You’ll never know dear, how much we love you…

I think only good things happened for me today.

I finished the paintings I want to hang in Harper’s room. 🙂 SO CUTE!

It’s exciting to think that she will be here soon! And that she will make me happy when skies are gray. THAT’S REALLY GOING TO HAPPEN FOR ME! EEK!!! Daddy doesn’t even know what he’s about to get hit with. A love explosion I think!

And I looked at my nails today…FABULOUS!!!! Just spectacular. I always have this one random short stubby one that will break an make all the others look bad. But not this time. No sir. They’re all just glorious! I use a sephora white tip pen to do the trick and it works awesome!

And since I’m having such a great day – stay tuned for tomorrow. I’m feelin froggy and want to do another give-away!!! 🙂

Keep it real.




Pants on the ground

I love pants.

Skinny jean pants…

Bell bottom pants…

Dress pants…


John tells me all the time that I wear too many pairs of pants a day…but that’s silly! 🙂 How else would I wear all of my favorite pants. Okay only 1/8 of my favorite pants still fit me – but I have bought belly accommodating PJs and I just love to wear them! So if you come over without telling me first expect to see a few pants on the ground. I go through them like a crazy person!

These are a few of my favorite pants:

  • Banana republic PJs with super elastic waist bands… I know right? Who knew banana republic even made PJs?! I found them at our outlet store in Birmingham. It was a glorious day.
  • Aeropostale’s seasonal fleece winter PJs…these were just put on the shelves this week, people! AND they’re half off!!!
  • Gap maternity skinny jeans. I may just have to get these to wear AFTER being pregnant. That’s how comfortable and awesome they are. AND you don’t have to deal with buttons or zippers! HOW CONVENIENT!

Big things that happened yesterday:

  • We went back to church – finally! After moving we have just had so much going on every weekend we put it off and put it off…I missed church! We will be going back next Sunday! I love our pastor at Church of the Highlands …it takes something special to be able to capture the attention of any audience…especially a YOUNG audience!
  • John’s mom finished Harper’s nursery curtains -AND THEY LOOK AWESOME!!!! I told her she should do this for a living!

Big things happening today:

  • The Michael Jackson trial verdict of guilty was announced! While I don’t agree with it- I’M SO TIRED OF HEARING ABOUT IT ON THE NEWS!!! Maybe I can see what’s going on with the world now! (Well until Nancy Grace finds someone new to talk about every single night)
  • I started a small painting I saw on ETSY that looked simple enough. More to come soon!
  • I found some hidden stash of Hallmark cards I had tucked away in a box! I LOVE CARDS! L O V E! My friend always tells me how thoughtful he thinks cards are because whenever he gets a card from someone, he thinks about how they went to the store and personally picked out a card…took the time to write in it…then put it in the mail! It is a thoughtful process. I have quite the stockpile of cards- Mostly birthdays and thank yous because that’s what I use most! Cards make me content.
  • I waxed my eyebrows. You may be thinking “Why is this big?” …well because I had a nightmare last night about going into labor with BUSHY BROWS! Something had to be done.

That is all until later when I finish my painting! 🙂


Operation Harper Mack

I have decided that we have plans next week. Get this baby on the fast track to meeting Mommy and Daddy!

I’ve been fond of the current housing situation for you little bunny…but the past few weeks have been rough. Preterm labor was a lot. The kicking is a little torturous now. And false labor…may be even worse than preterm. Knowing I’m having false labor makes me frustrated and wonder when the real thing is going to hit…and how long does this have to go on? I’ve heard weeks! 😦 It hurts.

And I got to see your chubby face 2 weeks ago and I want to see it in person soon!!!

Don’t worry…I don’t plan on doing anything TOO crazy…but here are some options I found online!

How to evict Harper Mack:

  • Bumpy car rides – hello people! I live across 3 railroad tracks. I travel over them 4 times a day. I feel like this is a myth.
  • Light exercise – Walk the great dane? MAYBE!
  • Walking
  • Breast stimulation – I haven’t investigated this much but I DO have a breast pump.
  • Caster Oil – Women SWEAR BY THIS! it has a 60% success rate…this may be my knight and shining armor.
  • Spicy food – Eh…I did this last night and nothing happened!
  • Eating pineapple – Consider it done. I won’t even question the validity of the suggestion.
  • Wink Wink…there’s another way to induce too but it would be TMI!

I also found this pretty nifty : Skipolini’s Pizza in California and Scalini Restaurant in Georgia actually served foods that helped their overdue women go into labor.

