hope that this is the last hospital stay for you before the ‘real’ one! Does not sound like it has been a fun road. I have a lot of contractions too but luckily they’re not painful at all.

  2. A bag of Candy and cheeseburgers? i completely get the candy but I might have vomited a little about the cheeseburgers 🙂 Oh and yes…I never wouldn’ve thought about ‘prettier’ underwear. I might just go get some for the special occasion of labor and backless gowns! So sorry for your cervix!!! I’m sure it will get to moving…it will it will it will.

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