The great sushi operation of 2012

I may be a pro at Publix, however, at the Asian supermarket…I look like an idiot.  And I soon realized that I was the only person who wasn’t of Asian decent in the whole building.  Nobody wore a uniform…I stood there wide eyed looking at all of these people who COULD work there…but DID THEY?!?!  I don’t want to be that guy.  The racist one.  So I stayed quiet until I caught someone going behind the cash register!  Success.

2 hours later, and 2 more stores later, I went home to start my experiment.  Luckily I took a class from BirminghamSushi a few weeks ago and was well prepared for the actual sushi making!!  If you’re interested in taking a class and you are in the Birmingham area, give them a call because Kelly is a GREAT instructor!  Funny too.  I’m into that.

Today’s creation was a crunchy crab roll (I didn’t have time to make the crunch part) and a philly roll.

Here’s what I ended up with.

I TRIED to write my name in the home made eel sauce…it sort of looks like Bell right?









Check out the little sushi man I found at World Market! Cute…but not totally functional for me. I had to rip his legs off.




Look! Kelly even taught me how to make my own eel sauce and spicy mayo!!!
Hope you all can enjoy your own at home sushi experience!

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Are you really out there?

I keep seeing that people are viewing my site from Pakistan, Spain, and the UK!  🙂  Let me know you’re out there!  I love it!!

They said what?!?!

Things a new mom does NOT want to hear:

  • “When is the due date?”  REALLY???  I think the response to this would be “November, when are YOU/YOUR WIFE due?”
  • “Oh my baby was sleeping all night at that age.”  That’ll make a new mom nearly kick you into next week.
  • “Oh you’re staying home??  I couldn’t just sit around at home all day LIKE THAT.”
  • “Well my kids were eating whatever by 6 months – she will be fine if I give her stuff other than what you sent along with her.”  HOW DARE YOU!?  If she has a bad reaction to something she ate while not with us, who is coming home to take care of her?  Who is getting screamed at all day by a sick/fussy baby?  Who is going to the hospital with me if it’s a severe reaction?  I can GUARANTEE it’s not the said “treat giver”!  Think before you do people- or you will never get to see whatever baby you were watching if you blatantly step on the toes of Mom.
  • “You better get some socks on this baby!”  Okay people, my feet are ice cubes all day every day.  You know what?  I haven’t died from it.  As long as she is happy barefoot, I am happy to let her be barefoot!  It’s summer.
  • “Your milk might be bad, or you baby probably just doesn’t like your milk” OH.  MY.  GOSH.  You’re lucky you didn’t get football tackled by a hormonally crazed  postpartum woman.
  • “You can’t breast feed for too long.”  LISTEN.  It’s actually RECOMMENDED by pediatricians to breastfeed for the first 2 years of life.  It has hundreds of nutrients and vitamins that anything produced in baby food does NOT have in it.  It is actually the BEST thing you can do for your child.  I’m sorry if YOU were unable to do it.  But I could.  And I would’ve done it as long as I had supply.  Even if people judged me.  Of course I was pumping so we wouldn’t have to go though that awkward latching every few hours no matter where we were at.
  • “_______ is what’s wrong with her.”  Why thank you, DOCTOR know it all!
  • “what’s that big spot on her back from”  Are you looking for her medical history??  Just assume it’ a birth mark, or even better, keep your thoughts on it to yourself.
  • “I’m skinnier now than I was pre pregnancy.”  Great.  I will be going to jump off of a bridge shortly.
  • Any single thing about weight.  AVOID WEIGHT.  Avoid it at all costs.  It will get you on the naughty list just as fast as you can blink.

There you have it.  Soak it all in.


**These things are my opinion of a FEW peeving comments made by MULTIPLE people to me.  If I listed every condescending comment made to me regarding motherhood, well…heads would roll.   I must include that this post is  not for anyone specific at all.  It’s just a “hey I was bored, realized I needed to post yesterday, and thought this was a fun topic.” kind of thing.  If you actually know me, don’t take offense to it.  Unless you think you’ve said these things to me ten times.  Then you can be offended.  Go ahead.

