What are you going to do when you have TWO of them?

I really get annoyed when people say that.  I’m not sure if I should…should I?  Why does it annoy me?  I guess it just sounds negative…it’s like they’re saying “you’re really going to be up sh*t creek soon!!!”.  Sort of like when I was pregnant with Harper, I had 8 trillion people say to me “you better get used to sleep deprivation!”.  I just didn’t like it.  Is there another way to say it?  I guess not.  Maybe it just shouldn’t be said out loud…but the past 2 days I have actually been asking myself that very question.

With Harper and I being plagued with some sort of cold bird flu, swine disease, or botulism this week- I’ve been wondering how this is going to be with TWO sick babies PLUS a sick Mommy.

Two noses to suck boogers out of with the aspirator.

Two noses to squirt with saline spray.

You get the gist right?

I’ve already accepted that if Harper gets sick, I’m going to get sick too.  I really knew that a long time ago..so it wasn’t a shocker that a couple days after she was sick, it hit me too.  That’s a part of being a parent, I get it.  What stinks, is that’s going to be a part of being a brother for baby 2.0 as well.  If Harper is sick, he’s going to be sick, and then there’s the given factor that I will be sick too.  And OMG what if John is sick too?  I guess I feel prepared to have 2 children, but I hadn’t considered them being sick together before this…I mean, we went a whole year without real sickness with Harper, so it wasn’t on my mind a lot!

I’m prepared to multiply my love, to change 2 diapers instead of one, to have extra needs to meet after he comes…I really am.  Well, I’m not worried about it in particular, who can REALLY be ready for a second baby that they’ve never met before?


Anyone with 2 want to tell me if it’s absolutely unbearable to have 2 sick children at once?  Or am I just freaking myself out since I have a sinus infection the swine flu?

crying babies

Excited to hear your thoughts…assuming I live through the night.




23 Weeks

I might as well keep going with the random week thing since I’ve done it all along, right?

We are over the pregnancy “hump” and headed down the hill towards the end!

I hear women are supposed to start feeling like superwomen during this time of their pregnancy…Where are these people? Speak up! Announce yourselves!

I just feel tired! Not to mention this week both Harper and I are sick as dogs with a cold. I have a baby on the inside trying to kill me, and one on the outside with the same goal I think.

Anyways, here’s the skinny on the bump:



It’s round.


I’m pouty.  No fair, I just get over the nausea of pregnancy and mother nature pistol whips me with a cold.  I give mother nature the double bird today.  DOUBLE BIRD!!!!!

Size of the baby: He is about 1lb in weight, you might compare his size to a football now.  WOW  In a few weeks he will DOUBLE in size…and I will triple in size.  Okay that last part was speculation, but no really…that could happen.  He has sense of touch and taste now.  Hope he liked my shepherd’s pie today.  We are not too far away from him being a viable size to survive outside of me, although that is definitely not what we want, it’s nice to know that he would have a good chance to survive if he came out in a month or 2.

Weight gain: 20lbs.  Mooooooooooooo  Come’on Bessie, get in your stall and eat some hay!

Gender: Boy!!!!

Movement: Several times a day, and stronger than before.  I can see my stomach move a tiny bit when he is dancing.

Sleep: Sleep has been okay the last 2 weeks I think.  One can always use more, but I’ll take it.  I have just been trying to watch my water intake before bed and make sure I pee every last drop when I’m tired enough to fall asleep so that I won’t wake up and the butt crack of dawn to pee.

what I miss: Self esteem.  Being tan.  Having pretty feet.  Fitting into trendy clothes.  I basically just avoid mirrors if possible, and public if possible.

Cravings: White hot chocolate (home made thankyouverymuch) and crab rangoon (home made thankyouveryfreakinmuch!).

Symptoms: Crazy dreams still, cranked up anxiety, swollen fingers when I sleep, BRAXTON HICKS this freaking early, heart palpitations (yea I know, what the heck?  Being sent to a cardiologist at 6 months pregnant for that one.), and still those dang headaches that nobody seems to care about.

Best moment this week:  Realizing Harper was asking for bites of our food every time we eat!

