The F word

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We are currently 100% breastfeeding the new baby.  I’m slowly but surely running dry.

I started having anxiety attacks last week when everyday we would take a bag of our freezer stash.  The freezer stash is no more.  It’s all me.  All of the time.

So everyday I am starting to realize that soon we will be supplementing with formula.

I don’t really judge people who formula feed their babies- it’s their choice/or it’s chosen for them from their bodies.

It’s not that I think formula is poison, it’s just that he’s done SO well and gotten SO big from my milk.  I want to continue being proud of making him that way!  I don’t want to give credit to similac or infamil!!!  I don’t want to take fenugreek because it makes me smell like pancakes and I don’t even notice much of a difference with it anyways.

When you get towards the end, you start living paycheck to paycheck so to speak.  I pump, then he drinks it all within an hour of me pumping it.

I said I wouldn’t be sensitive about formula this time, but  I’m wrong.  I don’t even want to talk about it with anyone.


Well, here’s to hoping I can live paycheck to paycheck a little longer without having to dip into the formula.




9 thoughts on “The F word

  1. Perhaps it’s a growth spurt? Even if it isn’t, know that the milk you gave him for 4 months will have lasting benefits for the rest of his life. Hugs.

  2. Are you still nursing or just pumping? No judgment! But perhaps you could add another pump/feed or two in per day? Or even a power pump every now and then? I hate suggesting that, as I know how tough it is. At almost 6 months in, I pump way more times a day than I wish I did, but its the most effective way to keep my supply up. I still supplement though too but am actually able to supplement less now than I did a month ago. Its hard work 😦 Good luck.

  3. good luck!! that looks like HUGE bottle though!!! My 4 month old gets 5 oz every 3 hours. maybe introducing cereal would help at one feeding too! I pump during the day while at work and I can tell when I haven’t had enough water! It makes a 5 oz difference for me sometimes! I hope it works out for you…I can only imagine how hard you are struggling with this! Keep up the good work Mama!!!

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  5. I formula fed from day one and used HIPP Organic, if you have that where you are I can highly recommend it, my son loves it and has tripled his birth weight in 6 months!:)) It doesnt have any ingredients with growth hormones in it so it was all him! Please don’t worry there’s enough to worry about already!! Take care!

  6. I just had that conversation with my Ped today. She told me to start feeding him solids, one meal a day and 24 oz breast milk. Im managing 24 oz a day but my boy eats more like 32 oz a day and like you my freezer stash is running low. I think 4 mo is a little early for solids. I might wait a month to do that and supplement a little right now.

  7. Three weeks in, I had to start switch to formula, for medical reasons. The emotional toll was more intense than I had imagined. I hope you are able to give him your Mommy Gold… but if not, you have my love and thoughts. As long as you are feeding your baby… you are being an awesome Momma. (hugs)

  8. Have you tried oats? I eat oatmeal for breakfast, snack on a Nature Valley bar during the day and have a Belvita with a glass of milk before bed. I see a difference when I eat oats vs don’t eat them.

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