Sushi shenanigans

Many of my friends know that last year John and I had the pleasure of taking a local sushi making class.



I totally made this 3 days after my class!!!

Today is the company’s 1 year anniversary and I thought it would be a good time to give them a shout out!  My friend Kelly is the main vein.  She is AMAZING.  Seriously.  I don’t think we would have retained so much information in our mushy new baby filled heads if it hadn’t been for Kelly’s spunk and humor.  She is not only a great educator and artist,  she might as well be a comedian.

I know everyone has already read THIS POST about our experience with Birminghamsushiclasses.  Well, I at least know 3 people read it because I have 3 feedbacks.  Thanks you guys, all three of you!!!  🙂


If you live in the Birmingham area, go take one of their classes, you won’t regret it.  If you do regret it, I will personally have you over to my house and bake you a pie to make up for it.  But I promise you’ll love the class.

One of the coolest things Kelly has come out with lately for my friends who live in far far away land (or Chattanooga) is an online sushi class!!!  For the price of going out on a cheap date, you can stay at home and learn how to make sushi!!!  She’s a genius, I know.  Here is where you go to hook yourself up with a sweet online sushi making course:

Congratulations BirminghamSushi!





One thought on “Sushi shenanigans

  1. What?!? I’m going to look into this online sushi class since I live much farther away from you than Chattanooga. I love sushi, and I’m pretty sure my husband would marry me all over again if I could learn how to make it.

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