Too many eggs in one basket









I was daydreaming earlier on my car ride home from church group and about how soon, I’ll have 2 sweet children to spend all my holidays with. This prompted me to think about baby 2.0’s arrival. Baby 2.0 is due April 5th. But since I am at an unusual risk for uterine rupture, we plan to schedule a C section a week before the due date. Thats….march 28 ish. March 31 is easter. Harpers first easter!!! 😦

So here are what I believe my options are:


  1. Schedule the C section on march 28 and be in the hospital for Easter.  😦
  2. Schedule the C secton for the monday after Easter, and try not to blind anyone with my ginormous butt during the Great Easter Egg Hunt of 2013.
  3. BEG my doctor to let me deliver at 37 weeks if the baby is a good weight.  This is ideal to me.  Come on doc!  Make it happen for mama!


Even if we do it a week early, I will be hobbling around trying to find eggs….but then I can spend Easter with all my babies!  🙂  and somewhat participate!


Any thoughts are welcome!!