We are home.

First of all, I owe a huge thanks to all of you guys who sent me well wishes over the last 36 hours!


For everyone who is close to us, I’d like to post our latest adventure, as I can’t call everyone and tell you every detail about it! I’d like to, but then I’d leave things out by accident, ramble on and on, or fall asleep from the drug hangover I’m in right now. With text, I can at least re read it to make sure it makes a tiny bit of sense!

Do know that normally I don’t even tell people when we have any kind of incident with the DR when it’s actually happening, because it turns into everyone talking to everyone else over the phone about my body parts. Of course it’s out of concern and love for me from others, but I want to be the one to tell you about my vagnina. I don’t want it to be what you call others up to talk about. Maybe it’s the hippocratic oath beaten into my head from years in the medical profession, but it just is uncomfortable for me to think that people converse about my insides without me! Does anyone else get touchy about this? I guess my solution is to wait until I know everything is perfectly fine, so there’s less up in the air to talk about without me. This time I just got too nervous to keep it to myself so I told the ones closest to me sooner than I normally do! How ticked would everyone be if we had the baby and didn’t give anyone a heads up? “Oh whoops, he just slid right out, ya’ll!’


Thursday afternoon, I wore new pants.

I noticed my pants were too tight. But they looked fabulous, I am just big. So in turn, they are just tight around my belly/hoo haa region.

I get home from errands which included lots of stooping down to pick up Harper…lifting a couple of cases of water into my car… and heave ho-ing a metric ton of panera bread into my face. I notice that I’ve been spotting (I presume all day just because I didn’t go to the potty the entire time I was out to even check). I just kept saying “those damn pants…they were just too tight!!!!” I called my DR and they basically said “if you want to come in, come in and we will check you out, but if you want to wait, that’s fine too, just see if anything changes”.

Lately, I’d rather not go to the doctor. My kid SCREAMS when we go. She thinks it’s her time to get shots. It makes it nearly impossible for the doctor to even speak to me. They just throw my papers at me and run in fear of their lives…and the other 20 pregnant ladies in the office get the look of fear plastered on their faces. So, I chose the “lets just wait and see” option. I mean, I wasn’t dying.

Friday it was still happening, along with cramps, so I worked up a sweat over it, and decided to ditch the kid and run to the doctors before they closed at noon! Props to everyone who took my child Friday AND today!

Doctor’s visit went this way:

  1. Sit in a recliner with monitors hooked to me to watch baby 2.0 and myself.
  2. I get a CRAZY hot/nausea/dizzy flash that prompts me to call the front desk seeking 911 help. “Hey…..I’m in the back of the office…….I’m pretty sure I’m fainting and about to throw up….and I’m hooked to machines….and I don’t want to scream for help….so can you come back here???”
  3. 5 people come into the 5×5 room I was shut inside of to hand me juices and wet wash cloths, oh yea, and fan me with magazines. It worked.
  4. The doctor shows me that the cause of that spell was a contraction. Well, don’t I feel stupid, it didn’t really feel like one.
  5. “Your cervix is long and closed, so that’s good, but go get and ultrasound and head to high risk floor to be admitted.”
  6. Ultrasound shows baby 2.0 is 5.5 lbs (That puts him measuring at 35.5 weeks, when the due date says he is only 33 weeks). I like this.
  7. Remove my car from the illegal concrete barrier I parked it onto (because my car is the size of a nickel and can fit almost ANYWHERE), and zoom over to valet parking, where I know the dudes will take care of my precious nissan cube. Oh yea, and all I have to do is park it at the door and pay when I pick it up. Lazy girl’s dream spot.
  8. Get the full work up, IV, injections, asked to sport a nice gown…you know the drill.
  9. Here’s where things get confusing for me. Nurse A says “Not a huge deal, your baby looks perfect, we will make the contractions disappear with Procardia and you’ll go home in a few hours, but if anything progresses (which it probably won’t) they’ll first give you magnesium to try to stop it, THEN steroids to develop baby’s lungs for delivery. But don’t worry about that stuff.” Nurse B says “You’re contractions are closer together than we thought so lets give you the Procardia again, and throw a dash of demerol/phenergan in your butt cheek. Tell your husband he just needs to come pick you up later and take you home” Nurse C (which was our favorite by her attitude) is super cool the whole time. Until I call her because I am getting lightening pains in my crotch. This is when she realizes we have a planned C section, something she did not know, and was apparently valuable information to her. She lets us know that she needs to send us to another floor within the hour so they can start my magnesium. Ya know, the stuff they give you when the current drugs aren’t working. Then she throws in, they’ll give you steroids too so your baby’s lungs are developed if the mag doesn’t work. I then announce that I’m freaking out. Just because things are going too fast for me- it made me flash back to our previous C section. Within 4 minutes they decided on a major surgery and had me wheeling down the hall towards the OR with Harper, our first. Nurse D (I know, it’s getting hard to keep up with now)- was the same “oh no big deal, we’ll give you this, and you’ll be all gravy baby”. I didn’t really like nurse D- she wouldn’t get me a big girl cup of water and it irritated me. I wanted the water. She did have the sweet knowledge to tell John to bundle up because she was turning the thermostat down to below zero since mag will make me feel like I am on fire. I also notice a vomit bag next to her, waiting for me. Good thinking. Luckily, no vomit. It really wasn’t as bad as I had feared. Don’t ever google magnesium side effects, and don’t ask anyone about it either. It’s not as bad as I thought. THEN around 7am, a DR comes by to tell me that nothing has changed, but….wait for it….she’s sending me home at 4pm. HUH? Why did you even admit me if you don’t care that this stuff is happening? furthermore, why are you giving me all these drugs UNTIL FOUR if they aren’t doing anything, AND why are you sending me home on drugs that haven’t effected my contractions? I’m a little baffled. BUT she tells me I can eat breakfast if my contractions ease up some. I ticked nurse D off when I told her that I was eating breakfast and let her know I was more than willing to lie about feeling better to get some bacon. She never came back. I ate an extra sandwich for lunch in her honor. Nurse E (last one I promise) lets me know I’m not in “real labor”, which further confuses me, because WHY AM I HERE? WHY ARE YOU GIVING ME THESE DRUGS?
  10. I go home at 4pm.
  11. I’m in bed eating fried food. I’m considering skipping my DR appointment wednesday.

