Last year…

I was watching THIS on Halloween day in my bed.  CRAY.

All the years (well starting at the age of 19) before that, I spend MONTHS paroozing barely there costumes and spending WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY too much on a costume made from 1/4 a yard of fabric.

I spent the couple of days leading up to Halloween basically starving and dehydrating myself so that I would look even skinnier than I was.  How stupid was I?  I look back at those photos and wonder what the heck I was thinking….I mean not to toot my own horn, but compared to post baby now, my body was freakin’ delish.  I didn’t need to deprive myself of anything to parade around in next to nothing!   You’ll just have to take my word on it since I really can’t post those pictures for people I’ve never met around the globe to look at.

On second thought, I can put one up cropped.  A friend of mine says to put up a picture with every post….ya know because that’s what the people want.

The hipster of 2010.

They were fun times.  REALLY fun times.  I’m glad I had them, but I’m also glad they are behind me.  I lived, I had fun, I probably almost died a few times too…but those times are just over.  Maybe in  a couple of years I can get myself a semi sexy costume, but never again like the ones I used to wear.  And never to take my kid out in, or to use to replace the holiday with her either..  After all, one day, she will look at me as her example and want to do everything I do.  Lord help.

This brings me to my next thought, what happens when my daughter asked if I did certain NOTOKFORMYDAUGHTERTODO things?  Do I lie?  There are questions that I KNOW she will ask when she is a teenager.  Questions that I’m ashamed to answer…and I wonder if my truthful answer will validate her own quests for fun as being okay.  I realize this is about oh…14-16 years away…but I feel like I need that much time to prepare each and every answer so that my kid will not be doing the things I did, even if they were fun at the time!  I mean, my parents weren’t hell raisers, and I still did some STUPID STUPID STUPID (fun) things!  :p  Will I be smart enough having all my shenanigans experience to catch her before she does the stupid things?  Will it be legal to put trackers in her purse and car?  Will she pay me back for the grey hairs I’ve caused my own parents to sprout?

I guess one thing I can always say, is I’ve never been to jail.  That’s all I have right now.  Maybe I can phrase my answers like this:  “Honey, I never did anything that caused me to be taken to jail in my lifetime.”   Can I answer all of the questions like that?

Any suggestions for the next 13-15 years will be great.

I hope everyone had a great halloween!

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Happy Halloween!

Three of those pumpkins came from our patch!

Angry because I wanted to hold her up from her expedition

Angry zebra.

She’s fine now that she’s free.

Hittin’ the streets.



Eyeballing her target…

Now, pull the TARGET out of The Mommy’s head!!

18 Weeek Post (almost)

Here we are at 18 weeks already!!!  2 weeks from HALFWAY, people!!!!   That’s crazy. 

The bump:



Here is the skinny on what’s happening:
Size of the baby: He’s about the size of a pear.  Five and 1/2 inches long, and about 7 ounces.  He can move, yawn, and hiccup.  Over the next four weeks, the baby’s size will increase SIX TIMES.  WOW.

Weight gain: 10 lbs.

Gender: Boy!!!!

Movement: I feel him move almost everyday if I take the time to lay down and be still for him. 

Sleep: Terrible!  I go to bed around midnight and wake up like clock work at 4:30 needing to pee!  Then as soon as I fall back asleep, Johns alarm goes off.  The baby is up between 0830-0930.

what I miss: Naps.  My naps are hardly ever successful.

Cravings: Fried pickles, pizza, chocolate pie, pumpkin bread pudding, and orange or apple juice.

Symptoms: The nausea is gone for the most part.  Once a week it will sneak up on me FAST and I will  have to either council myself about not needing to throw up, or if we are past that phase, just go get sick, pout a few minutes, and it’s all over.  Just as quickly as it came.  Strange.  My back and hips have been KILLING ME.  My hips feel like I have been thrown out of a window while sitting Indian style so that when I hit the ground I hit with my hips and but cheeks.  They’re even sore to the touch!

Best moment this week:Getting some cute pictures of our family!  And also getting some time with a friend!

Worst moment this week:The way my hips have felt today.

That’s all folks.


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We do things early around here…

Which explains why we couldn’t wait to give Harper her birthday present.  I say we, because I insisted getting her wagon before Halloween, and John put it together last night while I was asleep, even though I didn’t ask him to!   😉

We think it’s a hit!

Saying hello to the neighbors in her new ride

Daddy, bring me the tiger.

She loves cats.

What? Nobody said I couldn’t have a ride in it too…

Now we are locked and loaded for Halloween!

It’s fall ya’ll…

and I sure do love Fall.

So I will dump all of these pictures on you now.

This is the day I was a redhead.

Oh my gosh……she is going to do this in a real car one day!!! AAAHHH!!!

This week I have added a healthy deadly amount of candy to our household for the millions of trick or treaters I hope to see on Wednesday!! Harper now thinks we are rich. She just gets in the bucket and throws the candy on top of herself like “I’m rich…do you guys see all this!???”

Mom, did you know we are rich?????

Ohhhh maaa gaaad!!!!

I needed to redeem myself after the great red debacle of 2012, so I met up with our friends Adrian and Mackie to take more pictures, this time with my hair back to (sort of) normal.

So I wasn’t looking up, but she’s so cute, when someone says “yay!” she claps her hands!

The girls were the most popular customers of the day!

Pictures were so fun! So glad we met up…I’ve decided we need to meet up more often and take pictures because these were so great!
Hope you’re having a good Halloween weekend!
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I know it’s not Thanksgiving but I am so thankful

  • To have John.
  • To maintain our humor together.
  • To be expecting another baby.
  • To have the happiest and sweetest baby in the world.
  • To have a home that we are proud of, and love.
  • To have trustworthy, genuinely nice, thoughtful, and of course cat loving neighbors.  We hit the jackpot.
  • To have friends that will not judge me by the things I tell them.
  • To have family that consistently goes above and beyond anything we could ever expect.
  • To have a job one day of the week, where I can bring Harper, so that I can pay my bills without putting her in daycare.
  • That John works 40 hours a week to support us.
  • To have people around that can understand my emotional well being.

Those aren’t even a fraction of the things I have to be thankful for.  Just things that have been on my mind recently.

What are you thankful for?




Best thing I’ve ever eaten:

Rum pumpkin bread pudding. OH.MY.GOSH.

I used regular bakery bread from publix as my bread cubes.

Here’s the recipe link:


AND I don’t like rum.  BUT I got John to soak the raisins and drain them, because I feared I may throw up at the smell of it.  And the sauce was SO good on the pudding, I didn’t care for it alone just because I detected the rum taste.  But don’t skip it!