Happy Belated Father’s Day

I guess first and foremost I need to mention the first man to ever love me AND loved BY me in the entire world, my Daddy.

He is a VERY hard working, VERY kind, Very loving father. I am one of the luckiest daughters in the world, actually.

He taught me how to do belly flops in our above ground pool, taught me to like the taste of a spam sandwich, and is a perfect example of what every woman should look for in a man. He really set the standards high.

Oh yeah, and he’s super skinny. I like that genetic makeup. I attribute it to my metabolism all throughout high school and college.

He’s the kind of daddy that when a request is made, it is usually fulfilled.


  • “Daddy can we get a free kitten on the way out of wal mart? PLEASE!!!!”
  • “Why doesn’t Santa ever bring me that puppy I asked for?!”
  • “Daddy, can I have your car?”
  • “Daddy, can I have another car to replace the completely totaled car you gave me?”
  • “Daddy, I need new tires. …….Because I simultaneously burst 3 of them on one day.”
  • “Daddy, will you pick up just 8 items from the store on your way home?”
  • “Daddy, can Mommy bring me to your work so can have Pizza Hut buffet and so I can sit on your bright orange work counter top.”

Oh and here is one of my favorite quotes.

Scenario: My mother just saw the belly button piercing that I had managed to keep hidden for almost an entire year. That’s monumental people. (ya know what’s even funnier is they never noticed I got my tongue pierced. SURPRISE!)

Mom freaks out. (Duh- she knew how trashy that thing looked, not to mention what it cost, where I’d gotten the money, and how I had lied to get it done.)

Daddy says: “Oh, well, I mean….I guess…well… all the kids are doing it these days anyways!”

That comment probably almost made my father a bachelor.

Here’s to the father that catered to my every need as a child! (Especially bringing me sprite every night when I would whine out…..”daaaaaaaaady???????” in the middle of the night, even though he had to be at work the next day. I love you and the person you are. I am so fortunate to have you, and now- so fortunate to have you as Harper’s Poppie!


Yes…that’s me in the squirrel suit.


The very first one to love my daughter. Actually, the very first man to hold my daughter.

The man who works hard every day so that I can stay at home with Harper and go to school and hardly ever buys anything for himself so that he can maintain our home. He is the best father in the world besides my own. One day he will fall further into her sweet spell and I have the feeling she will be expecting from him what my daddy gave to me during my childhood.


The day wasn’t about gifts, but let’s face it, I’m not turning down an opportunity for retail therapy on a Sunday!! So Harper and I gave him a pair of shoes he wanted. THEN, being the amazing person he was, he bought me a pretty glass owl I was gawking over!

It made me reflect on an adventure to the Tennessee Aquarium last year. They had a GIANT owl. God only knows how much that thing was. I hugged it and squeezed it and shook it a little…and he looked at me and asked “Baby do you want him? I’ll get him for you if you want him!!” Of course the owl was a little ridiculous- so we opted for something equally as appealing, just smaller.


I love you Daddy and John- Happy belated father’s day!


Hope you all had a good father’s day!


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A Case of the Saturdays

When Harper wakes up at random times, I find myself so confused. It throws off my entire day.

This Saturday Harper woke up at a random time during the night, BUT she slept until 9:30. I say slept…What I mean is: we didn’t hear her whining until 9:30. So either she was asleep, or quietly looking around her crib.

John questioned why she wasn’t up at 8. DON’T YOU DARE GET UP!!! I said. When the baby gods give you an extra hour to be by yourself, in bed, and quiet…TAKE IT. ENJOY IT. NO. MATTER. WHAT.

Once we were up, it was time to scurry off to the park. Ya know since we were “late”.

Here’s what the park looked like:




There’s no judgement in The Dudes Group



Then we fulfilled my craving of Taziki’s and let the girls look at each other for a little longer! 🙂



Why do both of the girls look so concerned in this one?!


