I wish I knew what week it was…

In accordance with my calculations, this should be week week 5-6…….BUT I wish I knew for sure!!!!  I guess we’ll find out in 2 weeks.  That’s entirely too long, but it’s the only time they could get me in at my dr.  I can only assume this means she is awesome.

After my earlier brush with nausea, I feel better on a pretty regular basis.  Of course, I phoned my dr the very next am asking for phenergan 2 minutes after the office opened….ya know, just in case.  I’m still super nervous that I will be worshiping the porcelain gods on a daily basis.  At least I’m stocked up vomit meds in advance.

Things related to pregnancy this week:

  1. Being a little green.
  2. Eating bacon covered popsicles..20120809-223102.jpg
  3. Weepiness.
  4. EXTREME dry mouth…….until nausea hits….then I’m stuck with that “always watering” mouth that makes ya even more sick!!  Yuck.
  5. Peeing every 10 minutes…with urgency.
  6. Fatigue.
  7. I can’t stop googling “baby things”…….I recently discovered that Restoration Hardware carries baby stuff.  I want it all.  But we would live in a box.  Must…..Hold…Back………..  CLICK!!!!!

Things unrelated to pregnancy:

  1. I’m pale.  As a ghost.  I can’t blame this on pregnancy, because I hid from the sun all summer with no excuse.  Good thing I still have fake tanner left from Harper’s pregnancy!!!
  2. My roots are showing.  I’m much to lazy to do it myself, or drive to my best friend stylist in Ga.  I don’t have a problem dying my hair…after all, I made a perfect baby the first time without having roots.  Let’s make it happen again!
  3. My knees hurt.  They’ve hurt for months.  It’s like they are creaky.  Are they old?  The rest of me doesn’t feel THAT old.  I think I have old woman knees.

Things I miss:

  1. Nothing yet?  I have plenty of time to miss things later on.  I should probably focus on how good things are right now, instead.
  2. ERRRR…okay I just thought of something I miss…Tom isn’t so ready to sleep on my stomach.  And his big.  How will I ever get the kitty/baby bump combo pics whilst trying to work with an unfocused panther as my subject???  Tom, just give up, I’m still bigger than you.

It’ll be nice when I can make these public.  Until then, I have plenty of time to add or delete stuff for the posts!!!



Here I am knocking on the week five’s door, walking in, and realizing I must immediately run to the porcelain god, that I soon bend in half and start to worship. Ughh… I really had been telling myself “THIS time it’s not going to get that bad”…I really hope what just happened was a random event. If not, it’s a precursor to a LONG pregnancy. I hope it’s not that. REALLY hope it’s not.

I guess I should post a little more about my fifth week while I’m on here.

The baby: The size of a sesame seed. Preparing to form the chambers of the heart so that thing can get to jumping around!

The Mommy: Tired and randomly nauseated (only once to the point of actual vomit.). It’s not bad yet…I could deal with it staying where it is right now and not intensifying. Green is not my best color.

The Daddy: Already tired of hearing how The Mommy feels. The Mommy will keep it to herself best she can now.

The belly: Nothin’ yet!! I hear that second time mommies start to pop out around 12-18 weeks! That’s not too terribly far away. So be on the lookout!!

Much love,

Our little blastocyst.

This year for my birthday I wanted to spend time with my husband and baby bunny #1.

Next year for my birthday I may actually GET baby bunny #2.

We just found out last week that I am expecting!

I was a little SHOCKED.  John was A LOT shocked.

Last year, I was afraid to tell everyone.

This year, I look forward to MANY more congratulations instead!

I’m so blessed that God has given me this gift.  I have wanted to add more love to our family since the very moment I met harper.  It’s odd, because I never wanted any at all.  Funny how life changes so drastically.

How we found out:

I had recently agreed to do an egg donation for a family in another state for an August cycle.  I drove in to collect all the fertility drugs, as well as get some final blood work and ultrasounds done.

I collected my medication, and headed back home.

About 1 hour into my drive, I got a call from the fertility clinic telling me that my blood work resulted in a positive pregnancy test!!! (Do keep in mind that I was absolutely NOT not on any fertility medication AT ALL)   I was torn between emotions.  I was SHOCKED.  I felt guilty for letting the recipient family down.  I felt excited.  I felt nervous.

At the time, the social worker told me that my levels of HCG were so low that it could be a false read.  I was only ONE point above what is considered pregnant.

So I went home, waited a few days for my HCG to triple, then tested at home.  POSITIVE!!!

I feel like this go round, I know what to expect.  Mostly terrible symptoms.  BUT I really am having a good feeling about this one.  I hope this go around, I will be one of those magical unicorn pregnant ladies who find the experience a breeze.   I REALLY WANT TO BE ONE OF THOSE LADIES.  Right now, it is too soon to know if I get to be a part of the elite unicorn ladies.  A little bit of hope and knowledge go a long way.  I am definitely going to request nausea meds VERY soon because when/if it happens, buddy it will happen full force.  I want to be ready to tackle it!

I now need to go ahead and find a superwoman cape on etsy since I will be one of those amazing moms that have a small child and are pregnant with the second!  AND hopefully finish all of my core classes to enter the nursing program!

So, pregnancy gods, please have mercy on me this time!

The early 2 week (?) stats:

How far along: 2-3 weeks

Size of baby:  Smaller than a poppy seed.  Much smaller.

Weight gain:  3 lbs.  BECAUSE I found out so early…I want to stock up on a little body fat by eating what I want, JUST IN CASE I get the terrible nausea I got from pregnancy 1.0.

Sleep:  Not that great.  I had to reduce some of my bed time medications that could cause harm to my little blastocyst.  So when I wake up, I am WIDE awake.  And I had just started getting used to 7 hours of sleep!!!!  Dash it all!