Worst moment this week: BEING SICK!  Seeing Harper sick BREAKS MY HEART.  She started to wheeze today when I got her up from a nap and it was so terrible to hear.  I started to bawl uncontrollably…I get so scared that she is struggling to breathe with all that flem.  I cried the entire drive to the DR (second visit in 3 days) to find out she has a cold and ear infection.  Not to mention we had to wait 1.5 hours at the office for our appointment…I almost just ventured out myself to find a script pad for us.  Yea, I know, illegal.  Just a thought.


In other news, I’m looking for a couple of changes in my appearance.  I’m making a promise to myself to get a spray tan this weekend and hopefully an ombre hair coloring done as well!  Maybe those things will make me feel better!  I also have a massage voucher that needs to be used….I can’t decide whether to use it now or later…I mean my back DOES hurt now!

Well tell me what’s going on in your bump land!

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Well, good morning vomit monster!

It started out good…
Her first birthday!
She slept in late and woke up happy…we diddled around all day and then waited for John to get home so we could head to Chuckie cheese. Even that went well, she wasn’t scared of the giant mouse and loved pressing the buttons on the rides! We went home for her to eat a special cake made by Momma and then went to bed happy.

Flash forward to 2am.
I hear John in her room while she is crying, then I hear him scream “we have a problem” or something to that effect. To which I almost fell out of the bed and broke my neck because I was scared that we had a choking or not breathing baby…you know…all normal fears at 2am. Not to mention I hadn’t been woken up from her crying so I was already confused by how I’d woken up in the middle of all this chaos.
As I’m unwrapping the sheets from around my own throat and tripping over an electric blanket and purse, I hear him say “she threw up everywhere!!!”
Thank goodness. No, wait…still bad.
By the time I was wobbling towards the door, he was running in with a puke covered baby. And it stunk. Worse than normal. She was freaking out. He was freaking out. I could only keep one eye open while I tore her clothes off and rubbed her down with a soapy cloth. I know, that’s gross too…but a 2am bath just didn’t seem practical to an already freaking out kid and only one functioning eye.
John changes her bed just in time for me to reinsert her.
I meet him back in bed by 2:20.
She’s still screaming.
He asks me if I’m leaving her in there or bringing her back to bed with us…an option I hadn’t considered, so I got up and grabbed her. She cries and whines for about 30 minutes in our bed…then I ask him what he wants to do, do we want to put her back? “Yes make it stop” he says. LOL.
I re-reinserted her to her crib and she went to sleep a few minutes later. Greatness.
4:30am – screaming. Panic that she’d thrown up on her last set of clean sheets…false alarm for that. Good.
8:30am – I pick her up and she lets the nasty curdled milk gods loose on me again. My shirt…my pants…and even INSIDE my makeup bag. (That reminds me, I should probably finish cleaning my make up off. ugh.)
I decide I am not feeling guilty for staying home from school at this point. Then I go throw up.
Oh god, we have malaria. Or botulism…I let her try some of her cake batter the day before…I even said “eh it’s just a spoonful, I’ve eaten raw eggs my whole life, we will be fine!!” I don’t think it was the cake batter, but it didn’t really make me feel like a good mother!
This is what our day looked like from 10-3:



She NEVER falls asleep in my bed during the daylight, so I knew she felt like crap.
This afternoon she acted fine, sweet, and extra cuddly. Then it hit. Hurricane “I feel like crap again and I am going to be mean to you people I know as parents until you want to just stand in the front lawn to eat dinner in order to get away form me” was making landfall.
It was then that I realized she WAS still sick, except it was/is some sort of cold. I think she just got sick because her nose was draining into her throat 😦
Fast forward again 30$ on baby medical supplies, and she’s asleep. I hope we don’t have a repeat night! I guess this is something that comes along with winter birthdays.

Leibster Award

Thank you Faith and Maddness for nominating me for the Leibster Blog Award!

The Liebster Blog Award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. “Liebster” is German for “favorite”. This award is the “favorite blog award” then. I’m super flattered and glad someone cares to read about my adventures even if I’ve been sort of dull lately!

Here are the rules of the award-

Each person must post 11 things about themselves.

