The Pure Barre Experiment

I guess this was inevitable. My last 5-6 lbs of baby weight will not just magically disappear -as my delusional mind previously thought.

I still have:

* THUNDER thighs.

* A lot of JUNK in my trunk.

* A little SMUSH in my stomach.

* Bat wings that a goose would be jealous of.

SO…after hearing a lot about the program from locals AND a friend of mine raved about the program…I SIGNED UP!

You heard it right. Signed up for a series of workout classes. I never thought I would say that in my life.

It’s hard. The first day I was the only new girl in class. I was late. Everyone stared at me as I nervously rushed in and tried to figure out where I needed to stand in the room full of mirrors and perfectly fit girls. We started to work on our arms with a series of up and down movements…THEN add some leg movements that are supposed to synchronize with the arm movements TO A BEAT.
I looked like the cheerleader in a competition that is on a completely different routine than the rest of her fellow cheer girls! The whole class went down, I WENT UP. They went right, I WENT LEFT. And everyone could see because we are facing giant windows! Argh. Next we started working on our “seat”. Have you ever seen a newborn deer getting up to walk? This was me during most of the class. Knees knocking and legs shaking like sweet little Bambi. NOW, picture Bambi sliding around on a icy pond. This was me on our floor exercises. Nobody sent me the memo that I would need skid proof socks to maintain my bearings and not skid across the whole room. Next comes these crazy sit ups. I am the only girl in class that can’t get up! I look like a flounder flopping around on the floor.

Class ended, and as I walked to my car, all I could think of was Bill Cosby’s jello giggler commercials. Luckily I parked close, so my jello jiggler legs got me to my destination.

The classes get easier and easier, proving to me I am making progress. I measured myself the first week I started going, and I plan to re measure in 2 more weeks to see any real progress. I’ll try to keep everyone updated on here about my THUNDER, JUNK, SMUSH, AND BATWING situation.

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