Holding hands!!!!


Give it back!!!

They are going to be SO cute when they are older! I love it!!!!

We finished off with naps for all, and a lovely dinner with John’s parents and Harper’s cousins!





She’s SO excited about Pawpaw her feet are going faster than my phone can capture!


She was NOT going to take her eyes off of this big guy…surely he was up to no good!


Kisses from Pawpaw!

Hope your Saturday was just as fun!!

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Sunday Funday

This title used to mean something totally different to me.  It used to mean hair of the dog on a boat in the Tennessee River all day. 

Things just got better.

I was lucky enough to have a best friend that cued me in on the new release of Madagascar 3!!!  🙂

SO…I informed John that we would be attending the movie with Harper in tow! 

I feel like overall it was  a success.  Sure…we started out with a poopy diaper in an almost dark theater.  I thought it was a pee diaper.  That’s what I get for assuming.  Anyways, she probably watched 45 minutes of the movie…fussed 15 minutes…THEN slept the last 15 minutes!  🙂  We never had to escort her from the theater as other parents did though!  See?  Success!!
















Hope you had a Sunday Funday of your own.




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A post. For a person.

I find it sad that one of my own family members reads my blog and tries to cause trouble between myself and other family members though its content. This post is simply for that person. I can see every time you search Birminghambell.WORLDpress. 🙂 you can just visit the site by going to . You know who you are, and your negativity is not welcome. This is exactly why you’ve never met our daughter. I hope you find joy in your own life and can keep away from causing troubles in others. Keep enjoying the blog if you can contain yourself from malice gossip.

Our Little Getaway

Yesterday we loaded up and headed out to my hometown of Chattanooga, TN.  Just the kid and I.  She slept all but 20 minutes of the trip there.

This was kind of a trip with the sole purpose of some quality friend time!  I wanted her to finally get to meet some of my awesome friends- and that she did!  Charmed every single one of them!

Harper loved D! And I think he was pretty fond of her too! Just like a natural. Like I thought it would be any other way!

D’s parent’s finally got to meet the little girl they’d been sent all the pictures of! 🙂

Harper and E swimming!!


Common interests



Watching Poppy’s fish tank!









Of course she plays with cats. Have you met me?









N meeting Harper for the first time!









Harper meeting little H! He was super excited to meet her from what I hear! 🙂 He was sweet with her!










Harper meeting H …she LOVES hats!









Lunch and meeting a new face – Miss A!













My new hair compliments of N.












Back of my awesome new color.

It was nice to have the support system of my parents. It’s not everyday that people are wanting me to leave the baby with them and let me get away! Living so far away from them has proven more difficult than expected. But hey- I’ll make the best of it- I live here! We have a couple great babysitters! 🙂

Bell and Harper

The first 26 hours…


A whole 26 hours.

That’s a first.

It was strange.

The first thing I did was clean our downstairs area…all the while listening for Harper to wake up from her nap…only to realize “oh yea…she’s not here”…

John went to play golf (and have dinner) for 9 hours with his husband.  Needless to say- I got to pick the movie we saw.  🙂


The house was SO lonely.   The kind of lonely you can almost see.

I was able to get my study on…but further than that…SO LONELY.  I’d forgotten what it was like to be completely ALONE.  Things hadn’t been that way since I was pregnant.  I’m not so sure I like it.

I’m glad there is a baby in my nursery sleeping now.  I’m glad to be on high alert for any peep coming from that way.  No peeps for 2 hours hopefully.

Here’s the face I missed so much for the past 26 hours:







Happy belated Memorial Day!

This Memorial Day we spent eating BBQ with John’s parents and grandfather!  Harper enjoyed herself!

And as you can see below- SO DID NINA!




She LOVES paw-paw’s mustache!



She was REALLY interested in the things that Boom-pa had…like his hat and his drink!  yahoo!



After all that grub and fun we went car shopping for John.  He says he NEEDS a bigger vehicle.  🙂

Then we all went home for a family nap…WELL…My TWO babies fell asleep.