I’ll go on to something more positive- BABY IS NO LONGER BREECH. He’s head down and facing posterior!

I’m now faced with the question of “Do I TRY for a VBAC 14/15 months after a C section”? Here’s my rough plan. I want to schedule the c section at 39 weeks like I’ve discussed with my DR. BUTTTTTT if something crazy happens, like my water breaks and I go into labor before 39 weeks, I’ll consider it a sign that I need to try. Many people will say it’s selfish to schedule a C section when you can try for a VBAC, but this is where I’m coming from: My DR told me she was moderately concerned I wasn’t healed enough, and that it would lead to uterine rupture. Don’t EVER google that. One of the side effects is death to both mom and baby. You guys, I have another baby at home. That’s scary stuff.

I also often think about not being able to pick up Harper for 4 weeks. About missing easter egg hunting fun because 39 weeks puts me at getting a C section the week before Easter. Asking people to help me out more than I would need if I go with a VBAC. Having a hard time getting out of bed when baby 2.0 cries. Having pain trying to feed baby 2.0 because of my incision.

This was much easier when baby 2.0 was running the show with his breech position and making all the decisions for me. Thanks little guy, now it’s all on The Mommy, and what if she screws up?!

Anybody out there want to share their VBAC stories? Especially the ones so soon after a first baby? GO!



PS I have EIGHT band aids on my butt from shots. EIGHT.

butt band aids

I know…you must have noticed I’ve been working out lately.


I’m hooked

Okay bunny, very funny, now let The Mommy go home!!!!



This has been the last 15 hours of my life- hooked up to IVs and monitors! Early contractions are no good – but ultrasounds show my boy is 5.5lbs, and that’s super encouraging!!!! In a couple weeks he will weigh what Harper weighed when she was born at 39 weeks (he’ll weigh that at 36 weeks!!!)

Until then ill just lay here attached!

Happy early Valentine’s Day!


HAND made by Harper for The Daddy

We got him an old school ipod tied to a snickers bar. He out did us. And that’s okay.


John got me a FABULOUS goody basket!!!





  1. My favorite lipgloss
  2. An OWL iphone case- so cute!
  3. The chocolates that I keep stocked in my bedside table.
  4. Cream soda (he left this on my apartment door step for our first valentine’s day ever.)
  5. Gummy worms.
  6. Pretzels with jalapeno dip that I’ve been eating every night lately.
  7. TWO boxes of oragel. (teething issues in the house!)
  8. A box of ear plugs. (see above)





IMG_7255 IMG_7252



Before bed, we had to finish making some heart shaped cookies. Well, some of them were heart shaped…some of them resembled organs. I didn’t photograph those.







This is her Boogie Stance. We have a dance party every night filled with this.


We also made a nifty little painting with these feet:




What did everyone else do for Valentine’s Day? Or hey, what do you plan to do next year?! Not everyone is crazy like me and does a bunch of stuff for a random holiday like this!

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Seeking medical advice from randoms

What does carpal tunnel feel like? Is pregnancy carpal tunnel really a thing? I either have it, or I’ve sprain both of my wrists from lifting my metric ton a$$ up. They really feel sprained. They may just not be used to all this jelly.