● Answer the 11 questions the tagger has set for you.
● Create 11 questions for the people you’ve tagged to answer.
● Choose eleven people and link them in your post.
● Go to their page and tell them.
● Remember no tag backs!
So first the eleven facts about me:
  1. I am addicted to twirling my hair.
  2. Green beans are my favorite food.
  3. I religiously sleep with my blankie every time I go to bed. Heck, even when I nap.
  4. I’ve lead a conga line.
  5. I was the only freshman in my class that made the dance team. (even though I REALLY wanted my best friends to make it with me)
  6. My favorite non house-pet animals are moose and owls.
  7. I have an unhealthy obsession with kittens, while we are on the animal thing. I even find myself suspicious of people who are allergic to such a fluffy ball of cuteness…I need to see the sneezes and puffy eyes as confirmation that they’re not faking it and simply just do not like cats.
  8. I used to have AMAZING hair. No seriously, it was ridiculous. Whether it’s old age, baby making, or excessive heated iron use…it’s just not the same. I don’t even like to look back at the pictures from 7 years ago because I’m so jealous of myself.
  9. In 2006 I bought myself 2 things my Nanny refers to as “fake titties”, and I REALLY regret it! I want them completely removed now-is that insane?
  10. I am drawn to people who live completely different lifestyles from me, because in my experience, they’re the funniest, nicest, most interesting people out there!
  11. I won’t eat something if lettuce has touched it. It’s that one food that will make me gag. In front of people. Rather just avoid that. I’m no better of a gagger than I am a cryer.

11 Questions for the nominated bloggers

– What is your favorite state shape and why?

I’m pretty partial to Tennessee!! 🙂 I like the skinny rectangle look!

– If you were a color, what color do you think you’d be?

I think I would be green.

– Did using highlighters help you study in school?

Not really, I have to write things down a few times to remember them. That’s not to say I don’t use highlighters to decorate my notes. Because I like to be artsy.

– As a child, did you have one movie that you watched repetitivly to the annoyance of everyone else in your family? If yes, what movie?

I don’t remember having ONE movie I watched over and over again, til this day, I still am very reluctant to watch a movie twice. That’s not to say I haven’t seen some movies “for Harper” a MILLION times. We watch despicable me at least once a day.

– What’s your favorite crafty thing to do?


– What chore do you detest the most?

Just one? I really hate getting laundry out of the dryer. And unloading the dishwasher. These things are clean…can I teach them to walk back to where they came from!?

– Have you ever honked at someone in a drive through?

Probably. I’m a honker. I honk at anything that irritates me on the road. My horn sounds like the road runner.

– What is your least favorite Christmas Carol? (Mine is “Do you hear what I hear?”)

I can agree with you on do you hear what I hear. I crinkled my nose when I read that.

– Why did you start blogging?

Because I was going nuts. No really, I was. I wanted to tell everyone what I thought and felt, but not everyone cared, so I found a world that did. 🙂 And for the people who do care, they can log on and sporadically check to see why I’m irritated this week.

– Have you ever adopted a stray pet? If yes, give the back story. If no, do you think you ever would?

Only every freaking few months of my entire life. I lived in the times where people would sit outside walmart with a box of free tiny kittens for adoption. Best believe I asked for one every time they were there!!

– If you had a super power, what would it be and why?

I would like to read minds! I often assume people have bad intentions behind the things they say or do and find myself constantly saying “okay…I’m sure they didn’t mean it THAT way….I’m sure they had good intentions…..RIGHT???”

Then again, I might not like what I find out!

Here are the blogs I am nominating! You guys are great, I always look forward to your posts and am excited when I see one pop up in my reader! I hope it makes your day that you guys sometimes make MY day!


expectingtwo – (http://expectingtwo.wordpress.com)A sweet momma with double the sweetness for babies!!! I don’t know HOW she does it, I’m sure her superwoman cape is neatly ironed next to her bed right now as I type.

the way we sie(g) it – (http://thewaywesiegit.com)One stop mommy! Style, projects, and food mixed in with being a mommy! How perfect!


WWBHD? – (http://frostforseti.wordpress.com) See for yourself why I like this one. You won’t regret it.