Protocol before heading to the hospital: (or if I feel like we may go the next day)

  • Take a shower
  • Groom in necessary areas. Areas that I can reach.
  • Make sure my nails and toes are painted fresh. If no time, pack supplies to do so in hospital bed.
  • Fluff hair up and style.
  • Apply fake tanner.
  • Apply and pack deoderant.
  • Pack random things into pre packed bag and shout at John to grab other random things to shove into said bag. Which is already full.
  • EAT A SNACK! They starve you at the hospital!

Things I’m worried about:

  • Will John be home when it’s TIME?
  • Will I lose it because of the pain?
  • What if my nurse isn’t very nice?
  • What if my doctor isn’t there?
  • What if the doctor on call is THE ONE I BROKE UP WITH!???? He wasn’t a very good doctor…I might just hold the baby in until my doctor comes back on call.
  • What if my body doesn’t cooperate?
  • What if I crap my pants?
  • What if I have to ask family to leave during the labor process?
  • What if I have to get a C section?!


  1. John is not allowed to leave me at any time unless otherwise asked by the nurses, or unless I am free to eat and he has a giant handful of chicken fingers and ice cream. Any violation of this rule is punishable by a good stern talking to.
  2. During labor, this is all John’s fault. No matter what.
  3. No laughing or jolly behavior during an intense contraction. I hear that is frustrating to hear while you are about to die.
  4. INSIDE VOICES!!!! No yelling while attempting to have a normal conversation. Patients and nurses frown upon this behavior.
  5. If I do anything gross, please just leave the room! Run away! (Except John! )
  6. If you notice that my nails haven’t been painted- take the initiative as my new manicurist in between contractions. I assure you-the supplies are already packed.
  7. During pushing -Everybody needs to scatter and run except John. Standing outside the door with your ear firmly pressed to the crack is fine with me.
  8. If I forget to ask for drugs -either ask for me, or remind me!
  9. No pictures when I have my hoo-haa out.
  10. I reserve the right to delete any pictures after all of this.
  11. If I’m not allowed to eat – go outside to eat or you may lose a hand. And let’s be real ya’ll – you need those hands to hold the sweet princess coming.

What happens when we go home?

Not sure.

I am super excited for John and I to be able to spend the first week together with the baby at our house. That will be a great bonding time for the three of us.

After that week I may need back up to come in! Maybe a house guest for a couple of days…I’m just not sure what the future holds in that aspect!

I’ve heard people send casseroles. This pleases me. I like any casserole without lettuce or onions! 🙂 My favorites are: Hashbrown casserole, Chicken pot pie, hamburger casserole, Chicken rice casserole, GREEN BEAN CASSEROLE WITH CHEESE ONIONS ON TOP! (The one exception to the onion rule…they taste like cheesy puffs!)

I feel like a little kid hinting as to what they want for Christmas. Don’t take it the wrong way – I’m just a hungry person in general. YUM!


Winner from the Monday giveaway!

Yay for Amy!!! You won the giveaway including autumn crisp shampoo & conditioner as well as a mineral mud mask!
I will forward your information to the awesome etsy store owner, Denee! 🙂

The shop website is:




Today, I am a Debby Downer.
It happens.
As usual, my Doctor visit was no fun. Same routine. Get weighed, take pants off, get assaulted, put pants on, get a needle stuck in me, leave.
I thought I was going to be able to stop taking whatever evil medication they had me on to stop labor today. Didn’t happen.
I actually saw the end of the discomfort in sight before today’s appointment. Not anymore! I could be pregnant for almost TEN MONTHS!!!!!! I just wasn’t expecting that. I convinced myself that the doctor would tell me I had started to dilate…that it’d be any day now…that we could set up a date to go to the hospital…
None of that.
It’s just been a sad couple of days for me!
I hope I feel better about this week…um…by the weekend?

Its hard not to think about how much worse I’m going to feel before I get to meet Harper and feel better! How do women with other children get through being pregnant? How do they not throw up on their own kids during the first trimester nausea? How do they pick up their kids during the second trimester back pain? AND how do they deal with tantrums during Braxton hicks, or bear to pick up anything over 10lbs, OR watch another child when they have to run to the restroom every 5 minutes?! HOW???? It’s amazing. Being pregnant 9 months is the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

Okay I’ll stop.
Positive things…

I found out that Rosie Pope will be doing a new mommy event at my workplace on November 18! Pregnant in heels? YES PLEASE!!!! 🙂

We had some GREAT sushi today at Rock-n-roll sushi! I ate every bite!!

