The crisis

This week I’ve been having major nursery woes. I’ll start the story out by saying Pregnancy makes women crazy. I am and have not ever been excluded from this stereotype. Sometimes I go nuts. Bananas, if you will.
A month ago we got harpers room painted grey. Per my vision. The plan was to have grey walls with POPS of color! The pink
bedding was given to me and all set up and beautiful! I mean really, it was so pretty!
A couple of weeks ago I was given a gift of an alphabet set printed on 8×10 card stock…meant to be hung up. It’s one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen. My favorite letters are the purple and gray ones. I stared at them endlessly for days. I never really gave much thought to a purple/grey combination. Then something inside of me snapped. 🙂 I WANT A PURPLE & GREY ROOM!!!

This has turned into a code yellow nursery crisis.

So I gather up my pink things…haul them to pottery barn kids to exchange!
The little man there looked a little scared. I told him I needed the purple stuff. And some grey.
The little man still looked scared.
He soon informed me that the store doesn’t sell what I want anymore. He looked online and even they stuff available to order was on BACKORDER until the very end of december.

The nursery crisis has escalated to red.

I look at him and start to tear up. He said he’d go check the back for me. There was nothing in back. Actually I think this was his way to steer clear of a pregnant lady who was turning purple trying to hold her tears in.
Well he had to come back sometime. He picked up some tacky bumper and said “well what about this”?! The. I started to really cry. I grabbed the few purple things I had found and rushed out. It was a really sad evening at the pottery barn.

So far I have:
A white ruffle bed skirt
Purple cozy furry crib sheet
A grey damask print blanket to hang over the cribs side
Some purple dragonflies that hang from the ceiling
My sweet grey stuffed owl
A purple hippo lovey
A sweet grey fingerprint tree picture
Entire pottey barn alphabet that I’m in love with and ultimately set this crazy woman into purple/grey overdrive.
A set of home made purple paisley print paintings

What do I need:
A grey print bumper
Lavender curtains
Maybe some purple print fabric :/

It doesn’t look too bad written down. It’s more of a time issue. These things aren’t in local stores. So they have to be made and shipped. The baby could come any time after this week! I am concentrating extra hard to keep her in until I obtain these last few things!!!!