The trotter Family – (http://trottot.wordpress.com)I just recently started following this one, and SO glad because I got to see the first pictures of baby girl! 🙂


Imperceptible nod – (http://imperceptiblenod.wordpress.com) SHE REALLY CRACKS ME UP!! No, really. She says things that I think, but because of censorship, I’m not allowed to post. Maybe I should just send my mean posts her way for her amusement.

infertileginger – (http://infertileginger.wordpress.com) She’s funny. She was ALSO raised in the south and doesn’t like sweet tea, something we share. This ginger doesn’t do anything half-@ssed! She is having TWO babies instead of one. What an amazing woman! Bravo, Ginger! You may not have a soul, but you’re definitely growing two souls! 🙂

Kathryn Finding Balance – ( http://kathrynfindingbalance.wordpress.com ) A sweet loving girl, in a very different world! She’s a saint! She can deal with situations in her life that might drive me mad, all whilst growing a sweet baby! I always enjoy reading her work and hearing from her!

Cavey Baby – (http://caveybaby.wordpress.com) I read her blog in an english accent. That does it for me. No really though, she’s great! PLUS she’s having a baby boy like me! I’m thinking one day we should get together via Skype so I can see if she sounds like what I’ve been imitating! And Harper goes nuts over skype 🙂

We Ate Cake – (http://weatecake.com) She just welcomed in a new little pea to her pod, a gorgeous pea at that. Super sweet and full of love and happiness, isn’t that refreshing?


The Hopeful Pink Lady… (http://thehopefulpinklady.wordpress.com)- Oh how I love this one! I started to follow her in the midst of a hard time for her I think. I would check back with her pretty frequently because she stayed on my mind, I wanted the best turnout possible for her, and she got it! I’m so happy to see her posts of baby shower decorations and such! What a deserving person!

The Falco Project (http://thefalcoproject.wordpress.com) – It’s a much different cup of tea than I’m used to being served, and I love that!!! I love the kindness and humor displayed by theses sweet folks!

No, MY TURN!!!! Here are my questions for the bloggers I nominate!

  1. What is the number one thing you catch yourself censoring on your blog? and have you ever been asked to remove anything?
  2. What’s your guilty food pleasure?
  3. What do you do when nobody’s looking?
  4. What qualities of yours do you hope your kid/s get?
  5. What’s your least favorite food?
  6. What is the nastiest thing you’ve ever seen?
  7. What was that “defining moment” that made you sit back and go “okay…I’m a REAL parent now!!!!”
  8. How do you de-stress after a terrible day?
  9. What are you OCD about? Come on, there’s gotta be something!
  10. What is a special talent that people are always asking you to do? (example: make that phenomenal pie you always make, take some pictures of our family since you’re so good at it…etc…)
  11. What’s your favorite time saving trick for doing chores with kids?



Party party party

Finally, I got to use the supplies I’ve been stocking up on for 6 months!  Last weekend we had Harper’s first birthday, even though tomorrow is her actual birthday.  Teaching her to use all the birth DAYS you can!  The saturday before AND after are both acceptable to celebrate on!  The day before, we started our decorating frenzy and I almost went crazy.  I kept losing things…mainly my decorating poms, which I unknowingly had with me the entire time I was looking for them.  It all came together beautifully with the major help of my family! Here’s your party photo dump!



If you’re wondering where everything came from, here’s a breakdown of the fun party things and their etsy.com shop creator:

Poms –  Pomtastic (HERE’S the shop!)

My invitations, thank you cards, popcorn boxes, cotton candy cones, water bottle labels, and food label tents (ya know, almost everything) –  PrettyPartyCreations (HERE’S the shop!)

Elephant cake topper – SweetTouchDecor(HERE’S the shop!)

Birthday outfit –  LittleMissBettyLou(HERE’S the shop!)

Daisy cut mason jar lids –SassyStemware(HERE’S the shop!)

Cotton candy fudge squares –  jewelofthelion(HERE’S the shop!)

My photobooth props – PartyGoodies(HERE’S the shop!)

Pink and blue striped party straws – legoods(HERE’S the shop!)

Toothpick toppers for my marshmallows –PaperDesignPaper(HERE’S the shop!)

I know it looks like so much came from etsy.com, but even more help came from my family who helped put all these products into action!

4 days later and my feet and back are still KILLING me even more than normal…thank goodness no more parties until next year!  Then I’ll have TWO parties to throw…oh heavens…maybe we will just go to chuckie cheese!!!

Hope you enjoyed!

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Balls deep

Balls.  Christmas balls.  EVERYWHERE!!!!

My estimate on the ball damage:

50 balls on the main tree.

20 balls on the kitchen garland.

30 balls between the 2 small trees in front of our door.

15 GIANT balls on our mailbox garland.

12 balls in my flower arrangement.