We got our maternity photos today!!! Thanks to Jen at !!!








I got bored and took a parenting survey.

Part I: Beliefs

1. It is better to give a little ground and protect the peace than to stand firm and provoke a fight.

I feel like this is situational.  Does this mean that hey bunny, you can stay up until 8:15 tonight instead of your regular 8 if you help mommy with her chores?  I can see that as being reasonable!  As opposed to just “no, bunny you can never stay up past 8”


2. Children need discipline that hurts a little so that they will remember the lesson later.

I don’t like the way this is worded.  It sounds like “hey do you think you should beat your kid so it knows better next time?”….  I’m not very sure what kind of discipline John and I want to chose for our baby.  I mean how can we know right now?  We don’t even know her yet!  What if she is a super emotional kid who learns her lessons from having her toys taken away for the day after doing something bad?  Or what if she’s perfect and never does anything wrong?!  🙂  One can only hope.

3. Children shouldn’t always get their way, but usually we ought to learn to listen to what they have to say.

I do think we should listen to what our kids have to say.  I do feel like as a kid I was cut off mid sentence a lot.  Maybe that’s why I interrupt people by mistake these days.  I get really excited to say what I need to say and just blurt it out!  Poor communication is a flaw most of us have – so of course John and I should try to practice better communication while teaching Harper to let us know what she feels.

4. The parent-child relationship is like a war in which if the parent wins, both sides win; but if the parent loses, both sides lose.

It shouldn’t be a war….but maybe sometimes it can feel like that?  I’ve never done this before!  I hope that what we want for our baby is right for her and is considered a win for both parties!  🙂

5. If parents provide a good environment, children will pretty much raise themselves.

NEGATIVE, GHOST RIDER!!  Children who “raise themselves” are neglected!  That is exactly why god made us parents…to protect, guide, and love our babies.  If we are just providing a great place to live, a nice education, and all the food in the world to eat…and nothing else…we are just a bank account.  Not parents.  Children aren’t supposed to raise themselves.  This statement makes me get all huffy!  Cats raise themselves not kids!  lol

6. The parent’s role is like that of a teacher who is preparing the child for a final exam called life.

This is pretty good.  Agree.

7. Childhood is so short that parents should do everything to make it a happy time.

STRONGLY AGREE!!  AGREE!!  AGREE!!! AGREE!!!!  I can remember so much from my childhood.  Sometimes I recall memories and they aren’t so great – I wonder why I even kept them as memories.  Don’t get me wrong, I had a great childhood, but every life has it’s hiccups.  I want to do everything I can to create fun memories for all of us.  I want to go on picnics, make traditions, and make super awesome memories by mistake!  🙂  I’m so excited for this upcoming part of our lives.

8. “Spare the rod and spoil the child” is still the best policy.


The notion that children will only flourish if chastised, physically or otherwise, for any wrongdoing.

Again this phrase sounds rather abusive.  I would like to stay away from spanking our child when she is misbehaving.  BUT we just don’t know what it’s going to be like.  We need to meet her and get to know her.  I’m not sure how people decide on spanking a child before they even meet him/her.  It doesn’t make much sense to me.  Maybe just have the option open to discuss later if need be.


9. Children need to learn what they may or may not do, but we don’t have to use punishment to teach.

CORRECT!  There are so many teaching opportunities in each day.  Why not use them to encourage good behavior and to let baby bear know what is unacceptable!?

10. Whether we like it or not, children have the last word about what they will or won’t do.

Kids will be kids.  I trust that we will have the knowledge to know what is right in each situation.


11. If you let children have pretty free rein, they will eventually learn from the consequences of their behavior what is appropriate.

I think this is why I see so many kids running over their parents!  It’s like their parents have just given up and think they’ll have an easier life if they just let little Laura go color on the walls…after all she will be quiet while she does it…  NO WAY!!!!   We will NOT have THAT child.  Our baby will not be the “bad kid” that we all see out in public or at events.  She will NOT be the kid who messes up a stranger’s house at a party.  She will NOT be the kid who thinks it’s okay to hit others.  She will NOT be the kid who doesn’t say thank you, please, and you’re welcome!  I feel like everyday now I see children and think “oh lord…please don’t let my child be like this!”  BUT I’ve also been seeing kids and thought to myself “I hope Harper says these sweet things to me!!!”