Symptoms:  I have been having little twinges of pain where my ovary is, crampy, CRAZY DREAMS AGAIN (but not yet nightmares, so theres a plus!) , increased appetite, and chill bumps every day almost all day!  Weird, right?  Those little symptoms are fine by me!

Things I miss:  I am saying farewell to advil in a couple of days… 😦  I’ll miss that.  Otherwise I don’t miss anything, I have everything.

Things I’m looking forward to:  Planning a creative way to announce to our friends and family we are expecting.  THEN planning a way to have a gender reveal!  I almost want the ultrasound tech to put it in an envelope and not mention to us what the sex is, then set it up in a way where Harper opens it up for us and our family!  But patience is NOT my virtue, so that may not happen.

My Testees

You know the boys are curious too.  Here’s a glimpse into what they wonder about pregnancy, babies, and motherhood/fatherhood.

How is the sex life through the duration of the pregnancy?

In the very beginning before we knew it was GREAT!  (I guess maybe weeks 1-6)  Then it was random.  I was having nausea a lot and that made me not in the mood to do anything at all!  I was nauseated the first 4-5 months so that hindered us a lot.  Then came the bump…I was self conscious about the way I looked and didn’t want to be physical because of the way I felt about myself.  So I guess the sex life sucked.  John will tell you that I wouldn’t sleep with him even if his penis produced diamonds.  And I like diamonds.

What are some do’s and don’ts for the expecting father?


  • Read up on baby books.  ( I know, torture.)  BUT I found a really great funny one you’ll like!  it’s called “Dude, you’re going to be a dad”  it’s really funny and still is full of advice and what to expect!  John will even say he liked it!
  • Think about if an establishment is going to be smokey.
  • Take care of her when she is sick.  If she feels like you are playing video games with your friends while she feels like garbage and is throwing up in the toilet, that leads to my common word- RESENTMENT!
  • Take note on how and where she likes to be rubbed.  I liked my tummy to be rubbed.  I wanted John to be close to the baby.  Towards the end, my back killed me and sometimes John rubbing it would make it feel so much better.
  • THINK before you say things that could possibly be offensive or hurtful. 
  • Be interested in the things you want to register for. 
  • Listen to all of her complaints about how she feels.  It’s hard to feel terrible and to feel as if everyone you know is tired of hearing the same old story!  But when you feel that way it’s the only thing you can think about. 
  • Go to as many DR appointments as you can so you don’t miss anything important!  This is most important for the gender appointment and the ones towards the last month just in case they send you downstairs to be admitted for a new baby! 
  • Help your lady pack her hospital bag, as well as your own.  Load it into her car in those last couple of months just in case you need it unexpectedly!  
  • When she is being irrational, please try to understand sometimes hormones take complete control of our brains and we can’t help it. 
  • If she is worried about something in particular, fix it, make it happen, make her feel better about it…whatever you can do because stress is NOT good for pregnancy.
  • Try to act interested in feeling the baby move, even if you’re not that excited.


  • Drink around your pregnant lady, for me it made me resentful, and nauseated at the scent of booze! 
  • Call her negative when she voices all the bad symptoms of pregnancy.
  • Call her moving stomach creepy.
  • Ever make her feel like she is being lazy.  She’s tired.  She needs rest.  She doesn’t feel good.
  • Don’t eat foods around her when she is nauseated.  Eat before she comes over or go in another room.
  • Don’t take her to places that you know she will be uncomfortable.  (This is an issue towards the last couple months)

Is it bad to not want to cut the umbilical cord?  Will I pass out at all during child birth?

No, I wouldn’t be personally offended if John didn’t want to cut it.  It’s kinda yucky!  He said he would though…but since we had a C section that wasn’t an option.  The only time I was worried that John would pass out was when he walked in the operating room and saw me cut wide open.  He looked very worried and a funny color.

What should you first expect when bringing the baby home from the hospital?

It’s hard to not have a button to call for help.  lol

I only speak from having a c section…it’s hard to feel like you have stuff to do around the house and even though it is simple stuff, you REALLY should just rest that first week home.  You’ll pay for it in pain if you don’t.  I felt like John thought I was being lazy, but I really hurt.  I should’ve stayed in the bed and honestly kept the baby in our pack in play in our bedroom so that it wouldn’t be so hard to get to her with my pain.

It is nice to be home though.

When does your sleep schedule normalize?   Or does it?

NEVER!!! lol  I hear it normalizes at 8 months.  We aren’t there yet.  Harper will sleep from 12-5/6 and that’s pretty much the best we can do for now.  sometimes she will randomly wake up at 3-4 crying for a binky or diaper change.  Maybe she just wakes up and realizes she’s alone.

Do you need to remove your breast implants (or as my Nanny calls them: “Plastic Titties”) in order to breast feed?

NOPE!  I was producing milk when I was 5 months pregnant!   When Harper was born I was producing enough milk to feed twins!  Not a single problem with that!

Can you have intercourse while you are pregnant?  Will it hurt the baby?

Of course you can, unless you have a condition that prevents you from doing so.  It won’t hurt the baby…the  male part doesn’t reach the baby! 🙂

At what point does sex become awkward during pregnancy?

John said that it was awkward for him when he could SEE  her move from outside my belly.

How often do your boobs leak?

When I was pregnant they’d leak about a quarter size spot on my shirts 4 times a day.

Post pregnancy, I had SEVERE leaking if I was late on pumping!!!  One day I was out running an errand and didn’t expect to be out so long.  They leaked all the way through my shirt and down to my jeans soaking them!!!  It was crazy!  They hardly ever leak now but this week is my last week of making milk.