What did I do when I noticed I was the only one awake?  I GOT THE HELL OUTTA DODGE!!!!!

True story.  Grabbed my keys and RAN!  To publix.  They didn’t even know I was gone.  But it was a lovely shopping trip since I had room for groceries with no baby in the buggy!!

I came home to make squash casserole (fresh from Nina’s garden),

spicy shrimp kabobs, texmati rice, AND………… a little thing called blueberry grund.  Weird name…good taste.  It’s sort of like a pot cooked blueberry cobbler!  Yummy.

That is all.




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It’s happening.  That newborn amnesia.  I can’t even remember what she was like at 6lbs 5 ounces!!!  I would’ve never imagined shed be this mobile, THIS SOON, when I first brought her home.  When she first came home she was like a little pile of mashed potatoes.  MUSHY.  I loved it.  She was my smooshy little bunny.  NOW she’s my kicking, rolling, sitting, and pseudo-crawling monkey!!


  • If I hand her the binky a certain way, she will put it in her mouth and leave it there!  wahoo!
  • She is SO close to legit crawling.  She can get up on all fours and rock back n forth as if she is gearing up to go full speed!  Her arms are just not cooperating…AS USUAL!
  • She can sit up without support for longer periods, but still needs help after a while!
  • She can hold her bottle to feed herself much longer than she ever has!  She held it and ate throughout a WHOLE diaper change yesterday!  TEAMWORK!
  • She makes a lot of sounds that sound like daddy.  I keep telling myself it’s an accident.  No LEGIT words yet.  We are practicing all day though!!!
  • She eats stage 2 baby foods like a pro!  Her favorites are the chicken kind in any brand!  She still doesn’t like bananas or prunes!  Even when they’re mixed with the food she likes! 
  • She is still fascinated by her toes!
  • She has started to display an emotion I’m not too fond of.  FEAR.  I absolutely HATE it.  HATE!!!!!  It hurts my heart when I hear the cry she makes when she feels afraid.  She’s done it a handful of times and the cry is so distinct and full of fright!  UGH  I just want to take it away from her!  She will do it if she is put down too fast and thinks she’s fallen, or if a stranger approaches too fast for her, or if she thinks something is going to fall on her,….oh and the occasional dog bark will scare her too.  Usually with the dog barking I can go ahead and make sure she is looking at my face to know she is safe and nip it in the bud.
  • She is entertained by the TV.  This is glorious.  If I find an extra interesting show, she will be entertained long enough for me to make lunch or do a load of laundry!  She doesn’t stay glued to it for much longer than that- but it’s enough!  
  • She’s taken a special liking to MY BLANKIE.  I am working on breaking that…because….well I NEED IT!!!  LOL 

I was just thinking the other day back to my pregnancy and how I never got to touch her, smell, her or kiss her back then…and how sweet it is to have her here in the flesh!  I never imagined how great I would feel here with her!  We are so LUCKY!!!  We have such a perfect and HAPPY baby! 




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Bumpy Travels

Believe it or not…traveling with a baby is NOT as easy as some of my friends and family had previously tried to convince me. In fact consider yourself flipped the “double bird”.

The only thing that eased the crying was a big ole ice cream cone from McDonalds! 🙂


The trip home wasn’t as bad, but the trip there wasn’t good at all! It seemed like she screamed three hours of our 8 hour trip. Not a bad ratio in general terms…but bad when you’re on the receiving end! Oh well. Lesson learned. We won’t be doing that anytime soon again!

BUT she did learn how to put her binky in her mouth! PRODIGY CHILD. DUH.

We made it to Florida (John’s sister’s house) around 4am. (I know, right.)

Everyone was super excited and even got Harper super excited…AT 4 AM!!!! lol She had a total meltdown when we let her know it was time to actually sleep after she was awoken to so much excitement! Rough night/morning!

The next day was spent mingling at the beach and later on mingling with some new friends. Harper was a good girl almost the whole trip minus the initial freak out of course!








