Being released into the wild

I had forgotten all of my newborn rules from when Harper was born. I was a fool not to look back at the posts from those first few weeks.

You really need to do/know some things to survive life after newborn. Mostly you need to know some things about leaving your safe little home.

Here are some things I just had to share:

  1. When you are ready to be “released into the wild”, take it easy. Pick familiar spots. Like, if you know everyone at the publix (like me), go to the publix. Pick your familiar cashier, even if you have to stand in a longer line or cheat your way through that stupid “1o items or less” line. Talk to the bag boy that you are certain will not steal your baby while he wheels your groceries out to the car. MAKE it a comfortable experience.
  2. Know that strangers are going to walk up to you and your new baby. Know that AT LEAST 4 people will ask you how old that baby is. Be prepared for that 1 person that is brave enough to reach their grubby hand into your dang buggy and TOUCH YOUR BABY. There is something about a pristine tiny baby that just screams “touch my hand or face and transfer ecoli from the chicken you just bought onto my germ free little body”. SH*T!!!
  3. Be prepared to hear comments that make you want to go all Naomi Campbell with a cell phone on folks. “That baby is hungry”, “Does he not like to wear socks”?, “Oh you’re pumping instead of breastfeeding?”…..The last one gets me. It happens every day almost. Isn’t that strange? That someone, even a stranger would say that?? Listen people, I’m breastfeeding my child. Sometimes I pump BREAST milk into a bottle and feed it to him. It’s still breastfeeding, there is just an extra middle man. He’s exclusively breast fed. Get off my balls. Just simply think what you are thinking, and don’t say it out loud to whoever has decided to question your parenting skills. Deep breaths.
  4. Don’t go far from home the first few weeks home. Factor in how long you could possibly be trapped inside a vehicle with a screaming baby.
  5. Don’t shove too many errands into one outing. Pick one or two goals, and be realistic in thinking “it’s okay if I only get one of these things done”.
  6. Plan your life in 2 hour increments. Think about feeding baby right before you leave the house and start your timer. Know that 2 hours (maybe more maybe less) later you will have a hungry baby and your breasts may be bursting at the seams.
  7. Keep a whole pack of diapers and wipes in your car. That way you can pack just one diaper in your purse and know that you are set up for car refills at all times while you’re out. (While you’re at it, stick a pacifier, extra set of baby clothes, extra momma shirt, and a burp rag in there too) You can never be too prepared. Let’s face it, we have had a baby sucking our brains out through our boobs, we forget lots of things.
  8. Don’t only bring food for baby. Do yourself a favor and buy purse-friendly munchies for yourself.
  9. If you feel like you’re not ready to go out in public yet, it’s fine!! WAIT!! Don’t let anyone pressure you into it, for some people (LIKE ME) it’s a big leap to go back out into public with a tiny human after being safely locked in your home with him for 3 weeks. My indicator to take it slow was an almost complete meltdown over a sandwich that was made incorrectly. I literally had to leave the restaurant because I was about to cry over lettuce being on my sandwich. LETTUCE!!! I didn’t even have my babies with me!!
  10. This one is for at home but I’m on a roll, so here: buy snacks or pre made goodies and shove them wherever you spend most of your time. If you’re like me, you’re not going to be cooking yourself lunch every day (actually if you’re like me, you won’t have made yourself a hot lunch for the first 3 weeks). I can’t tell you how many times I have been digging through a bag of cookies at 2-3am while pumping or feeding. The kid has crumbs in his hair pretty consistently.

This is where I feel most comfortable so far, and I think it shows:


Hope this list was helpful!!




12 thoughts on “Being released into the wild

  1. Purse munchies are how I survive, I swear. This is a great list that every mother, new or seasoned needs to read right before they have a newborn. I went into my second thinking I was totally prepared, but I felt like a brand new mom all over again. Why couldn’t you have written this 5 months sooner?? (:

  2. My older sister (they’re just now TTC for their second child) says the “newborn memory haze” is God’s way of ensuring people have more than one child, haha. This is a great list, thank you! My first will be here any day now, this is a good practical list for me to keep around 🙂

  3. We still drop Landen off at my parents’ house for our shopping trips. We gave in one time and just took him with us…but while pushing the cart we walked directly past a man who was wearing a medical mask over his face. And I highly doubt it’ll ever happen again!!! And he could’ve been wearing that mask for any reason…but, well, you know how it is!!

  4. Thank you thank you thank you! I can’t believe all the things about newborns that are so easy to forget! We still have 4 weeks til baby girl is due, but I’m definitely getting on this and jotting down your tips!

    • I’m sure you will be fine! A lot of moms will tell me they didn’t have the same experience as I did with the public anxiety while having a tiny being to watch over! Good luck on the delivery I hope it’s everything you’re dreaming of! (assuming you’re not having nightmares about it lol)

  5. Ahh that pic is sooo adorable 🙂 I am still trying to remember to pack snacks for myself… you get so ravenous sometimes when you breastfeed!!!

  6. This is a great list and a good reminder for Mom’s to take care of themselves too.

    I remember in our prenatal classes for my first pregnancy the presenting nurse told all the Dad’s that once baby comes, breastfeeding Mom’s need to provide for baby, and Dad’s need to provide for Mom… I think there is some truth to that until we as Mom’s get our feet underneath us and can manage both. And besides.. it’s nice to be taken care of sometimes….

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