Does the baby hurt your nipples?

She did.  That’s why I chose pumping instead of latching.

Does your lady area go back to normal?

Mine never really changed since I had a c section.  It does HURT the first few times after having a baby.  Even with a c section!

How bad does the pregnancy really hurt?

It’s the worst pain I can imagine.  I seriously thought that I would die without an epidural.  I kept thinking I was dying because I felt my body was going to go into shock from such excruciating pain.  Women who do it without drugs are super heros.  I could never have made it without my epidural.


Thank you to all my dear friends who submitted questions!  You know I love you!  🙂




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For all my LADIES!


Sooo…I was gonna write about all my readers questions…when I realized I only had a handful. So…I solicited and nagged all of my friends and got some great questions about pregnancies, babies, and post pregnancy jazz!

So, to my friends, thank you!


Is it better to stock up on newborn clothes or 0-3 months? (my husband doesn’t think we will need many newborn things)

Okay let me tell ya- John was the SAME way! He kept telling me we wouldn’t need many newborn clothes because she’d grow out of them in a month. WELLLLLL…she was in newborn until 3 months old!!! 🙂 So really stock up on newborn stuff! And it’s kind of good that you get to go stock up because you get to pick YOUR favorite things for her to wear first since what everyone else got will most likely be a little too big for the first few months! AND I loved that newborn sleepers had mittens so they cant scratch themselves. That was a big issue. Carters fit the BEST!!! One more thing on newborn clothes, they hate being changed so the quicker you can make the process the better, buy some zip up footed PJs so you can just quickly unzip change and zip back up in a jiffy! Then baby’s feet stay warm too! 🙂

What needs to be in my hospital bag? (several people asked this!) I partially addressed this in a previous post! https://birminghambell.com/2011/11/27/and-so-it-has-begun/ BUT I will alter it a bit and re list it! 🙂


Pack TWO separate bags. One to STAY IN YOUR CAR. That way you are prepared for every doctor’s visit towards the end!

What do I keep in the bags?

Well for the bag that stays in the car:
LOTS of onsies, winter fleece outfits (because I liked the room COLD and baby stays warm. win win., hats, socks, and pants.
One swaddle that I like in particular from swaddlekinz. The hospital swaddles are the bomb. Forget bringing your own. SERIOUSLY.
House shoes, because you will be walking on that COLD floor and don’t need any kind of sock or shoe that doesn’t have the sticky tread to keep you from slipping. That could be a major set back, especially a possibility with a C section.
Large/medium leggings- BLACK ONLY… ladies you probably know why.
Button up pj tops (easy for breast feeding or skin on skin time).
Pj bottoms

Cute (probably maternity) shirts that you might get your hospital photos taken in.

I liked my maternity fitted gap t shirts a lot 🙂 paired with leggins. Comfy and cute.


Maternity bra.

Tooth brushes for you both.

Mini toothpaste

Mini deoderant

Mini lotion

Mini Body Spray (not always up for a shower if you get a C)

Hair dryer/irons – honestly I only used mine the last day at the hospital.


Travel size shampoo, conditioner, body wash, shaving cream, and razor. (I was induced and that am I shaved my legs lol)

Granny panties only if you have vaginal birth. You’ll have to sport the mesh panties if you have a c section!

Always pads (the extra heavy flow long and wide with wings kind)…the hospital will give you pads that are similar to a subway sandwich in size and cushiness. And you can SEE them through your pants LOL

A pair of PJs for Daddy.

A pair of regular clothes for Daddy.

Spare cell chargers if you have them.


In my bag I grabbed seperate to take in the room with me immediately upon admission:

Cell phone


Makeup especially with waterproof mascara!!!

Glasses and contact case with solution.

My security item: my blankie

My favorite pillow, as well as Johns.

Digital camera with memory card and charger.


The hospital will provide you with this swag:



Diaper cream



Breast pump

Breast pump accessories

Nipple shields

Nipple cream

Breast pads for leaking

Gel pads for soothing sore nipples

Aspirator bulbs


Hair brush

Baby wash


What are your top ten baby items that you could not live without, and feel others should register for?


Extra set of crib sheets

Extra baby wash cloths and burp cloths – we use those instead of any bibs so far.

NEWBORN Onesies with mittens.

NEWBORN zip up night time suits with footies

floor bouncer

baby monitor with camera not just sound

breast pump

at least 8 -5 ounce bottles (I loved medela and momma brand) You won’t need those big bottles until she is like 6 months!

6 Pacifiers (not the kind they give at the hospital I like the kind that have the round button on the end because she can hang on to them better)

The little baby Einstein fish tank you can put in their crib. Harper is memorized by the fishies swimming and gets so tired watching she will sometimes pass out!

Baby bath tub with infant insert

NEWBORN size diapers! LOTS of them! 🙂 You will use 15 a day at first.

Desitin cream


Baby Tylenol for the babies first shots. (it says not for infants, however the DR will tell you how much to give after the shots!)

Will someone at the hospital check my car seat to make sure it’s properly installed?

My personal experience was no. I had to go to a fire station and get them to do it. They made me feel super safe! I loved it! It WAS hard finding a station that had a person certified to do that. I was surprised!!!

How many people were in the room with you while you were giving birth?

ONLY JOHN. We had kind of agreed that from the get go. Once I started to have SEVERE pains, I didn’t want to see anyone but him. I didn’t want to hear any talking going on except him talking to me. I was afraid if others were in the room they would be chatting or watching TV while I felt like I was dying and I was not okay with that. I made a deal with the nurse beforehand. We had a code: I would ask her if she could check me, she would ask everyone to leave to do so -and then I could tell her to keep them outside because I was in too much pain. I think we even had a code word for her to just ask them to leave to check me lol! Good deal to work out!

