It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

When The Gap outlet puts out their winter PJs!!!!!!!

I wait all year for this. This year in particular, since I have recently outgrown all my Santa pants pajamas from last Christmas! Now I have Santa pants that fit!!!

John saw the giant bag of PJs and said: “are pajamas the ONLY thing you plan on wearing?!!”
Yes. Yes they are.









Well I guess I should do the 38 week post.

Here goes.

How far: 38 weeks. For those of you who despise the “weeks measurement system”…that’s 9 months & 2 weeks. An excessively long time to feel like crap!!!!!

How do you feel?
Like crap. My back has been killing me. KILLING me! The 6-8 month markers passed SO fast. Now…it feels like each day lasts a week. Everyone says “you’re in the home stretch now!!” ugh. It feels like there’s no end in sight! How can a couple weeks seem so far away? How can I feel like this a couple more weeks? Come out, baby!!!!!

Moms size: let’s just say medium. I’m not getting on johns evil scale anymore.

Baby’s size: Ah I love this part! Thanks to I know that Harper is the size of an electric motor inside the 1 million dollar Telsa-a car that can go from 0-60 in 3.9 seconds. My baby app said she is the size of a leek. Who looks at leeks these days? I don’t think I like leeks. Last Monday she was right at 6 lbs…I think by this Monday she will be around 6.5 lbs. I can’t imagine carrying around a 9lb baby…how do women do it?! Amazing!

Movement: there were a couple days that movement really decreased and it freaked me out. No problem now. I’m getting kicked in the lungs and spine per protocol now.

Fish sticks. With pickle loaded tartar sauce. YUM.
Cherry passion ice cream courtesy of publix!
Grilled cheese

Bet moment this week:
Hello-today. Gap pjs.
Also-I discovered Glee Christmas and brittany spears pandora radio!!!

Things I miss:
The last 1.5 months(?) that were back pain free. Why did it go away-only to come back with vengeance?! I had a brief taste of the good life.
I miss my favorite reality tv shows!
Like…Bethanny Frankel…funniest mother ever!!! I hope the new season starts soon!
Teen mom (the original cast)….it’s only been off air for a month and every single Tuesday I find myself scanning the guide just to make sure it’s not a bad dream. 😦 its really off season. I can only hope to occupy my December tuesdays with a new teen mom 2 series. It’s not the original moms…but I’ll take what I can get!

oh yea…this goes without saying-I MISS SLEEP!!!!

That is all.