The last day was spent at Simon’s parent’s home- which was amazing! We saw lots of baby deer, neat artifacts, stunning views, and even armadillo hunting!!! 🙂








It’s great to be home in my own bed, and Harper in her own familiar crib!



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New things, new fun!

Today was as eventful as most days. We were up bright and early at 8am. A lovely breakfast was prepared for her highness. I tried to get some online business done while she transported herself around the room with a mixture of almost-crawls and complete rolls until she got to my location. Baby gates here we come!!!

She got a new Bumbo cover that is cute as the dickens! So that possibly, JUST POSSIBLY, I won’t have to scrape baby food off of it EVERY time she eats if I forget to do it on the spot. And hey, it’s cute! She was overly excited to be in the new and improved bumbo. Seems to suit her fanny fine.




THEN she got to discover her first two sippy cups! I’ve been reading that now is the time to introduce them. She doesn’t understand completely, but lets be real, she’s a genius and she will probably have it down pat by next week!

Today I was super pumped about reading her bedtime story to her! THE LORAX!!! It’s been sold out of stores since the movie was released…but today I finally found a copy! She was even able to look at it in her LORAX ONESIE (of course she threw up on it 10 minutes after wearing) from target! She’s such a book worm.

Tomorrow we will embark on a fun journey to see her Aunt, Uncle, and cousins! I’m sure she will have a blast and will get lots of attention! We are going to ATTEMPT to keep her on her normal schedule, but that’s hard when you are out of town and have lots of distractions from her normal routine.

Hope everyone is having a good day!


The down low on the weekend

I need to back track. How did I NOT post about our weekend!?!?

Friday night was just a regular old night. Which is good. I like regular nights. I like being at home. It feels like ….well, being at home!! 🙂 After not doing much of anything we put the baby to rest after a nice book reading session. She’s so into it.


Saturday I had to bid farewell to my best friend of Birmingham, Karen! :*( Sad. But she won’t be too far away…so hopefully we will see each other again soon!! After that, Harper allowed me to get my nails done by sitting quietly watching the nail salon’s fish tank. GOOD GIRL! Last time we went, it took about 5 nail techs to entertain her. 🙂


Saturday night was spent at the local Home Depot returning dead plants and arguing over a lemon tree. One lemon tree later we were in bed early. The good life.

BUT Sunday was a whole different story! We woke up bright and early to a whining Harper. I hobbled to her crib, grabbed her and brought her back to bed with us. That wasn’t happening. Those were the OLD TIMES. When she would go BACK to sleep with us in the morning. No more of that!! So we get all gussied up for our friend’s little girl’s baptism.

LUCKILY…we got there an hour early by mistake and had an impromptu park day!

Harper wasn’t so sure about the Hippo…




But she liked the giraffe…




Then she was pretty pleased with the playground’s baby swings…







And fairly excited about the slides!




And then she learned how to drive.


After all the fun, we all went to the beautiful baptism and both babies were pretty quite except for a couple prayers they cooed during the middle of it! 🙂 It was like they were talking to each other from across the church!

This is Lily right before she got to be splashed! 🙂 So cute!!


Hope everyone else had a successful weekend as well!


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At least you share the same interests as me!

CATS! 🙂 At the risk of sounding like that crazy cat lady…I LOVE CATS!!!

Today we went to Auntie-Kay’s to meet her two newest kittens! Harper had lots of fun…and let’s be real, SO DID I!!! I briefly thought about strapping one in the car seat with Harper before I left.

Here’s what part of our day consisted of:










My incompetent thumb

Well, it didn’t take long for my black kiss of death entwined in the roots of my new garden. 5 days to be precise.



I just wasn’t blessed with the green thumb. I’ll keep trying. And I’m sure the ladies at Home Depot will look at my dead plants in amazement every time I return dead things.


This time I even went crazy and bought a lemon tree. I know it’s random. But so am I. And I like me.