What was your favorite craving?


When did you first know that you were pregnant? (What made you run and go get a test?)

I started to have really strange dreams, was very emotional, and spoke with a girlfriend about it and she mentioned that’s how she was when she was pregnant! SOOO I immediately RAN to Walgreens and bought SIX pregnancy tests. 3 were the standard one or two lines, and 3 were the “pregnant” “not pregnant” text kind!!

Do you miss your baby being inside of you or being pregnant at all?

I only miss when she was little (maybe 6-7 months old) and her kicks were really light and sweet. I lived for those. I also miss how the public was so accommodating and nice to me. I miss not having periods. I miss being able to know she’s protected inside me at all times. I miss my fluffy hair and pretty nails too! BUT THAT IS ALL!!! NOTHING ELSE DO I MISS! LOL

What is the best part of motherhood that you didn’t expect?

The extreme and constantly growing love I have for her. The want to be with her almost every hour of my days. I NEVER expected to want more. But as soon as I saw her and fell in love with her I knew my heart wanted more and that was what was missing in my life. She was the person who completed my life!

What part of motherhood was the hardest that you didn’t expect?

Feeling guilty when I had a hard time getting her to latch on. Feeling guilty when I couldn’t get to her crib fast enough when she would cry because I was in pain. Feeling guilty because I didn’t talk to her much the first couple of weeks because I didn’t know what to say to her. GUILT was a predominate feeling I had the first few weeks. I shouldn’t have felt guilty for any of those things, but as a new mother, that just happens. Feeling so SAD when I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her, so I would just cry with her. It was hard for me to not resent John when he wouldn’t wake up to her cries. I also resented that I had to get up and pump every 4 hours no matter what- I knew it wasn’t his fault but I still just kept thinking “this isn’t fair”!!!

Was it hard to have your baby sleep in her crib, and not your room or with you- and how did you do it?

Not hard at all!!! She did well in her crib. The only hard part was getting to her in the middle of the night when my pain medication had worn off and it was so hard to get out of bed and walk to her room.

What do you think the benefits for breastfeeding your baby are?

GOSH there is just NOTHING bad about breastfeeding benefit wise!!!!!! It’s so self satisfying to me as a mother to know she thrives from my nutrition. It’s best for her digestion. It builds her immune system. I would do it a full 10 months if I was able!!! No questions asked.


Do you nap when she naps?

I used to nap EVERY TIME she napped because the first month was so exhausting! Now, I occasionally do, because I enjoy bonding with her that way. I just love holding her while she is still and peaceful.

Does she sleep all night?

She only slept 2-3 hours for the first 2 months of her life. At 3 months she started sleeping 4 hours. NOW at 4 months she sleeps 5-6 and RARELY 7 hour stints.
How do you feel without a lot of sleep?

It was really hard at first. It makes you go a little crazy. It makes the both of you moody and causes bickering, but you get used to it after a few weeks, and after a couple months it’s MUCH better. At 4 months I feel like I get enough sleep to get up at 9am an function fine the rest of the day now!
How hard was it to lose your baby weight?

EASY at first when I was breast feeding. I gained 35 lbs. 3 Months after birth I lost all but 5 lbs, THEN I stopped producing as much milk and gained 4 lbs back! 😦 I am now eating better and exercising so hopefully I will get to my goal of 130lbs in 2 months!!!
Do you like how you feel now or did you like it better before?

I was seriously depressed while pregnant. I SHOULD have seen a doctor about it, but I didn’t recognize it as being as bad as it was. I was sick all the time, I was tired all the time, I was in pain, I was emotional, I hated my job, and was stressed about finding a home. It was entirely too much and I kick myself for not recognizing that and talking to someone about it. NOW I am the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. I think God let me skip post partum depression because I was so sad for my pregnancy! I did however, get severe anxiety the first 2 months with Harper. But that’s eased up and I’m almost anxiety free.
Do you feel closer to John now or before? Is he different to you?

While pregnant, I did not feel closer to John. I was resentful that I felt terrible and he felt fine and could do basically whatever he wanted to. I wasn’t allowed to take my normal sleeping pill regimen anymore and he could do things to help him sleep, and it really bothered me. It bothered me that he could hang out with friends while I threw up in my apartment toilet. I hated it. He would get frustrated that I never wanted to do anything, but I just mentally and physically felt like I couldn’t. We were both VERY stressed. And to be honest sometimes our families made it worse. I often felt like I needed a break from everyone except John. Not because I don’t love them, but because it was just a lot of stress building up. When I would hit my breaking point, I would drop all contact with anyone and stay in my bed. They didn’t understand this and had no idea how depressed or stressed out I was either so it wasn’t fair to them that I didn’t communicate this.

When we first laid eyes on Harper McKenzie I felt the closest I’ve ever been to him. That moment was unforgettable and I am so thankful we got to experience it. We were both in heaven together with this precious Angel of ours who we immediately fell in love with. I loved watching him with her and hearing the things he said to her. I loved that when I had hard times he would talk me through them and tell me I was being a good mom.

Now that we are at home I do see such a huge difference in him. He seems less stressed and so happy to see the baby. I love that he wants to spend time with her. I do often wonder if he wishes I would pay more attention to him because I do focus a lot on the baby. He is more attractive to me because I love the way he loves her. He’s a different person in almost all aspects.
How long is breast milk good for out, in fridge, or freezer?

Keep in mind I’m not a doctor! 🙂 You can keep freshly pumped milk out room temperature 4-6 hours, then put in fridge. I think it can stay in the fridge 5-7 days until you need to freeze. I was pumping so much at first, I just automatically skipped the fridge and used the freezer. Milk bags were my best friend! Frozen milk should stay good 8 months I think! Which is plenty! We are starting to run out at 4.5 months 😦
How long did it take for your stitches to come out?

