About Bell


6T6A6636.jpgMy name is Bell!

I am a Chattanooga native, but I have been an official Birmingham, Alabama resident for around seven years now!

I moved to Birmingham in 2010, had my first child, Harper in 2011, had my second child, Buddy (JohnTyler) in 2013, went through a yucky split in the Summer of 2016, met and married an amazing man (Joshua aka JP) in Fall of 2016, and also acquired partial custody of a cute little step baby (Cooper) in Spring 2017, and dealt with the loss of our baby (ies) in my tummy early Fall 2017!

So lots of things.

All the things.

I have let this blog sit here for 4 years with no activity, and have decided to get it up and in working condition again.

So follow along if you would like to join me in my journey of southern baby making, wifing, surviving loss, and mothering of 3 toddlers under 6!

Hopefully I will have lots of funnies for ya’ll!



11 thoughts on “About Bell

  1. I didnt see a place to reply anywhere else – I ran across your blog on Top Baby Blogs while I was registering my blog. I see you are from Birmingham. So cool, my family and I live in Jacksonville (about an hour away). So neat! I love your blog, it’s really cute. Hopefully you could check mine out too, and we could become friends.


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  3. H!
    I am the owner of SnapMe Swimwear! I LOVE mommy bloggers and get so much press from everyone praising our swimwear. If you would like to create a review, we would love to be featured on your blog.
    Looking forward to working together ๐Ÿ˜‰

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