Let me tell ya about my friends.

I think that I rarely talk about them on here.  I always just assume my friends don’t especially want to be on the blog on a daily basis but I think they’ll like this one.  

Let’s start in order:  

My best friend N – She is my longest best friend in the world.  We met on the bus in the 7th (?) grade.  I didn’t like the girl.  I don’t know why, heck I was 11 years old I probably just wanted the bus seat to myself because I was selfish.  Then a few months later I got to know her.  YA’LL, SHE’S FREAKING FUNNY.  Soon after we were thick as thieves.  Singin’ dixie chicks and spice girls as loud as possible at her moms house.  Bless her mom.  She’s the girl who would give me the shirt off of her back to soak up my heartbroken tears.  SHE LET ME BLOW MY NOSE ON HER SHIRT.  That should tell you a lot about her.  She’s kind, loving, beautiful, A GREAT MOM, funny, and a true best friend.  I wrote her hundreds of notes during school.  HUNDREDS.  It broke my heart to see the girl ever sad.  My thing (it sounds cruel but it worked) was to laugh at her hysterically while she cried…until she started to laugh at how ridiculous I was being.  We did lots of crazy things, none of which will ever be discussed to outside parties.  They were fun.  She’s responsible for a lot of fun in my life!  I LOVE YOU N!!!


My best friend D – Oh man, I’ve spent A LOT of time with this girl.  We’ve gotten ourselves into some pretty crazy situations and lived a FUN life together!  I met her through my ex boyfriend, and luckily even after we broke up, she and I remained best friends.  She had my back even in my craziest ideas.  If I ever decided to kill someone, she would show up with a shovel.  (that didn’t actually happen)  She was there to tell me that some of my choices were crazy and irrational, but also stood by for when they failed and I needed someone.  Although it is rare for either one of us to hear/see the other one cry I always wanted to cry when she would cry.  She is an amazing girl.  She teaches, she’s athletic, she is in lots of way my twin, she’s a great mom, and an amazing singer- just like me.  I LOVE YOU D!!!


My best friend A- I met this girl under odd circumstances.  Actually, I was pretty sure she didn’t like me at all the first few times I saw her.  She dated my boyfriend at the time.  After a few visits with her I decided I’d like to start a relationship with her.  It started out with a couple of texts……then I was texting her more than my boyfriend!!!  A love blossomed.  🙂  She has gone above and beyond her friendship duties.  She has shown me that she truly cares about me in many ways, and i really appreciate her kindness and great advice.  Oh yea, and she’s really funny….and she thinks I’m funny too!  


My best friend K – I met this girl walking my great dane at my new apartment complex in birmingham.  She was my first birmingham friend.  Even better, she lived 600 feet away.   She has a good heart.  She’s the friend who would come over when I was at my lowest point with my favorite ice cream and a bottle of vodka.  Even if it was a work day, she would come over and drink wine and skype with my other friends with me to make me feel better.  I cried when she moved away from Birmingham!  I wanted her all to myself!  


My best friend (the other) A –  I feel so blessed to have met her.  I feel like God put her in my life when I needed a friend.  She never has anything negative to say about me.  She is always 100% supportive when I am questioning myself as a wife or a mother.  She loves my babies too and I’m pretty sure that her daughter is Harper’s best friend!  I hope we are together for many many years!  


A few of these girls got flowers today (my chattanooga peoples) and I just want to let them know I love them and appreciate them!  


How lucky am I?




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