I had the c section and they used disolvable stitches so I never noticed when they completely dissolved!
How many dirty diapers should your baby have in 24 hours?

I was told that she should dirty a diaper every time we feed her for the first month so a dirty diaper every 2-4 hours! After a month or 2 she would only poop once or twice a day! at 3 months, she would poop once a day. NOW that we are starting to supplement with formula she poops 4 times a day! 😦
When are the best times to pump, and how do you increase your milk supply?

I pumped at 11pm, 2am, 5am, 8am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm, 8pm the first month. Yea I know, it sucks.

2nd month I spaced it out 4-5 hours if I wasn’t in pain or leaking too much.

3rd month I kept the same daytime pumping schedule, but only pumped at night at midnight, and 6am.

Month 4, my milk supply has dropped and I only pump once every 24 hours only to get 5 ounces. SAD 😦
What are some postpartum exercises that I can do until I can lift heavier weights?

Girl, I was on LIGHT duty for the full 8 weeks because of my c section, then I got mastitis and was down for even more time so I’m NOT the girl for that advice!!!


I hope I pleased my ladies, please feel free to send more my way if you think of any!!!




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Gardener or marine biologist??

Everyday I look at Harper and wonder what she will be like when she grows up. As much as I’d like her to stay this little, I know she will grow up fast! I often wonder what characteristics she will get from all of her family. It’s safe to say she is going to have a kind heart and a good sense of humor…but what else!?! The possibilities are endless!!

I wonder if she will have a green thumb like my Mammaw did!

or…will she be obsessed with FISH like my Daddy?!?

WHO KNOWS?!? I think she will have the perfect balance of everyone! I’ll try to post more of Harper’s future interests on here! 🙂 Maybe even get crazy and make a new tab for her.

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Much Love,


It’s WABBIT season!!!


DOES EVERYONE GET THIS MANY EASTER BUNNIES?!  I have a feeling this will continue to grow each year!  She loves them all, especially the pink light up one from Miss Shelly!


I hope everyone had a great Easter!  I know we did!




Sneak peek to give aways

I am super excited to announce a few upcoming give always on the blog!!!! In the next week you will see an opportunity to win some of my favorite new things I’ve discovered via ETSY! You can expect some stretch mark cream, all natural shampoo and conditioner, and of course BABY OWL TOYS!!! All handmade of course! I will list the specifics later in the upcoming week and how you can enter to win them and also check out what other great products these ladies make on their ETSY stores! 🙂

My Mom’s birth story

I asked my Mom to write out her birth story so I could share it!  I want to have a few on here before I have my very own!  I like to hear them…and they’re all so different!  I imagine what mine will be like over and over in my head!  Sweet John has agreed to take note of things that go on during labor when I can’t do so…that way I won’t forget some of the little things like what time things happened and in what order!  (Okay I know what order SOME THINGS will go in…but ya know… some things are random!)


When Daddy and I got married, we decided to wait until we could afford to have a baby and figured it would be about 5 years.  After talking to other parents, we realized that we were naïve in thinking that anyone can ‘afford’ to have a baby.

At the beginning of 1985, we decided to start a family. Pampaw would  be 65 years old that summer and we wanted him to see and enjoy his grandchild(ren). We didn’t tell anyone of our plans. It took six months for us to get pregnant and for five months I cried when I realized I wasn’t pregnant. When it was confirmed that I was having a baby after six months of trying, I didn’t think any day could possibly be more beautiful than that day. I was wrong. Saturday, April 19th, 1986 was the most beautiful day.

We were at Linda and David’s house on the 18th celebrating David’s birthday (one day late), when I realized I was in labor. I had previously had Braxton-Hicks contractions, but I knew what I was feeling was real labor. It started out very mild with a small amount of discomfort (no pain). It continued to be mild throughout the night and into the next morning. When the contractions came five minutes apart, we called the doctor and left for the hospital.

We arrived at East Ridge Hospital about 6:30 that morning. It was a beautiful spring day. Just outside of my room was a cherry tree in full bloom. From that day on, I have loved cherry trees.

I remember lying in bed, still only having mild discomfort with the contractions, thinking that labor was much easier than I thought it would be. I had imagined being in extreme pain, but was very pleasantly surprised. Of course, it was short-lived, but it was nice while it lasted.

The doctor came in to examine me and he was expecting to break my water. Unfortunately, my water had broken high the day before and I didn’t realize it. That meant that you were in danger of infection and my labor had to be sped up with the possibility of a c-section. The thought of having a c-section terrified me.

It wasn’t until then that I realized I wasn’t going to be pregnant much longer. I wasn’t going to feel you kick anymore. I wasn’t going feel your hiccups anymore. I wasn’t going to feel you get angry when the hiccups didn’t go away fast enough anymore. I wasn’t going to feel you inside me anymore. I was so heartbroken.

A few minutes later, I was given an injection to speed up my labor. My contractions went from “I can handle this!” to “Give me drugs NOW!!!!!!!!!!”. I believe I would have gone through it much easier if my labor had been allowed to progress at its own pace.

You were a stubborn little cuss. You were supposed to be face down, but you were on your right side (or maybe it was the other way around) and didn’t want to turn. The doctor was able to get you turned and you were born at 4:54 pm EDT (eastern daylight savings time). You were perfect! Ten fingers, ten toes and a head full of hair. We didn’t want to know if you were a boy or a girl ahead of time, but I knew in my heart that you were a girl. The nurses kept trying to tell me that your heart rate was too slow for a girl and I was going to have a boy. I told them no, I was having a girl. They just laughed, but we got the last laugh!

