37.5 Week Post

I just realized I haven’t done a milestone post since back in Nam.

Actually, my content level is fair to poor lately.

It’s because I really don’t have anything nice to say, so I’m taking the nothing at all route. How bratty did that sound?

I’m nearing the end, and fighting to make it or preferably break (my water) it.

38 (because that’s what he measures in ultrasounds- AHEAD!) week stats:

Here’s the bump:





Size of the baby:

7 (I think mine is more) pounds and 20 inches. One site says the size of a celery bunch, but how do they know the size of my Publix’s celery bunch?

Weight Gain:

Enough. Enough to stop this train to fat town!! Make it stop!! When the nurse weighed me a couple of weeks ago, her reaction was this: “We need to go back on the scale because I don’t think that number was right”. Shut up, you work here lady, you know better than to say that to the pregnant bison on your scale!

<strong>Gender</strong>: In case you missed our gender reveal video:



All day everyday. And violent. His size shows with the force he’s able to deliver me! My dentist was cleaning my teeth and noticed my stomach jolting!

What I miss:

Being skinny, being comfortable, being able to sleep without worrying about what I haven’t accomplished during the day. This usually prompts me to get up and clean something random at 2am.


  • Chinese food.
  • Sprite.
  • Waffle House.
  • Chick fila ice cream cones.
  • Shaved ice.
  • Momma G’s sandwiches. Specifically the “Big Momma”.


  • Worse hip pain.
  • Still have back pain, but it is easing off slowly.
  • Really sore wrists! From using them so often to pull or push myself up from a laying or seated position!

Today we got this in our chinese food:


So I decided to take a friend’s advice and walk. She walked 45 minutes, but I figured that I could get away with 25 minutes since I was wearing a baby and walking a dog. That makes sense right?



We walked another day too:


I also did squats. But I’m not sure I did as many as I should. They may not have done squat.

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17 thoughts on “37.5 Week Post

    • Thank you!! Old navy! Cheap too! Got it last season but I think they will put out a new version this year, they’re notorious for that! Say a prayer for my cervix monday…thats the day I need it open for my doctor to agree to letting me meet my baby!

  1. i don’t think you look like a bison at all! your bump is beautiful! are you taking evening primrose oil capsules? they are meant to soften the cervix. you can also insert it for better results… hope he comes soon!

    • I am starting them tonight! I had been avoiding them for convenience reasons I guess…No more of that! I found the perfect way to insert too, it’s brilliant, tampon applicators! I was weird about doing it myself so I found that method instead!

    • Thank you! I got that dress from old navy for like 12$ last year! Not maternity though- so the boob seam drifts up to the middle of my chest, but whatever, it means I don’t have to get pants on! ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope they put out a new version of this dress this spring/summer! I’ll post it if I find it so everyone can grab one before they’re out!

  2. Hey darling. You look beautiful!! I hope you are all well. I’m now 3 days from our due date-no sign of Baby yet but eagerly waiting. Have midwife appointment on Monday so we’ll see.

    Just wanted to say thinking of you

    Take care and I look forward to seeing pics of the little man x x


  3. Good luck with the end of your pregnancy! You look fantastic ๐Ÿ™‚
    And congrats on the new puppy. Obsessed. What happened to your beautiful great dane? (I’m sorry if I missed that post. I loved all the pictures of him and Tom together!)

  4. You look fabulous, and not long to go now. All those aches and pains will disappear and you’ll have your lovely bub in your arms soon.

  5. How awesome is the toy box!?

    Question, I went to the top blog site, tried to vote, and felt like a complete idiot when I couldn’t find out how. Can you fill me in? By the way, congrats on cracking the top 25!

    • Thank you, Kenny! The toy box was like 4$ at an old luggage lost and found store and I painted over the ugly! ๐Ÿ™‚ If you use the link from my blog page (on the right hand side- a brown top baby blog badge) it will pull up a screen with 2 owls on it asking if you meant to vote or if you are there by accident. Once you confirm you meant to vote, you are taken to top baby blogs to see all the blogs there! It’s kind of silly that they don’t say something like “thank you for voting” after you submit it, but they just don’t!

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