NEXT, my belly button hurts. Has anyone attempted to relieve belly button pain? Do people do that? I thought about duct taping a marble inside of it. No really, I thought about that. It needs a support system so it doesn’t collapse on itself anymore. Are there belly button stints on the market? A button brace? No?

Look at it, it’s gross. And yea, those are marks from laying down, because it’s all I do.



I’m seeing hearts!

I’ve always really liked Valentine’s day- but now we are on the next level since I have the cutest baby ever that makes a perfect valentine’s day model and will soon make pretty pink crafts with me!  I’ve been trying to find more things for her to do with me, but most stuff isn’t really for true babies, it’s more for 2+ age kids!  Still, though, I can plan our next 10 Valentine’s days right?

This year:

Kissing booth with FRIENZZZZZ!!!



And maybe, just maybe, I’ll be brave enough to dip into some paints I have stashed away for this:


Next year:

http://www.sweetsugarbelle.com/blog/2012/02/simple-dotty-valentines-cookies/  (Okay hear me out on this one- I think I can find already made dots…I think I can make this work for us)


And the NEXT year:

http://www.thehouseofsmiths.com/2013/01/diy-valentines-advent-calendar.html (OMG I LOVE ADVENT STUFF!!!!)



http://www.confessionsofanover-workedmom.com/2013/01/simple-home-decorating-ideas.html (with glue not sewing)


If you guys found something amaze-balls for Valentine’s day, please send it to me!!!  Or even St. Patrick’s day, heck- I’m excited about that too.



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She’s cute…

but she will be mean to you if you’re her mother.

But let’s not forget, she’s cute.




My baby has had an A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E with me the last few days. I don’t know where it came from, but I’m hoping it leaves soon. She knows she’s being mean too, if a stranger sees her acting that way, she totally stops. Like she thinks “oh no, they caught me acting that way!” I’m chalking it up to teeth. I need something to explain my lack of night time, and day time sleep. I keep telling myself she’s teething. I’m not sure if I believe it because it’s been a couple of weeks and there are no new teeth. Am I just looking for something to blame?

We have been almost skipping our daytime nap 4-5 days a week now. I say we, because I like to nap too. I also think the baby inside me likes to nap with me, so I get the right of saying “we”. WE are all tired. None of us are sleeping. Then we are tired. Then we don’t sleep. You get it…….

When Harper was a 6-12 month old baby, I had a mental rule of only letting her cry for 10 minutes or so MAX when I put her down to sleep and she didn’t want to go. She would hardly EVER last that full 10 minutes. When she was a NEWBORN (like 1-5 months), she would only last 5 minutes of crying, then we would watch her give up and go into sleep mode right on our baby monitor! It was like she thought “this screaming thing sucks, I think I’ll go to the other side now”.

We are passing our 14 month marker, and SHE WILL STAY AWAKE FOR 2.5 HOURS DURING NAP TIME. She will sleep 30 minutes.


I’ll address some questions to set up our scenario a little better:

  1. Is she REALLY tired, or are you just putting her down? She’s SO tired. I wait until all the signs are present. She rubs her eyes, they have dark circles underneath them and are puffy, she melts down easily, she’s been awake 4 hours. STRANGERS see her around this time and will comment on my sleepy baby!

See: tired baby! 20130208-220937.jpg

2. Is she wet? I change her before every nap. Then I come back if she fusses for a long time just to make sure she hasn’t pooped after I put her down.

3. Is she hungry? I always put her down with a bottle at nap time. Sometimes she drinks it, sometimes she gets mad when I try to hand it to her and tosses it aside.

4. Does she have a lovie? She has “Fake Tom” her raccoon. Sometimes she will throw him (and everything else) outside of the crib, then cry for them to come back. Doesn’t work like that sister!

5. Does she have a pacifier?Pacifier is always given. Recently, it’s always thrown out of the crib, pitching of the fit ensues.

6. Do you rock her to sleep? She gets SO MAD when I try to rock her or hold her when she’s upset. She wants none of it. She FIGHTS me to get away because when I pick her up from sleepy time, it means it’s play time.

7. Can’t you just take her to bed with you? I can’t if it’s daylight. OR if I want to have any sort of electronic or light on. Hence this doesn’t work at all for daytime naps. Only night time, and if she’s not feeling good. She just tries to get off the bed and play, and when I stop her, oh it’s on.

8. Do you have a routine? I have a rough routine. It’s not like we read a book and sing a certain song before bedtime though, it’s more like I start to watch for signs of a sleepy baby, then take her to her room and give her a bottle and tell her it’s time for a nap.

