A month ahead

It happened a month earlier than last time…SOMEONE NOTICED I WAS PREGNANT IN PUBLIC AND ASKED!
It’s a general rule to never ask. But I had been waiting for someone to ask! Actually, the lady didn’t even ask, she just said so is Harper expecting a little brother or a little sister?
It’s the pregnant women who play around with the public by responding to these types of confrontations with “no I’m not pregnant” that ruin it for the ones who actually want to be noticed as expecting instead of a heavy beer drinker!
I spent the day getting my hair color fixed and paroozing a maternity store that I never knew existed. If you live in Alabama (which you probably don’t since half of my followers are in another country), you should visit the swanky stork in Homewood. If you’re not in Alabama, you can go to their website, but they’re expensive online. I was super disappointed when I wanted to give everyone the site name once I saw the prices online are double or triple what I saw in store. The dress I bought was 50$, but they have no dresses under 129$ online. Ain’t nobody got time for that. See the video reference below if you’re not from the south.

Anyways…here’s the dress, the hair, and the baby the day someone was confident enough to ask about my bump.



I think the hair looks better than it did… sometimes I look at it and think it looks great…then other times I will think it looks strange. I think it’s just a big change. I didn’t think it would be a big change since the red hair debacle of 2012.

In other news Santa stopped by our house to bring John a big giant crazy grill that has a gas section, charcoal section, smoker, and cooking eye. Santa also dropped a new iphone5 in my stocking! This early Santa stuff is probably not going to fly in about 2-3 years! Actually, in 2-3 years I’m not sure Santa can afford that sort of quality of gifts for everyone, so lets do this while we can!