12. Children first have to learn that the parent is boss.

No…that is an intimidating title.  Kids shouldn’t be intimidated by their mom and dad!  They should be able to share thoughts, ideas, but also know that the final say is what Mommy and Daddy say.

13. Too many children today talk back to their parents when they should just quietly obey them.


14. If we want children to respect us, we must first treat them with respect.


15. You can never do too much for your child if it comes from genuine love.

AGREE.  As a parent you should do anything and everything to protect your child.



Have you ever seen that show called “What would you do?”  ?

If not, here’s your general summary of each show.  Hidden cameras show how normal people react to outrageous situations that they witness.  Like…let’s say you were walking down the pasta aisle in Wal-Mart.  A couple passes you having an argument.  You witness the man slap the be-jesus out of the woman and tell her to shut up.  They keep walking.  WHAT WOULD YOU DO!?  Most people really don’t do anything confrontational.  That’s the most surprising part of the show.  People see these awful scenarios unfold and just walk away.  So it’s not real on that show…but what if it was?  What if that man went home and killed the woman the next week?   What if you could’ve said something or did something to prevent worse things from happening…or at least alert authorities of what’s going on…

Seems pretty simple to me what the right thing to do is.  But at the same time I can see where people are scared for themselves and for the people involved.  They might think “What if I report it and that makes things worse?”  or “What if they retaliate against me knowing I am reporting it?”

I really hope if anything bad ever happens to me, that someone decides to stand up for me and help.  Whether it be a car wreck, a robbery, or hey…what if I accidentally tuck my dress in my panties in the restroom.  HELP PLEASE!!!!  I will try to remember my own words and when I am tempted to do the cowardly thing and look away, I will take a breath and step forward.



Give-Away Monday!

I was super excited this morning when I heard the mail truck run! Why? Because I knew what was in it!

You see…last week I was paroozing one of my favorite websites for hand made gifts…, when I came across a shop that sold mineral shampoos and conditioners…and a bunch of other mineral items!

The best part about the set? It smells like cinnamon apples!!! I LOVE holiday scents.

The shop website is:

Denee was kind enough to let me try a sample of her wonderful products! She sent me Autumn Crisp Shampoo & Conditioner…as well as an awesome Pure Mineral Mud Mask. I sort of had a blast with the Mud Mask. I’ve never used one before and was a little tickled at how I looked during the “Mudding” process! FUN!

3 Hours post mudding…My face looks and feels awesome! 🙂 I guess good things come to people who try new things.

Now on to the Shampoo and Conditioner! LOVE IT!! My hair smells of freshly cut apples. Oh. My. Gosh! I haven’t dried it yet, but rest assured, when I do- I will post pictures of what it looks like! I just couldn’t wait to post this give away!

YOU can win all of these products! It’s super easy.

There are two steps:

  • Just comment on this blog post telling me about a beauty product you just CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT! (Mine is easy- lipgloss. We have literally 50 of them hidden and scattered around the house and our 2 cars.)
  • THEN…visit Denee’s Facebook page and click “LIKE”. Here is the link to her page:

Of course you will also want to visit her ETSY shop to check out all the awesome products she has up for sale!

On Friday – I will use a random number application to pick out the winning comment! I will announce the winner and get in contact with them to set up shipping of their awesome shampoo/conditioner/and Face Mud!

I must say – I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS! So comment away!!!







The great pumpkin carve


Let’s start off by stating the obvious…Johns looks AWESOME! Mine…well he kind of looks like a cyclopes owl. Not exactly what I was going for…but I never claimed to be a carving expert. Well…I may have said that earlier in the evening…before the cyclopes effect on my owl.

My best friend in Chattanooga sent me a picture of her sweet baby girl in her Halloween costume today…which provoked me to google “newborn costumes”…I know if I had Harper early we would not be out dressing up…but I kind of wish my due date was sooner now that I have seen all these!!!

I’m having a Rachel Zoe moment – I DIE!!!!! I just die over these costumes. Bananas.







The sweet bumble bee is Emma!!!!! She needs to be a baby model, don’t ya think?!

Bucket…and basket list.

  • My parents put me in a bucket when I was little (around 1 year old) and took pictures! Pictures. I’m butt naked too! I tried to hide all of these as the years went by. I’m very certain they still exist.

SOOOOO…..I promised myself a VERY LONG TIME AGO that I would never put my baby in a bucket to take a picture. I changed my mind. I’ve been seeing newborn pictures…and OH MY GOSH! Newborns posed in buckets, giant coffee mugs, and baskets are ADORABLE! I guess it’s time to go bucket shopping.