9. You mean you let her cry for HOURS? She doesn’t cry the whole time. The first hour will consist of her babbling to herself, throwing items out of the crib, or banging the things she kept against her rails. The next 30 minutes will be crying. She’s mad. She’s mad she threw all of her toys away. I only go back one time to hand her the things she threw away, out of desperation. She will usually fall asleep at this point for 30 -ish minutes. Then she’s back up talking to herself, kicking the rails, and throwing things out of the crib. I was told by a doctor to keep her down for the entire “quiet period” that I expected her to nap. She went from 3 hour naps to almost diddly squat.

I need help from internet land. I need you guys to write her a letter or something asking her to nap. 🙂 At least tell ME how to make her nap because I refuse to accept that she’s just done with naps at 14 months. Not an option. She will nap until she’s 4 because that’s when all the sleep books say she can officially throw away her nap time if she pleases. NOT A MOMENT SOONER, PEOPLE.

She’s so cute, now I need her to stop being mean to me.

I’d like to now reflect on the last day I remember her falling to sleep for her daytime nap without issue:


That was nice.

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Unrelated news: I got her a baby doll today at the store and it’s pretty cute. Until she throws him into the floor. Small steps.




8 Months!

Here’s what the bump looks like:



The difference in my 32.5 weeks now compared to my 32.5 weeks along with Harper is crazy to me! She is the top picture, and our new boy is the bottom picture…he’s so SQUARE!!!! Stretch out little guy, there IS room above the belly button for you.


32.5 week stats

Size of the baby: Thebump.com says he is about 4.5 lbs (the weight of a pineapple). He has passed 17 inches in length. I wish I knew EXACTLY how big OUR BOY is- but maybe we will get an ultrasound at our next appointment! Maybe!???

Weight gain: Almost too large to pass through standard doorways.

Gender: In case you missed our gender reveal video:

Movement: ALWAYS. We can feel hiccups now too!

What I miss: Being able to do simple tasks without huffing and puffing! If I get ANY bit flustered, I start sweating profusely…like if I’m at a store and I can’t find what I need while toting a fussy baby around, I can feel the sweat pour down my back. It’s crazy!!! Then I get even more stressed out because what if people see it!? AHHH!!!

Cravings: Steak subs from Jersey Mikes still.

Symptoms: Other than the uncomfortable-ness, I still feel like something is just NOT RIGHT half of the time. I can’t explain why I feel that way, I just feel off.

Best moment this week: Taking our faux taxidermy heads out of the boxes. 🙂 You’ll see them later on.

Worst moment this week: Calling local salons to be told that after I pay 100 plus bucks for a hair color, that I would be charged FORY FIVE EXTRA DOLLARS JUST TO BLOW IT DRY AFTERWARDS!!! This is nuts to me. Is this a thing? I’ve never been told that if I didn’t pay extra, I would leave the salon with wet hair! I mean they’re already getting 100 bucks or more from me, shouldn’t a 10 minute blow dry be included in that?! GEEZ. This is why I’ve dyed my own hair most of my life I guess!


Since I ended the stats with something bad, here is Harper playing peek a boo with herself in my iphone camera!




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Booby traps

I found a great article on breastfeeding via my friend Theek over at the Laotian Commotion! (Thanks, Theek!!)

Almost every aspect of the article rang true with my own breastfeeding experiences! Here is the link to the article: HERE .

I’ll touch on some of it’s topics that are my favorites!

“Your mother (or step-mother, or mother-in-law, or mentor), didn’t breastfeed, so she can’t show you how, share her experience, or tell you what to expect. Not so with burping and diapers. At worst, our mothers may be uncomfortable with breastfeeding, have unresolved feelings of guilt or anger, be prey to myths and misinformation, and intentionally or unintentionally undermine us. While we understand that the previous generation didn’t know better, like seatbelts and sunscreen, it is a tough issue to deal with when we are at our most vulnerable as new mothers. At best, our mothers want to support us, but don’t know how. – Cultural Booby Trap!”

All of the women family in my life told me they did not have success with breastfeeding. It was discouraging to hear that so many of my own kind couldn’t do it. Right on spot with having the other knowledge of changing diapers and such! My sister in law taught us how to be pros!


“The clock is ticking and your husband or partner hates to see you suffer and struggle, so he tells you ”it’s okay to give the baby formula, I wasn’t breastfed and I turned out fine,” instead of helping you get expert help to fix the problem. He means well, but he doesn’t know any better either. You go online and don’t realize you are swimming in a sea of misinformation–even from well-respected, popular parenting sites. You go to a breastfeeding website, and it is either totally unappealing, or the language is so technically scientific, it’s over your head.- Cultural Booby Trap!”