They rolled me into the recovery room and sent for everyone. Pampaw walked up beside me and I asked him what he thought of his little granddaughter. He couldn’t say anything. He hugged me and cried.

I wasn’t allowed to even touch you when you were born because I was running a low grade fever. I didn’t get to hold you until 11:30 that night and didn’t want to let you go. You were so beautiful! I couldn’t believe you were really mine.

God blessed me with a beautiful baby girl, who grew up to be a beautiful young lady! I thank Him every day for you!

One good mam

I’ve been thinking a lot about this for the past few weeks. Breastfeeding. I feel like my body will do what it’s supposed to do. My girls have been giving me signs that they are going to do their fair share of the work already! Well…one of them may be a (for lack of a better term) SLACKER!!! I anticipate myself referring to the hardworking one as “my good boob”… I’ve heard that usually one side responds more than the other ….but I think one side of my lovely lady lumps is going to produce A LOT more!!
I’ll try not to say anything else negative about lefty Lucy from here on out as to give her a fair shot at success.
moving along.

I plan to exclusively breastfeed. You heard it right. She will ONLY have what I make if everything goes as planned. (but if not I won’t have hard feelings on the ole girl!;)). I really want to be able to accomplish nursing and know that I am the sole provider of Babys nourishment and am responsible for her on a whole new level! I do want her to get used to taking bottles with pumped milk in them because I want John to be a big part of this process as well. I worry that she will attach so much to me that she won’t want a bottle. I hear that creates some hardships. If your baby will only take the boob, you can’t be away from her more than a couple hours! That’s no bueno. I anticipate I’ll want to run to the store or church etc and leave her with daddy or at the church nursery for a little while. Long story short-I’m praying this works out for us! I’ll keep focused on the positive things!

For now though…my good boob and I are going to bed. Goodnight!!

Forcast for the next 2 weeks: SHOWERS!!!

I would’ve posted this sooner if my computer hadn’t been blatantly defying my authority.

Now on to the good stuff…

This Sunday I went to my first baby shower!! I am fortunate enough to have such great people in my life who were willing to do this for me! My best friend, Mother, and Aunt (and all of their husbands) went out of their way to make this pretty Georgian shower happen- and to make it awesome!

Here is the invitation:

SUPER CUTE, RIGHT???!!!! They found this on Etsy.com… If you’ve been reading up you will already know I have a thing for cute baby owl things…so this was just PERFECT!

John and I arrived shortly before the rest of our guests did to check out all the cuteness that had been assembled for me. I quickly put him to work making paper pom poms for decorations.




On the Menu:

  • Fruit punch and personalized owl water bottles
  • Piggies in blankets
  • Ham & turkey croissants
  • Cheese plate
  • Baked macaroni and cheese (YUM)
  • Banana cupcakes (So good, I’m still eating them!!)
  • Chocolate cupcakes

It’s already clear I had a couple of favorites on the menu. 🙂

We all sat down and mingled while eating…then, on to the BABY’S NAME ANNOUNCEMENT!! This was really exciting for me because I have been holding onto this name for months! I decided to get fortune cookies custom made for me with her name on the little pink fortunes inside...THEY WERE AWESOME! I was debating keeping the name a secret in the beginning because…well…I’M TERRIBLE AT SECRETS! There. The cat’s out of the bag. But it started to become fun when only John and I had this secret and nobody else knew! Not even our parents! I 100% recommend doing this if you are expecting!

Despite letting you know I have announced the name and that I’m bad at keeping secrets…I can’t post the name yet! We have another shower in Birmingham with a whole new bunch who don’t know the name yet. You know who you are! 🙂 But I’m even more excited because I already know how fun it was the first time and I can do it all over again at the second shower!! WOOHOO! Then I can post the name!

After the fortune cookie fun I was released to open the gifts! How fun! It seemed like I took forever because Baby was lucky to get a whoooolllleee bunch of gifts!

Off the top of my head a few of my favorites were:

  • BABY’S CRIB!!!
  • Any of the owl items! (Dish set, blankets, cups…)
  • Pink newborn tub…I’m SO excited about bath time…I hope this baby likes baths…I HOPE!!!
  • Any of the hand made things…I’m into that!
  • My summer brand baby monitor!!
  • A bright pink flower canopy from potterybarnkids
  • All the sweet clothes I got…I loved them all! I have already hung every little dress and outfit I received up!
  • Diapers and wipes (I was a little nervous that we didn’t really have more than one pack stocked up yet!)

…and of course BOOKS! My best friend had a great idea of asking for children’s books instead of cards. This way I would have a keepsake forever with the gift giver’s name and message inside the book! How great is that? I loved the idea and it was a complete surprise!

During the great gift opening, little prediction and advice cards were passed around. They asked all of the guests what they predicted what day Baby would actually arrive on, the weight, and length. And my favorite part was the ADVICE section! Everyone could write what advice they had for John and I as new parents! SO SWEET!

This shower was a complete hit and I am so thankful for my wonderful friends and family for making it all happen! I’m super excited that Baby will be brought into such a great group of people and I can barely wait for everyone to meet her now!


EVERYTHING IS COMING TOGETHER!! I feel like I can start to let a few of my anxieties go now…

Stay tuned for next week’s shower pictures and details! I know it will be spectacular! John was sweet enough to order me a super special dress for it! It’s a good thing because after the last shower I realized that I can’t fit into any of my old dresses… Now, lets all hope it gets here in time!














8 Month Post


So during my daily work photo shoot I noticed…I DO NOT look 8 months pregnant in this picture!  What is up with that!?



