I can’t post any of the pictures I found online of these sweet baby pictures…BUT Google “newborn baby photo bucket”…and thank me later.

MOVING ALONG… I will do my 35 week post a couple days early…

How Far Along: 35 Weeks (well, in a couple days…)

Size of baby: 5.25 lbs (the size of a honeydew melon and the legnth of your 17 inch laptop screen) Got that second one from

Total Weight Gain: 24 lbs is what the scale says…and it’s said that for a couple weeks so I am hoping I am at a stand still!

Gender: GIRL

Movement: LOTS AS USUAL! I keep reading that her movement will decrease but so far…IT HASN’T! It so much sometimes I cringe! I used to absolutely love it…but that was when it was little love taps. Now it’s aggressive! It’s also a lot lower than normal…A LOT. Like WAYYYYYYYYY down in my pelvis…where I’m told her head is at right now. Which is good.

Sleep: This answer never changes for the better. If it’s not one thing…it’s another! Usually it’s a comfort thing…I only have two sleeping positions available to accommodate the pumpkin attached to my torso. Sometimes I have nightmares…I HATE those!!!! I’ve been told hormones cause these- I’ve had them every since the first few weeks of pregnancy, so it makes sense. They’re always about someone important in my life and I presume this is because as a mother I want to protect my baby and everyone I love who will be involved with my baby’s life- and I need all of them to be there! It’s scary to ever dream that anything happens to my family!

What I miss:

  • Sleeping on my stomach.
  • Walking at a normal pace.
  • Control of my bladder! WHAT?! Yea I can drink a gallon of water…have a RAGING URGE TO PEE…Then pee out a cap full of liquid. What’s up with that?! Where did all that water go? And why did I have to GO SOOOO BAD? Mysteries.
  • Being an awesome cook. (Is that pregnancy related?) I feel like I screw up an element of almost every dish I make lately! I blamed the first few bad dinners on our oven…but I made lasagna tonight…and it…well, it just wasn’t very good. 😦 My goal for tomorrow is to make a good dinner for John.


  • Chili Cheese pups from Krystal.
  • Pumpkin Pie (or my favorite alternative of butternut squash pie:))
  • Tacos are also in my near future.
  • Sprite.
  • and….food from a glorious place in Birmingham…FLIP BURGER. I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! They have the best martinis. Guess those are a no go for me…but what makes them so cool, is they use nitrogen to freeze the tops. So when you get your drink it’s smoking from being so cold! I plan to get a shrimp burger, fried okra, sweet potato tots, AND…wait for it….A FRENCH TOAST MILKSHAKE!!! Gosh. Heart be still. This has been one of my favorite places to eat since even before I moved to Birmingham. Please go there and treat yourself. (I ALMOST FORGOT TO MENTION THE KRISPY KREME DONUT SHAKE. LORDY!!!!)


Big things happening this week:

  • The outside of our house is finished with new vinyl! woohoo!
  • We better be carving our flippin pumpkins!
  • Decorating for a Halloween party on saturday.
  • Maybe going to see paranormal activity…in an effort to scare myself to death when John isn’t home.
  • Car seat installation. (Apparently fire and police departments don’t do this anymore…so John and I are following the instructions step by step to make sure we have little Harper as safe as she can be!!)
  • Maybe go to a new restaurant!
  • Finish the nursery?????? Maybe??????


(OH…MY GOSH!!!!!!!  – This is my friend, Ashley’s, little boy – Easton!  So adorable!!!!)

Urge to rest vs urge to nest

Could it be so? The nesting urge? Maybe I was just a little freaked out by last week’s scare. I kept thinking about things that needed to be done before she could come. So John and I knocked a few of those worries out of the park this week. See our cute pack n play below! 🙂




We also finally put the finishing glaze on our extra bathrooms cabinets.


I was trying to get a feel of how my alphabet letters would look on Harper’s wall…something needs to be changed but not sure yet what. I’m having this crazy pregnant lady thought of I want to change the room colors. To grey and purple instead. Is that crazy? Would it be okay to change the bedding to purple? I will have to sleep on this one. It’s a bold move.


What’s the deal? I’m almost 35 Weeks PREGNANT! That is sooooo close. That means Harper could come in 1.5 weeks (minimum) or 5.5 weeks (maximum). That’s bananas.