John wanted me to lose all the guilt I was feeling with breast feeding for sure! I knew he meant well, but it just confirmed to me that I wasn’t doing good enough and that killed me. I had to have a talk with him about the F word. Formula haha! I told him that I would decide when. ONLY ME. And I’d let him know when I could no longer help Harper with just my supply. That’s exactly how we did it.


“Miraculously, you get help, stick it out, go to great lengths to leave the room every time you nurse the baby, yet yourmother-in-law and friends are uncomfortable with breastfeeding, so they ask you “when are you going to give that baby a bottle,” or make comments to your husband that perpetuate myths and misinformation. – Cultural Booby Trap!”

I encountered SEVERAL folks that were uncomfortable handling my stored milk, and they all let me know. It made me feel shameful that I’d brought it over. I shouldn’t have to be ashamed of the awesome nutrients I pack for my baby, and breast milk is NOT gross! I was sort of prepared for this when hearing a coworker make a ride comment to another coworker when she put her breast milk in the fridge. Comments I got more than once by more than one person was “maybe your milk is bad” or “maybe she doesn’t like your milk” or “your milk must give her gas”…there were several others along that line, and they all made me feel like garbage. I also was taken aback by my friends and family making fun of mothers who chose to breast feed after the first year. 😦


THIS TIME I WILL BE PREPARED!!!!!! I will have a talk with John about the F word so he doesn’t put himself in a situation where he could be smacked. I will address any comments that offend me, make me feel guilty, or make me feel like less of a mom. After all, people don’t know they’ve offended you, unless you let them know, and usually it wasn’t their intention so they will apologize and try not to repeat the same mistake!

Hope you guys liked the article!



Emergency preparedness

As I head into the 33nd week of pregnancy (almost), I feel like I’m so unprepared even though I’ve done this before! If I KNEW when the baby was coming, it would be so much easier to have everything ready that week, but the fact is I don’t know when he will come! It could be in 2 weeks and it could be in 6 weeks!

It’s time to start my pre-appointment preparing. I did this after we went into early labor with Harper, because I was stuck at the hospital (although John got me my things very quickly) with nothing! No phone charger, no bra, and NO BLANKIE. I need my blankie. It smells like home and it makes me comfortable. My parents probably didn’t think I would have it 25 years. I’m sure they thought it would be lost or in bits and pieces by now. Somehow it still sleeps with me every night. I wonder if Fake Tom will last as long as my blankie…

Anyways here’s the day before ritual:

Pack the “NEED to have” bag:

  • Phone Charger
  • Laptop and charger
  • Blankie
  • Maternity bra
  • Soft leggings (2 pair)
  • Soft shirts (2)
  • Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Deoderant
  • Razor
  • Lotion
  • Body spray
  • Makeup

Make sure my toes and nails aren’t totally destroyed.

Shave my legs.

Light personal grooming so I don’t scare anyone.

The day OF I’ll need to:

Eat on the way to the appointment, because I’m selfish and don’t want to go without food even if I am in early labor. They have a record of starving me.

Avoid wearing boots. Because I don’t like to get in a fight with my shoes when the DR tells me “okay everything off from the waist down”

Charge my phone 100% on the way.

Tomorrow is our next appointment, so I have to go prepare myself!



Harper’s reaction to my level of crazy:



Rollin’ with my homies

We are totally honored to be on Apartment Therapy’s 2013 list of Best home and family blogs!  If you think I’m sort of cool, head over there and vote for me!  🙂  EXCITING STUFF PEOPLE!  Here’s the link, you’ll have to sign in, then vote for The Homies 2013 Best home and family section.  

Thanks for everyone’s support!



Sneaky sneaky….

Here’s a sneak peek of what John and I have been working on in baby 2.0’s nursery. Just a taste though…I’ll give you the full meal with it’s all done!








Maybe you can guess where we are going, I can’t wait to share the nursery in its entirety, I think it’s shaping up nicely!  It just needs a few more personalization items to hang and place!  Devil’s in the details, folks!



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14 Months

Dear Harper,

I write this as you yell at me from your room, because lately you don’t like to sleep. You’d rather throw all of your necessary sleeping aids (Fake Tom, bottle, and Binky) out of the crib and wait for The Mommy and The Daddy to come pick them all up to hand them to you. It’s not very funny, do stop.

You turned 14 months old yesterday. You are quiet the personality now, not that you weren’t before, you just learn new tricks and gain more traits each week! You have the most facial expressions I’ve ever seen on a baby, and they’re so funny. You will smile at EVERYONE. You always make friends, because you will smile at someone until they’re forced to recognize them! Nobody ever ignores you.

