Trick or Treat…Um please!????

I keep telling myself that I’m allowed to trick or treat this year.

I know people normally are annoyed when the “older kids” come around door to door asking for candy. “Oh he’s too old for this!”..

BUT….Come on!!! Don’t I get a free pass this year? Just this once? It’s for the baby.

And no, she doesn’t want those nasty chewy peanut butter thingies! Gimme those milky ways and kit kats, people!!! 🙂

Now that I have set goals for myself…time to pick a costume.

Maternity costumes are…um… well, here, just look at them!


Okay these are kinda funny.

Regardless…I will not be in ANY of the previous costumes! In fact, after my candy run I will have a prompt bed time of midnight!