Things just got harder.

This week I am starting to realize that the “easy phase” we’d been having for the past month is slipping away from me. I could set Harper Mack up in front of a cool kids movie and she would be entertained long enough for me to go check the mail, to do a load of laundry, to make the bed, just anything simple that only takes a few minutes. TODAY – that didn’t happen.

I left her in the baby chair (BELTED TIGHT) in front of Gnomio and Juliet.

She looked like this when I went down to check the mail:





I have no idea how she did it.

She can also crawl to the tv cords and yank at them. I happens FAST. She can turn over the garbage can and start chewing on diapers. She can try to open the baby gate. She can halfway stand herself up and fall back down.

Things just got harder.

This is how I’ve been studying lately:







We can’t even lay her on our bed to go use the restroom.  I figured that out the other day.  Luckily I’m quick like a cat and caught her before her plunge to the carpet THIS TIME.  The days have ended where we can sit her down and KNOW she will be exactly in that same place when we return.

I love it, I am just scared of it. The time has already escaped me. I have thousands of pictures to prove that the time happened…thousands of memories…but it still feels like everything is going TOO fast!  Time to slow down and enjoy I think! 🙂


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