I knew that you’d learn the word “no”. I felt bad at first because, I must be saying it a lot for you to know it! I don’t really feel bad anymore because it’s super cute. You sound like Consuela, the housekeeper from family guy. I would prefer it if you’d use it at different times other than mealtime. Every time I try to feed you, you say “noooooooooooooooooo”! You also throw your hands up to your head every time I say “aye yayay” (in a spanish accent of course). You try your best to call our cats to you. I think you’re imitating Real Tom’s meow/howl. Every time we walk outside, he makes sure to tell us he’s out there and that we need to talk to him. It used to sound like you were looking at him and saying “dog”, but now I’m pretty sure you’re just speaking in cat to him. It’s a step in the right direction to mending your relationship with him, because all you’ve really done to him this far is poke his eye and scream at him. I’d be afraid of you too. He’ll come around.

Oh yea, your friend Mackie taught you how to walk! Well, sort of, you take steps now without our help! I’m convinced Mackie should make a “secrets to walking for babies” DVD. We could write her a testimonial to put on the back of the DVD.

IMG_7056 IMG_7057

20130130-204235.jpgOther news:

  • You have 4 teeth.
  • You think fighting with me over food is fun.
  • Your hair looks amazing in pig tails, but is in your eye when it’s down.
  • You had your first cold the day after your birthday this year, and then gave it to me, thanks for that. 🙂
  • You hate the doctor. Actually, you hate any sort of room that resembles a doctors office, that means changing you in bathrooms is a no no.
  • You have a ritual of taking off your socks and shoes in my car, and throwing them, making every car rid a scavenger hunt. I guess we won’t be having our windows down this summer. I’d hate for you to give a pedestrian a concussion with a sippy cup out the window!
  • You give kisses.
  • You LOVE LOVE LOVE to dance. You might like to dance even more than taking a bath.You like to lift up the Mommy’s shirt and poke the belly where your brother lives.
  • You love to sport polished nails. Okay, maybe I just love that.

Your favorite foods (when you eat) are:

  • Bananas
  • Yogurt
  • Pineapples
  • Pasta with red sauce
  • Rice
  • Cheerios
  • Green beans mixed with creamy soup
  • Potato soup
  • Hair rubber bands






oh yea…you’ve discovered the toilets and toilet accessories!  ARGH


Even when I’m really sad, you will do things to make me laugh and that’s the best gift I could ask for. I’m amazed when I look back at your newborn pictures, it’s like it was yesterday. Time has gone by so fast and I want it back to re live!


The Mommy

Oh great wall, here you are again!!

I’m here at the wall. The (probably brick) one I’ve run into this pregnancy where everything is hitting me all fast and furious like.

My movements:

  • Slowest walker IN LIFE.
  • Boobs errrrrywhere. If I’d like to roll over in bed, I need to inventory to make sure all of my boobs came with me, and aren’t sitting on the other side of the bed, or even worse, the floor.
  • I do a mighty fine cowboy walk. As if I’m walking AROUND something. You can probably guess what I’m walking around, no it’s not the belly.
  • Bedtime rotisserie chicken turns allllll night. Right side, left side, right side, left side, back for as long as I can stand it, right side left side. You get it.
  • When I get out of bed in the morning, I have the posture of a t rex. All hunched over and grabbing my lady bits because they hurt so bad! Yea yea I know, Trex’s arms are too short to grab their lady bits…
  • trex
  • Give me a cart, I will lean on it during breaks at the publix. Like hardcore lean, people probably think something is wrong with me.
  • If I decide to lay flat on the floor, well I better have a buddy system going on, because I cannot get back up unless John helps me. My hips sort of lock? It’s strange. and VERY painful!
  • Don’t sit me in a chair more than an hour because I will be in tears from back pain! Why does sitting hurt so much?!


  • Like someone has been beating my Queen Victoria with a baseball bat.
  • Doomed. 8 more weeks is a LONG time to go when you feel like this already!
  • Tired, but unable to sleep.
  • WEIRD. I consistently tell people that something is wrong with me. I don’t know what it is though. I don’t know WHY I feel that way. I just feel off. Not right. I obsess on “what if my body is trying to tell me something is about to go wrong”!?
  • Overwhelmed, I have so much to do. Everything takes time and money- those are harder to come by since Harper is with me all day!
  • Fat. It’s a hard pill to swallow lately, but I know it’ll come off fast.

Anyone else hit their wall?

Hope not.

Oh yea, Harper ran into her wall yesterday haha! Turbo crawled right into it and looked embarrassed that I saw her!

Check out that bump!




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What’s his name?

Like we know.  NOT.  Picking Harper’s name was a cinch compared to this one…why?  I don’t know.  John says it’s because I picked the name.  Even though he was the one who suggested that a name I ran across was cool…HARPER!  I think he forgot that part.  While he would be content using his doggie’s name as our new baby’s name, here is a list we are *almost* done with and I’d like to know what everyone’s favorite is!  If you don’t like any of them, give me the scoop, what cute name have you heard lately?!  We need help!

