Midnight shopping trip anyone?

Go ahead and put on a bra and go to the store to get a few ingredients because this stuff is amazing.
By the way, I’m still pregnant.
I’ve also eaten half a pan of the following recipe for chocolate eclair cake:

Let me know if you try it and how delish it is!!
It’s easy too.


7 thoughts on “Midnight shopping trip anyone?

    • Thanks for reposting! I was literally eating a big piece when I saw this! I think it might even be good with the lower fat stuff in it too because I accidentally bought the low fat sugar free whipped cream and it’s still delish.

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  2. Hello there! I thought about getting to know other ladies from top baby blogs, so here I am. I kind of missed being pregnant while looking at your photos. I’m wishing you the best for your little one!
    ps. I wish that eclair cake was vegan 😦 haha

    • HAHA well I know I’m not going to miss being pregnant! The last month is terrible for me! 🙂
      That cake is SO good, I wonder if you could use vegan substitutes with it?
      Do they make a butter substitute? I’m sure that you could use any kind of milk substitute with the pudding part… The crust is what makes it amazing! I’m not sure how a butter/water blend would chemically bind to make the crust that way but maybe there’s hope! I used sugar/fat free whipped cream on mine and didn’t even notice until after the fact, next time I make it I will try using all fat free stuff and see if its just as good since I want to eat a whole pan.

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