How am I? Run down is the best word I can find. After being scared she would come prematurely I was sent home with medicines that lower my blood pressure to prevent contractions. Normal BP is 120/80. These meds lower mine to 74/40……… THAT EQUALS TIRED! I feel like a little wilted flower in the bed half of the time. I’m also on antibiotics that make my mouth taste like a horses… well, you get the point. I’m just maxed out most of the time.

What I miss:


feeling like I had accomplished things during my day.

Being motivated to get pretty. Poor John. He sees “Morning Bell” ALL DAY LONG.

Being tan. Neurtrogena Natural Glow Lotion…you are my savior some days.

Walking like a normal person and not like a hobbet.

What I love:

John…he sees that I am overwhelmed with stuff I want done and just chores in general and has stepped up to do then. He puts up with “lazy Bell”… he overlooks “mean Bell”…. and doesn’t care about “morning Bell”. Bless his soul.

People offer me more help when they see that I’m toting what appears to be a watermelon under my tank top. They open doors…load up groceries, load up anything really into my car, grab me buggies if my hands appear too full, and GET THIS: I ordered a pretty hefty meal at Krystal’s this weekend. The guy deemed the meal too heavy for me to carry and walked it out to my car!!!!!!!!!! SCORE ONE FOR THE PREGNANT LADY!!!!!!

People also don’t judge me when they see me pigging out on 6 plates of pizza at CiCi’s. This theory was recently tested.

Still LOVE for people to touch my stomach. It is a bonding experience for sure!

Love seeing Harper in 4D. Even if it was a scary circumstance- we can see what she will look like when she comes out! I’ve always heard that it’s exactly the same! She has such chubby cheeks!!! OUR LITTLE CHUBBY BUNNY!!!



Cravings: I really wanted Pad Thai chicken today…so I made it! It was yummy.

Big things happening:

Johns says that would be ME. He noticed I had gotten bigger in the belly overnight! Story of my life!

We will carve our first family pumpkins this week!

Jen Amerman came to Birmingham to do our Maternity pictures!!!! You can check her out at

We had so much fun and are both SOOOOOO excited to see the pictures!

Lastly…I thought I had a contraction earlier. 😦 If I have anymore in the am I will call the doctor and see what she wants me to do. Hopefully not stay in the hospital again…that would be TERRIBLE! I want to sleep in my own bed with my fiance. But I want this to stop.


Mommy just has a few things to do before you can come!  Er…or daddy has a few things to do for mommy before you come!


I want to go home y’all

This morning, I get to blog from a hospital bed. I was for sure I wouldn’t still be here-but alas…I am.
I went to my 34 week appointment yesterday a little early because I’d been having contractions. Those, by the way, turned out to be no fun.
After about an hour of being hooked up to my fetal monitor the doctor said “okay miss bell…I’m sending you to LABOR & DELIVERY.”


Okay when you hear you’re heading to that floor it does sound like you’re going there to do 2 pretty specific things. Two of which I don’t want to do for another 2 weeks or more. So I had a little internal breakdown. Told John. Then went to the floor.
I was told I’d probably go home in a few hours. That didn’t happen. Still hasn’t.
6 doses of blood pressure medication (to stop contractions) and 3 doses of Demerol (and 2 less meals) later…I feel like I should be able to go home! Maybe my body will cooperate. The baby is perfect they said-it’s just mommy who is not doing as instructed!
I keep going back and forth between thinking “there’s so much to do before she can come out and meet us” and “we only have a few things we NEED to do” it’s hard to weed out the needs and wants because I want everything to be set up when she comes. But realistically if she came today it wouldnt be a complete travesty that our cabinets aren’t finished or that I haven’t hung any wall decor up. Harper wouldnt care if hadn’t mopped or vacuumed this week yet. I need to keep this perspective more than getting anxious about things that I’d like to have done.

Moving along-here is what’s going on inside of me:

How far along? 34 weeks. (that’s a minimum of 2 weeks maximum of 6 weeks before Harper comes to meet us!)

Weight gain: still at 23 lbs!

What’s happening with Harper? She is 4.5 lbs (not ready to come out yet!) and she moves A LOT! And the movement now feels aggressive!!

Cravings: Krystal chili chess pups. I’ve been thinking about those for a week!

How do I feel?
Not so awesome. I’m tired, my feet hurt, my belly is uncomfortable, and I’m in a hospital. But my hair looks pretty bangin’!!


What I miss the most: sleep.

My favorite things: long hot showers…looking at stuff for harper that we have in her bedroom…and quiet, lazy, time.

That’s all for now. My Demerol is kicking in!