We may be the couple who names their baby when they meet him.  That’s okay too, but both of us like to have control, so maybe we can agree on something sooner than birth!  🙂



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A week in passing…again.

Where have I been lately? Nowhere. Just not on wordpress. I mean, I’ve been here, I’ve just been lazy. I’d rather read everyone else’s posts instead of write my own!

Here we are at the 30 week mark of pregnancy! Well maybe a couple days past it, but like I said, I’m being lazy so I need to play catch up while I’m on here.
Here’s what mount Bell looks like:

And here’s what my anthropologie bikini is supposed to look like compared to what it actually looks like:


Yea…the top had to stay in my bikini basket…there’s no strapping those puppies in a bikini right now.  I’ll bet your asking yourself why am I being a creepy weirdo with my bikini on in January, in the states, where it’s 35 degrees.  I’ll tell you why.  Because you wanted to know, right?  I’ve been feeling off today.  Something is just NOT right with my person.  I don’t know what it is.  I just know every time I stand up, it feels like my uh…pelvic floor…is breaking in half.  Better description:  Have you ever ridden a horse, and aren’t an avid rider?  Do you know what your AREA 51 feels like the day after you ride that horse?  THAT is what I’m feeling.  Except I didn’t ride any horses.  I’ve also been having a pain I can’t even really describe except for it COULD be braxton hicks, gas, the baby moving his feet further into my AREA, or early labor.  I don’t know what it is, but it’s not good, I’m on edge about it, and I need it to go away.  Until I’m sure it’s something terrible, I’m going to wait until my Thursday appointment to mention it to my doctor.  I am just FOR SURE she will put me back on pericardia (the medicine that makes my blood pressure drop to about 70/40 – the dead person zone) and I just would rather eat a worm than take it.  I’m so scared she will put me back on it, I don’t even really want to go to my appointment at all!!  I had a hangover for 3 days after my last dose.

Oh wait, I was telling you why I was in my bikini…  It was bath time, I was hurting, and I wanted in the bath too (because it holds up the weight of the bump).  The days of naked bathing are over for ME with Harper.  It’s not that it’s inappropriate at this age, but she grabs at cool new things she sees…and well…that’s just weird for me.  All of my “cool new things” just need to be covered up.  IE- bikini!




Sweet isn’t she?  Here’s the face she was making last night:



Anyway, here are the 30 week pregnancy stats:

 30 week statsSize of the baby: Hisboyscanswim.com says our boy is around 16 inches long, which is the size of the front tire on the original Big Wheel.  The bump.com says he is now strong enough to grasp our a finger.  They also say he’s getting a bigger brain.

Weight gain: I have reached bison status.  With 2 more months to go,  I’m a little worried for myself.  There’s just NO way I will skip the stretch marks this time…no way.

Gender: In case you missed our gender reveal video:

Movement: Violent movement.  Like some Fred Flinstone movement in my AREA.  It’s not good.  I remember loving it when I would feel  Harper…I just cannot say it’s pleasant this time.  Of course I want to feel it, but that doesn’t mean I love it.   OUCH.

What I miss: Going to church.  Some things are just overwhelming.  They’re not overwhelming ALL the time, but some days it’s just EVERYTHING.  Last sunday I drove all the way to church WITH Harper.  Our church is about 40 minutes away.  So it’s not just down the street.  I get there exactly on time.  Which is late, since I have to park, put her in the nursery, and find a seat.  My church is BIG.  CRAZY BIG.  They have 3 services every sunday, all of which are packed tight.  This day was no different.  Parking was a nightmare.  I drove around 10 minutes looking for a good spot.  I didn’t want to carry a baby (literally) a half a mile to get into the church doors, and that’s where all the parking attendants wanted me to park.  Even the handicapped parking was booked solid.  I know, what was I thinking, trying to find a handicapped spot in a CHURCH when I’m not legally handicapped…but I was desperate!  I have a full on waddle and my AREA is breaking.  I realize the time, realize I’ve missed my favorite part of the pregame church music, and would still love to grab a hot chocolate, AND check the kid in the nursery.  I mean, I might as well just go in and get a hot chocolate and leave because the service will basically be over by then.  I do what any rational person would do.  I cry hysterically and leave church.

Cravings: Steak subs from Jersey Mikes and soda.  Fail of the week:  Went to Jersey Mike’s and got it to go since Harper was being mean to me, place my super healthy mountain dew on top of my car while loading up, and hear it fall off the roof as I pulled out of the parking lot.  UGH.  Can something go right!?

