Look. I did a food post.

I’ve never done a food post.

This is odd.

I freaking LOVE food.

I eat all the time.

ALLLLLLLL the time.

This is possibly why I still have some LBS to lose!!!  🙂

Here goes.

Wild alaskan salmon pizza:

What you’ll need:

A supervisor.

Panini flat bread (I found this deliciousness at costco)

(A spicy tomato sauce – ALSO from costco!)

Cream Cheese (everyone knows I love publix.)

Salmon (off the bone)

A pre-heated oven at 375


Mix 3 tablespoons of your sauce with your salmon using a fork in a small bowl.

Like so:

Then spread 2 ounces of cream cheese on your panini bread.

Top with salmon mixture

Shove that bad boy in the oven for 8-10 minutes!


And eat!

I only ate half of mine and it was plenty!  AND only 220 calories. (add 60 calories for the 2 slices of canned pineapple)  A few less calories if you want to use low calorie cream cheese.  I put the remainder of my salmon mixture and the other half of my panini in the fridge for later use!

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