15 balls on our wreath.

50 balls to assemble my floating ornament tree attached to the chandelier.


Excessive?  I think not.

Here is my progress on the house so far…I say so far because, isn’t there always potential for MORE!??

Why yes….that IS Channing Tatum on my TV.

There you have it!  TADA!

Now what else should I do?!

Glad you stopped by to see my Christmas psychosis.

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Things I’m obsessed with:

Admit it…you rape the internet looking for cute baby things too!!!

Lookie what I found:

From etsy seller:LittleGrayandCo

From etsy seller:LittleBunnySueSue

From etsy seller:dreamlandbaby

From etsy seller:starsistersdesign

From etsy seller:headsupgirlsbaby

From Etsy seller:  bcchildrenswear



They all kinda make me melt. What about you?


It has begun…

The sparklification of our home for christmas. I freaking love christmas decorations!!!! If you’ve met my family, you know that I am genetically predisposed to have obsessive compulsive christmas decorating disorder. My dad owns more christmas decorations than wal mart. We’re talking the full monty people…giant inflatable santas, snow globes 7 feet tall, electronic moving reindeer for the yard. It’s bananas. And don’t get me started on my auntie, dad’s sister. Her house looks like Miss Clause decorated it! It’s the most beautiful detail oriented christmas wonderland!

So here I am…with all those Christmas genes running throughout my 5’4 body rip roaring to be let loose every november!

Here is my first Christmas experiment this year:


I will post the full shebang later on in the week when everything is complete!

I hope you’re getting excited about Christmas too!


November 17th

It’s a date that I hold near and dear to my heart.  It’s suicide survivors day.  I am a survivor of a tragic event in my family, and all of my current family members are survivors.  

I’d like to take this time to reach out to the people out there I keep in touch with on a regular basis, or to those of you who simply like to follow me and stay quiet.  🙂  

PLEASE know if you’re a survivor, you’re not alone.  Reach back out to me.  Email me at birminghambellblog@gmail.com or comment below if you want.  I will keep emails between you and I only.  I would love to have others to connect to that are in the same boat as myself.  Send me resources…whatever you would like really!!




Oh!  I’ve also added a new button to the blog for suicide prevention, check that out.  

AND I want to share one of my personal favorites in suicide prevention sites – http://www.towriteloveonherarms.com .  I’ve been a customer of theirs for a while now, and why not grab some cool things and donate at the same time!?

This is a photo that reminds me of my lost loved one.

20 Weeks


No, really. We are. ACTUALLY…..if you factor in that baby 2.0 has been measuring a week bigger at every ultrasound, AND that we will take him a week early if we schedule a c-section, we are OVER half way there.

Size of the baby: He’s about the size of a C cup boob. Or so says the daddy at hisboyscanswim.com . You could also use the bump’s comparison of a banana. Six and 1/2 inches long, and ours in particular is 14 ounces. He has taste buds, is practicing swallowing, and can hear things from the outside! I think he always hears the hum of my laptop because that is when he’s most active. He was also REALLY active (the most I’ve ever felt) when I had a bought of throwing up. He started to squirm…I was like “oh sorry honey, didn’t mean to disturb YOU!!” 😛

Weight gain: 18 lbs. I can’t believe I even typed that. Actually, while I typed that, I was shoving a cookie in my face hole.

Gender: Boy!!!!

Movement: Everyday now. I was very surprised to hear that my placenta is anterior, which usually prevents mommy from feeling things so soon, but not me! I felt him a few weeks ago!

Sleep: I’ve at least stopped waking up EVERY morning at 4:30 to pee. I’ve been waking up to a new problem these days…headaches! Pretty certain it’s my sinuses. Pretty sure it sucks.

what I miss: Feeling like I look good in an outfit. Everything rides up or down, usually my shirt rides up and my pants ride down…you know what that leaves. Crack. And it’s wack.

Cravings: Shepherd’s pie, gingerbread cookies, and popcorn.

Symptoms: Crazy dreams, puffy hands when I lay down, the sort of tiredness induced by an alaskan state troopers dart gun, and weepiness. I think that’s why my sinuses are jacked.

Best moment this week:Confirming that our fetus indeed has a penis.

Worst moment this week: Saturday night when I decided to bring a teething baby into our bed.

There you have it!


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