I also took some time to try out a few new to me gadgets today. I mowed our entire lawn AND trimmed our shrubs. I’ve never trimmed a shrub. The only thing I can compare it to is a when I sheared my cat and made him appear to have the mange since I skipped a few spots. Sure, they’re looking more shapely…but there are a few bald spots now! 🙂

Here are some befores and and afters of my gardening fun. I want to make our yard look great, but it’s so hard! Physically it’s hard in general sometimes because of the heat and the stooping. My hips kill. Thanks child bearing. Hopefully I can finish our front gardens in the next couple of weeks so that it looks presentable!

Below me are some before and after photos.  Just took a little trim! 🙂







Upper management

Until my computer cooperates you’ll see more posts from my phone. These posts generally include many typos so please excuse me!

Today was nice even though I had a fussy baby for the most part of it!

Harper got her first rides in a real shopping cart!!! She LOVED it! She’s still so little I have to hold her so she doesn’t fall over.




After buying lots of flowers I headed home and planted them under the supervision of upper management of course.





Here are some of the things we planted :







One tantrum later I was even mowing the front yard! Go me.

Too much excitement in one day!

Life’s a beach

I know I fell off the map again. Typical. But let me catch you up to speed.

Last week John, Harper Mack, and I drove down to the beach to spend some QT with some of my family! There was lots of yummy grub, lots of yummy sweet tea drinks (Thanks Dana Ray), and lots of attention for Harper.

Possibly too much. Because now we are home. Without all the attention of 15 adults. Now it’s just me. Clearly I’m not enough because she’s been angry at me almost non stop for 3 days. I would SAY that it has a little something to do with this little show:

We finally proved that she doesn’t hate her uncle Colten!! Big steps! He was the THIRD PERSON IN THE WORLD TO MAKE HER GIGGLE!

We already knew she loves Auntie McKenzie!!

Ihave a friend and a few family members who tell me what their child hated…and I always hope that mine doesn’t have that reaction to whatever the situation is. This past week I was so scared she would hate the beach…but apparently my jacuzzi batheez time with her every other day has paid off. Because…drumroll please…SHE LOVED THE OCEAN! It was presh.

Here are some picture of our first family vacay!

















Have a good week!



My Mother’s Day Tangent

Today is Mother’s Day.

Everyone keeps saying it’s my first Mother’s Day.  But I was a mother last year.  So lets call it my SECOND Mother’s Day.

Now that is settled.

What is weird about this year is feeling the unshakeable almost painful love I have for Harper.  I look at her every single day and am so scared for her to grow up even though I am excited when she does ANYTHING new!  This world is so scary!  I can’t imagine even her first scraped knee.  It’s going to hurt her AND me.  How do I hold it together?  How will she be if I am the one who cries when she hurts herself!!??  John has told me the story of an awful car wreck he was in when he was about 12 years old SEVERAL times.  I say several…but maybe he’s only done it a few times.  BUT it seems like several times because every time he has EVER told it I have either been pregnant or actually have a baby in the real world.  He always talks about how his mother had to see him in the wrecked car that he was stuck in for hours.  He tells me how his mother heard him screaming during procedures.  I can’t even imagine.  I never ask her about how she felt because I don’t even want to know…my heart hurts for how she felt during those times just imagining how it was!!!   I was TERRIFIED he would get into another car accident my WHOLE pregnancy.  I was afraid of a lot of things, but that was probably in the top 3 things I was scared of.  I know that was pregnancy brain….BUT NOW I HAVE MOMMY BRAIN!  I think I am currently going to take out all of our savings to build Harper an un-crushable bubble that she has to be in when she leaves the house.  I can’t help but wonder if this fear of her getting hurt will EVER go away!  Does John’s mom have anxiety about her kids and cars now?  I think I’ll ask her…  ORRRR…she will read this and call me to tell me about it 😉

Look.  I went off on a tangent.  Go me.