Symptoms: Pains.  Back, V-jay, and stomach mainly.  Restlessness…I’d like to blame it on the pains I’m having, but I’m not 100% sure that’s the problem.  When I can’t sleep at night, it’s because I’m obsessing over things.  I think it was sparked by the early labor a couple of weeks ago.  I’m realizing hardly anything is done.  When we were in the hospital, the crib was not even at our house…and if it was, there would’ve been no room for it!  John’s parent’s generously brought it over this weekend, and all I could think about was how it didn’t have any sort of bedding.  Well not MY bedding.  I don’t know why, but the bedding and curtains are the most important thing to me in the room.  I know those things don’t complete a room, but they set it up so nicely, and I can build around and match things to them!  Last night I was obsessing over what colors to pain the room.  So I did the sane thing, and got up to paint horazontal stripes on the wall at midnight.  Although they came out way better than I expected, the paint was just too dark.  We bought the right paint today and who knows, it’s only 10pm, I could paint the whole room at 3am right?  Is this what nesting is like?  I don’t remember obsessing so much over getting things done with Harper this soon.  In fact, I’m pretty sure I kept putting it off.

Best moment this week: Ordering most of our bedding and buying our curtain material to send to my mother in law, since she did such a fabulous job on Harper’s curtains!  I told her she could probably go into business selling them!  I’m sure they’re too much work to actually do that with all the time, but still, they’re great!

OH YEA, AND IT SNOWED IN ALABAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






Worst moment this week:  No need to even list it, I’ve already made an entirely Negative Nancy post.

There you have it, our week.

Say a prayer for my AREA if you have time.

Hope everyone else’s AREA is good!!!!

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Dance time Thursday!!!

Let’s ignore that I picked the channel with the nastiest rap ever!!!   I’ll have to mute that if I show it to her later in life!!!!  WHOOPS.

Hope you’re dancing too.



Kisses for all mankind

I have been on a DIY rampage lately. Well, I mean, I just found 4 projects I wanted to do that took minimal effort.

1. Paint chip mobile -Google it to know what it’s SUPPOSED to look like, and keep in mind, it’s almost totally free to make!!!! I’m into that.


2. Paint chip rose Valentine’s Day wreath. PAIN IN THE _ _ _!!!! It was just so pretty online I couldn’t resist. Appealing parts : It’s really cool and cheap. 8$ total to make. Parts that make you want to stab yourself with your fiskers: It takes FOREVER. No really. It does. I’m factoring in around 2-3 hours per night for 5 nights. THEN add the part where you have to rape your local home depot of your favorite color paint swatches. I did a really dumb thing, I only wanted one color. I had to take every single dusty rose paint sample from THREE different home depots. THREE. There are no dusty rose paint swatches in the greater birmingham area now. I’m sure of it.

My wreath isn’t complete yet, I still have to fill in some bald spots, but since it’s raining and I can’t display it yet, I am giving myself a break until the sun comes back around. Here it is: Cute even though unfinished!

20130115-002608.jpg3. Paint chip Valentine’s day cards. I was going for a very hand made look for this one. I sent out 25 Valentines this year. Each card contains 10 paint chip hearts. (10 because you have to do one on front, and one on back of each heart) So I hand constructed 250 hearts taped to 25 strings of yarn for the total project. It was a little more in depth than I expected, but it was a total cost of 6$ and a few hours of work one night. Totally worth it since professionally made Valentine’s day cards (with person photos on them) will run you 2.00 or more. No thanks.

Here’s my result:


20130115-001629.jpg4. Kissing booth. I had to have a picture to put in my cards. I’d already bought Harper some ultra cute valentine’s clothing and was just going to throw a picture of her in a pink dress in each card. BUT my friend sent me a picture of a newborn photo shot, a little baby girl in a basket with a sign labeled “kisses 5 cents” above it. Que the pinterest searches for real kissing booths and I’d figured out what we would be doing for the next week.

As I emptied a ginormous box of diapers (one of the huggies 250 counts from costco), it came to me. HOLY CRAP THIS BOX IS PERFECT SIZE FOR A KISSING BOOTH!!!! I immediately cut the top flap off and scooted downstairs to spray paint the whole thing black. I stenciled my letters and cut out hearts onto my pieces and glued the top flap on with hot glue and wooden dowels I had laying around. PERFECTO!!!! And cheap. Really cheap. Free since I had all the supplies at home. It just needed a finishing touch of balloons. 6$ at party city. Here is my 6$ photo booth!



She is yelling at our cat, Tom.


Mom, did you know that Tom is over there?!


My Mammaw’s necklace added a perfect touch, don’t ya think?!

IMG_6714 IMG_6755 IMG_6765 IMG_6768 IMG_6782 IMG_6800

She is blowing us a kiss!! SO SMART!

IMG_6799 IMG_6806


Bell and Harper