And BOOM goes the dynamite!!  How did this not show up in the first angle?  I guess you can’t be looking at me from atop a building and see that I’m pregnant.  You must be eye level with the bump.


I’m officially 8 Months pregnant!  It feels very strange to think that my due date is at 10 months.  People really give you the stink eye when you are 8 months pregnant and due 2 MONTHS LATER!  I want to give out a little memo about how pregnancy lasts 40-42 weeks instead of just 36 weeks everytime someone inquires about my due date.  This brings me to another concern…I think my due date is wrong!  By 2 weeks almost!  I KNOW when it happened…but I’m not sure what warrents an offical due date change.  I really started to think about it last week when I was told I was measuring a little over a week ahead…it all makes sense now!  I supposed it’s not the end of the world… so I’ll let it slide!


The specifics:


How far along: 32 weeks (8 MONTHS!!!)

Size of baby:  She should weigh around 3.75lbs.  And will gain 1/2 a lb a week from now on! … So that’s why I’m so tired!  Large jicama (what the heck is that?!)  Okay here’s a better reference…she’s the size of the front wheel on the original big wheel!  🙂  I got that from a really cute blog I stumbled upon!  (http://www.hisboyscanswim.com/dads-pregnancy-guide) There’s another post on the same blog about pregnancy gas that is HILARIOUS!!

Cravings:  Ice cream for sure.  I eat that about every other night!  WATER please!!  I can’t get enough of it.   I think that means that baby’s fluid is restoring more often than in the past…because I will drink a couple GALLONS a day…and I can assure you that only 1/8 of that comes back out!  Information overload on that one!



  • I find myself exhausted some days…and they’re usually the days where I’ve done NOTHING!  I can only describe it as the first day of the flu.  Ya know…that day where you’re not sure that you’re actually sick or just have a little allergy problem but you’re SUPER tired!  And you’re in denial that your really sick.  That’s it.  That’s the feeling I get.
  • Shortness of breath…stairs really get the best of me.  Or if I turn to quickly to one side in the bed I will start coughing because I feel like my lungs can’t fill with air.
  • Poor self-esteem.  Ya’ll I’ve never weighed this much in my life and it’s hard.  We don’t have a mirror in our bathroom, and normally that would be a big problem – not right now.  I don’t want to look at myself!  I’m pale…I’m an extra 20 (?) lbs…I walk funny…the list goes on!  I can’t even fit into all of my favorite PJ’s…and I thought those were forgiving!  I’ve been trying to do things for myself lately like get a pedicure, paint my nails, apply self tanner every day (HELL-O Snookie!), and fluff my hair up a little…but it’s still hard to bump the negative thoughts out of my head!

Sleep:  HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  I wish I could just sleep for a solid 8 hours.  I get 5 hours max.  And they’re just not sound…I almost always wake up at random times and then hear things that grab my attention and make it hard to go back to sleep.  If I’m working the next day I will almost surely wake up 45 minutes before my alarm goes off…just to RUIN those last few minutes of sleep I could’ve had.  So irritating!

Big things happening soon:

  • My showers!  I’m so excited for them both!  I will make a post with the invitations on them once I edit out the addresses!
  • My fortune cookies came in!  For those of you who don’t already know this- I had 100 custom fortune cookies made for my showers.  They all have the top secret name inside on a pink sheet of paper!  I’m super excited for everyone to see them and announce the name!  🙂
  • I guess I need to post on “The Great Belly Button Watch” because something big is going on there also!!
  • We tour the maternity floor at my work next Monday… THAT  BEING SAID… I want to tour the NEW BROOKWOOD WOMEN’S CENTER!  But the sad news is that it doesn’t open until my official due date of December 3rd!  What luck!  They won’t do tours until that date either!  Since I work here and I’m sneaky…I investigated just waddling myself down there and taking a peek without any specific guidance… big negative.  Not happening.  I asked an inside source about what sort of steps I would need to take to just peer into the new womens center and I was told to stay away!  Apparently last week a construction worker bit the dust in the new center.  For real.  If that’s not bad ju ju…I don’t know what is!  I don’t want to be smooshed!  I will wait.  But regardless, what a bummer.

Time for Spaghetti O’s!  Peace.





Knock Knock…Who’s there?!

Have you ever been at home and heard the door bell ring…but before you could scamper to the door the person rings it AGAIN?!

I have this problem at work. Minus the door bell. And house.

I stay in an office by myself. A SMALL office…it has a window, you can see how far away I sit from the door if you peek in when you knock!

People constantly knock on my door. I take a good 5-10 seconds to get out of the chair. I have the turtle on it’s back syndrome now…it used to only take me 2 seconds to get to the door. I understand it’s a longer wait time to get into my office…but is 5-10 seconds unreasonable!? It must be because they KNOCK AGAIN!!! People, if you’re unsure that I’ve heard you…you could just peek in and see that I’m trying to get my butterball self out of my swivel chair to let you in!



The business





Things we’ve done the past few days:

John brought me home some sunflowers!!! How awesome are they?! They look great in our new dining room!!

I found out captain ds started to carry my favorite…FRIED PICKLEs!!!!!! …..however, I must include that although they look GLORIOUS…they just tasted like fried air. (thanks dear for the great description) I need to write a letter. Dear Captain….

John primed and painted the kitchen! It looks great!!!

And today was birth class Monday!
I usually complain about the thing, but tonight wasn’t too bad. We learned about swaddling and how to hold baby while breastfeeding. Two things that I did not have prior knowledge of! I got a few pictures of John with our class baby haha! I liked picking it up and holding it…it makes me REALLY want to hold my own baby ASAP!!!!! I hadnt thought much about it until tonight but it’s stuck in my head now! I want to hold her, smell her, play with her feet…all that jazz!!! I guess I’ll have to wait a little longer.
One thing that made me like the class more tonight was the instructor took time to feel my tummy. I asked her if she could feel how baby e was turned. I like having people do all that belly rubbin’ business!!! It makes me feel special and paid attention to!! 🙂 pet me!!!!!

