Serious inquires only.

Available:  A one woman un-maid service.

Do you have a fancy immaculate home?  Are you constantly wishing you had the need to hire a maid?  Do your pets need extra stimulation?  Then call us for the UN- maid.

Here’s what we can do for you:

Unload all your strategically positioned fall decor.


Open National Geographic zines for your cat to read through, you know…because cats usually don’t have opposable thumbs.  (the one  in the picture actually does, he just like the luxury of his un-maid)


Go ahead and lay out your evening reading materials before you even get home.


Violent petting of your pets.










Or she could just bird watch with them for the extra company.







-In any case, we’re the service for you!-

So keep us in mind when you’re house gets a little too lonely to bear.




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She’s getting it!!!

FINALLY ( I say finally like I’ve been trying for a year to discipline Harper-I’ve really only been doing it a couple of weeks), she is showing me she gets it. She now knows no. thats a mouthful. I had been having issues with her getting into stuff she shouldn’t. My top 3 are running crawling REALLY fast towards the baby gate when she knows its open and then crawling out of it, trying to touch our hot plates of dinner, and touching the plunger. EWW!!! Yesterday, I saw the opportunity. I’d left the gate open again, her gate radar went off and she bolted towards it. She reached out to swing the door open and I said NO in my meanest voice ever. She looked at me, pulled away and briefly stopped. Then….she opened it! I walked over to her and smacked her leg with my fingertips so as just to startle her more than hurt her…because I REALLY don’t want to do spanking. Like really. When I smacked her leg she flung herself on the floor, flailed, screamed and cried real tears. :(. Then after a few seconds she turned the Emmy award process off, and went back to the gate. She would look at me, then the gate, me, the gate. She was pushing me. She’s reach acting like she was about to open it, but would stop an inch before actually touching it. It’s going to be hard not to laugh at her when I’m teaching her the word no. Because she really does know it. And tries to see how far I will let her go. We haven’t had to do anymore smacking after that one time, I’ve switched over to removing her from what she’s wanting, then sitting her down facing the opposite direction of said wanted item. Where she flails and all that jazz for 20 seconds. Here’s a video of our practice today:
I must mention that I forgot I left that lid on the ottoman, went to go tinkle, and came back to it shoved in the back of her mouth. :::sigh:::

One day at a time.

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Wishful thinking?

I was under the impression that the first trimester ends after you’re 12 weeks. Like: If I am 12 weeks and 2 days, I should be in the second trimester. Apparently that’s not right and you aren’t there until you’ve started day 1 of week 13. Am I crazy? Yes. But that’s no excuse for getting my trimesters mixed up is it? 🙂

A completely fulfilling discovery was found a couple weeks ago. I realized that I never reach out to any of my fellow bloggers or readers. Now that I have made a BIG effort to do that, people are coming right back at me and reaching out to me as well.   I just love it. I get at least 5 messages from my “reach out crew” on here every day and I just get so exited when I find another preggo or daddy blogger that would like to talk to me, ask me questions, or just tell me “hey, you’re awesome”. Who wouldn’t LOVE that. A couple of weeks ago my therapist (yea I have one, Betheny was my motivation) asked me what I like to do for hobbies. Anyone ever been asked this and as soon as they open their mouth to answer, the hobbies seem really lame? That’s me. I’m lame.

My Hobbies:

  1. Writing on wordpress. (I hope it counts even though I’m not a “good” writer.
  2. Petting cats.  (WHAT???)
  3. Painting.  (Does that even count since I haven’t painted in a year?)
  4. Shopping.
  5. Cruising costco.
  6. Making jewelry.

Cool hobbies I wish I could list for myself:

  1. Flying my private plane.
  2. Planting flowers.
  3. Yoga.
  4. Snowboarding.
  5. Fishing.

Okay…so two of those I could realistically add to my list later.  I still need to plant fall flowers AND return back to Pure Barre birmingham to finish out my month that I abandoned due to being nauseated.  Small steps…maybe add sky diving when I’m 40.
As a matter of fact, I think I will go sign up for my next Pure Barre class this coming week.  I want to be one of their “Pure Bumps”!


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