Today was great.  We got up a little early…and went back to bed.  All three of us together for another hour.  Then it was up to get ready for a fun outing!  John took myself, Harper, his mom, and his dad to Silvertron Cafe.  They have brunch.  The place looks shabby.  It doesn’t look like a place with good grub.  But by George they have the BEST steak with hollendaise sauce topping.  I like to refer to it as Jesus sauce.  It’s heavenly.  We waited an hour to get the delish Jesus sauce.  Worth it.  Totally worth it.  I was even allotted 3 sides of it to take home for my own steaks!  The place also has some pretty bangin’ 3$ raspberry mimosas.  Satisfied customer.

We left there and went straight to the mall for my mother’s day present!  Let me be clear… I do not NEED a single thing.  Nothing.   I HAVE EVERYTHING AND EVERYTHING’S ACCESSORY.  But…I’ve had my eye on Bethenny Frankel’s new best selling book.  If you know me, you know I love Bethenny.  Love her.  Want to be her.  Want to be as funny, pretty, skinny, loving, and ridiculous she is.  Well, maybe I don’t want to be her, but you get the point.  I’m on chapter 3 and so far I feel like I could read cover to cover.  I’ll let you know if it’s just THAT good or….if I just love Bethenny.    I also scored a couple of other neat finds in the book store:  A book called “Heaven is For Real” and “Some Assembly Required”.  “Heaven is for Real” is a faith based book and I’ve heard nothing but awesome things about it.  “Some Assembly Required” is about a mother watching her son raise a new son of his own.  I picked it up and figured it would be a good book to read, then pass along to John’s mother!  (If it’s good.)

On the way out of the bookstore…I came upon the most wonderful shirt in life.  It was fate.  Just meant to be.  See below.  If you like Big Bang…you’re dying for this shirt right now.  Books a Million, folks.  Go there.  RUN.  NOW.

John put the baby down for me tonight instead of my nightly routine of her fighting me for sleep.  Thank you very much.  I was even able to grieve him into changing more diapers today than normal. 😉

But anyways… in the spirit of Mother’s Day…

Things I love about my Mom:

  • She is thoughtful.
  • She thinks of others before herself.
  • She has a genuinely kind heart.
  • She loves animals.  (I definitely took after her on that one!!!)
  • She loves me unconditionally (trust me, I’ve done some pretty jacked up things and she still loves me)
  • She loves John.
  • She loves her Grand Daughter with everything she has.
  • She is talented.  She can make a great pair of earrings in the blink of an eye, crochet like a maniac, and is a computer whiz.
  • She gave me a nice butt.  Lets face it, my dad doesn’t have an A**.  🙂  I’ve always been blessed in the booty department.
  • She is open minded.
  • She trusts my decisions.
  • She isn’t afraid of my driving anymore.  (I don’t think.)  if she is…then…
  • She is a great actress.  lol

I Love her and am grateful for her rearing me.  🙂  Even when I was a butt to her.

Here’s to all the mommas, baby’s mommas, and baby’s momma’s mommas.  I am for reaaaaaaaaaaaalll!

I just broke out into song.  It’s time for this post to end.

Happy Mother’s Day,


Pure Barre Progress note.

So I have been attending Pure Barre of Birmingham (the 280 location) for my 3rd month now. I hadn’t previously gone like I should’ve! I would go 2-3 times a week. BUT this past week I have gone 5 days in a row, skipped Friday, and then my 6th class this week was today!

My friend raved about Pure Barre, and how much it had changed her life. So…of course I was interested after just having had a baby 3 months prior!! SO, I got my butt off the couch and signed up for my first month at a special rate of 100$ unlimited! It was hard. Probably because I seriously haven’t done one activity involving muscles during the 9.5 months of pregnancy! I’ve always hated working out, really. Going to this place was a huge step.

During my first class… I looked like an idiot (I think I probably even fell over at some point)…but now I could do 75% of the workout with my eyes closed while the instructor talks the class through it! The day after my first class…

But I trucked on and came again the next day …and eventually, made it a part of my weekly routine.