Cat nabber

I cannot believe I forgot to ever write this down.
I’ll set the scene.
It’s the first Tuesday night we spent at our new home. John was out bowling. And I assumed bowling would not fare well on someone already carrying a bowling ball around her waist-so here I am…at home watching teen mom. (yay!!!)
My cat had been missing for a day since we moved. He’s a pretty typical looking cat. Ya know…long tail…kinda fluffy…orange fur. I mean…nothing fancy. He has personality though!
So I go outside to check the mail…it’s dark. I’m impaired (visually). In fact I probably could not recognize my best friend if she were 4 feet in front of me without my glasses on. It’s bad. It gets worse at night.
Ok so anyways…getting the mail.
I see Dega (the orange furry guy) across the street just hanging out at the neighbors! (what nerve!!!) I sassily stomp across the street, ask him what the heck he was thinking, and proceed to Carry him home like a purse.
We are in the middle of the street when I notice he has lost weight. I lift him to eye level to see where his spare tire went. Not my cat. By the look on his face he realized he was not my cat LONG ago!!! (probably when I drug him from his owners yard!!!!)
Ugh. Really?! I’ve been in this neighborhood 3 days and I’ve already cat nabbed? What will they all say at the next community meeting? And where is my REAL cat?!
Luckily the correct cat came back home the next day.
BUT I can’t help but wonder…does this happen with human children?!!!!
Can we say mother of the year??!
People, this is serious. I’ve lived with that cat for 3 years. How did I not know?!! I mean I will have only been around princess a very short time when I foresee us going shopping!! What if someone with a cute little baby girl nestled in a chicco grey and pink stroller, sits their baby next to mine as I reach for some cheesy poofs on the top shelf? I turn around and grab what I think is my stroller and baby…only to get home and find I have someone else’s little cookie monster?!!!!
How do I explain that to John?! Or even worse the Babys mom?! Oh heavens…


Peeves and other thoughts

I’m a little peeved. Ticked, if you will.

Two things. Target and pier 1.

Recently I started to read a ton of TERRIBLE baby registry reviews. Apparently Target doesn’t take too kindly to returning items from registries, even if the gifter bought it THROUGH the registry and has proof that it was purchased. That makes me nervous.

Then I go to my target baby registry today…I’m locked out. Indefinitely said the target representative. She said she would create me a new registry under a different email and put all my items on it so it could be accessed by myself and others. It hasn’t updated yet 😦 What if she deleted my HOURS OF GOING CRAZY OVER THIS REGISTRY!! When I say HOURS that may be an understatement. I stressed out about this registry for a few weeks…hours each night… Please target, don’t do this. I will drive to your store and tell you what I think.

Secondly – Pier 1. They have this ADORABLE PUMPKIN OWL on their seasonal webpage home. Apparently they don’t sell the thing. Really? You got me to fall in love with this sweet little owl and now I can’t have him!? The nerve!!!!!

I digress.

The past couple of days have been…well…TAXING! I just feel worthless. I don’t want to do anything at all. I’m super tired. My stomach is hurting from stretching out. Maybe a combination of braxton hicks also. It gets SUPER HARD. Sometimes I have to buckle over and take a few breaths and focus on traveling to where ever I was going! It is no fun. Even when I sleep it’s never restful. I toss and turn with only 2 options. Right side. Left side. Rinse and repeat. Alllllllllll night long. It even hurts to walk these days…in more than one way! My feet kill. And my hoo-haa is a whole different ball game. It is awful. I really just feel like baby e will fall out sometimes. My Dr has assured me this will not happen. but walking around when you feel as if your baby may fall out is difficult. And racks the ole nerves.

What’s going on in there?

How many weeks: 31 weeks 2 days

Weight gain: Johns evil scale and I are not on speaking terms. I will update this later.

Baby size: 16.25 inches long and 3.3 lbs (the size of 4 naval oranges)

What’s baby doing? Pushing Mommy around mostly. Her irises can dilate and respond to light. She is gaining a lot of weight – .5lbs a week!!! That means Mommy is going to be even more of a cow!

What I miss:

  • Going out with my friends for a saturday night of fun. I’ve found Saturday TV is not really ideal. No fair…everyone else gets to go out and all that jazz and Mommy has to just sit on the couch drinking milk.
  • Breathing out of my nose. I dearly miss that one.
  • Walking normally.
  • SLEEP!!!!!
  • Half of my wardrobe.
  • The cute little kicks…now they are somewhat assaulting. 😦
  • Being able to comfortably shave my legs.
  • Being able to do french tips on my own toes. After reaching for them more than a minute I can’t breath because I’ve smooshed the baby up into my lungs! That doesn’t work out anymore.

What I crave: Fried pickles still. I don’t eat as much as I used to because I start to feel like garbage once I eliminate the remainder of space left in my body by adding food.

What I’m looking forward to:

  • Pumpkin carving!!!
  • Both my baby showers! I’m super excited I get fried pickles at a shower…I’ve never seen that before! LOVE IT!!!
  • Painting the baby’s room.
  • Finishing our cabinets.
  • Going to church in the am. Miss that.
  • The brookwood medical center tour next week.

Things I find myself often pondering:

  • What things will and will not change in our household?
  • What will I need after the baby showers for the baby…will it be a lot? What if we don’t get all she needs?
  • When will I start nesting?
  • When will she decide to come? Early? Late?
  • Is she head down? I think so???

Sleepy time. Night Night.