I have noticed many changes in my body. Mainly my butt. They really should call Phedra Parks and make sure that she knows that her “Donkey Booty” workout might be violating Pure Barre’s copy rights! I already have a big butt. Almost always have. After the baby, it was out of control. Correction-IT IS OUT OF CONTROL. Almost every class, I notice my “Donkey Booty” is bigger than everyone else’s!! Actually, I’m usually the biggest person in each class. I look around at a room full of girls that are beautifully shaped, toned, and glowing and think to myself “If they got this way from this class, by gosh- I’m going to keep coming!!

I’ve also noticed a big improvement in my scoliosis pain. My back has killed me since high school, and especially so during pregnancy!! But now, NONE. Seriously. I must have strengthened my back muscles enough to better support my spine. Go me. (well, actually, go pure barre Birmingham!)

Now, when I get in my car and hear some snazzy music I find myself “tucking” the whole way. I feel like I need to suggest “the wobble” song for one of our workout singles! HAHA actually I wish they had a ghetto playlist. Pretty soon, I won’t be able to listen to “those” songs when miss Harper can understand English!

I love walking in and hearing “hey bell” from the instructors. I like that During the unbearable burning at the end of a workout I’ll hear “Ladies, only 30 seconds…you can do anything for 30 seconds!!!” I must admit there are some instructors I try to avoid. I’m sure they’re someone else’s favorite, just not mine…maybe because I haven’t given them enough of a chance to get to know me. I’m more shy in class than in real life (and more ratty looking) for some reason! I like the girls at night that remember my correct name, that constantly motivate me, that will physically correct me when I need help (because I’ll admit-sometimes I look like a dying fish floppin’ around on the studio floor), and i love the girls who act like the genuinely care. I’ve noticed that some don’t provide me with this special coddling.:) They just have a different style of teaching, and that’s fine! Clearly it works well for others, because I know they all get full classes! My favorite instructors at the 280 location are : Laura Lou, Amy, Anna, and Christin. (There is one other cute blonde girl I can’t remember and I’m kicking myself for forgetting right now!)

The only cons I can see so far with these classes are that some exercises hurt my hips. I assume that’s because I had a baby not long ago. That’s fine, I can skip those few exercises and stretch during that time, or only do the part of the exercise that doesn’t hurt! The other con is that the prices are way too high. I have invited SEVERAL(9 or 10) friends, all of whom can’t attend because it’s just too expensive. I was told that they would work with me on a lower price when i was short on cash one month, however I didn’t really find anyone who would try to help to the extent I needed. With a normal income, this place is NOT practical. If you have a college ID you can get the lowest rate of 100$ a month. That is fine for me. But there is NO way I could afford the 175$ price advertised. I also wish they would advertise their student discounts more openly. I’m sure it wasn’t on purpose, but nobody ever mentioned that to me until I was probing for any kind of deal they could work out for my low budget! I know they are hell bent on their prices, but seriously, if lowered, I bet they would make up for it in an increase of new customers who couldn’t previously afford the package! I have a couple of friends who go to a different location and they also agree that the150-175$ price isn’t worth the class.

I also wish they had later classes on fridays Satudays! On Fridays, John isn’t home to watch the baby until after five-so I can’t attend Friday classes normally. On Sundays I am up at 3 am with a baby every night so it’s a rush to drive out there at 8:30 to make the 9:45 class when I’m exhausted from being up with the baby! 🙂

Here are some of my belly improvements. I’m being brave here. Really brave. I’ve only shown a FEW people these.

(the last day I was pregnant!)




















(Day of delivery -BIG from fluids!! yuck!)
















(2 Days after delivery- I still looked pregnant!)






















(About 2 Weeks after delivery)


















(Same day below.)












(2 Months after delivery) This is around when I started hitting up Pure Barre 280!











(4 Months after delivery)

(You can’t even see my c section scar it’s so low!)

(Present Day)























My scar isn’t nearly as bad as I had been imagining before I ever got it!

Again…BRAVE photo.


This reminds me…I need to stop for some maderma to lighten the scar!

Stay tuned,


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