He liked it…so he put a ring on it!

I started the day off a big sluggish. I probably could’ve let myself stay in bed all day. But I didn’t. Thank goodness! I begrudgingly rolled out of my warm cocoon, stumbled over to the mirror, and after looking into it -i decided I looked like a hobo. Folks, the day is not getting off to a lightening fast start…but get ready!

I painted the remainder of our extra room so it would be done for my parents. success!

I hopped in the car to go meet Kay and Mckenzie at California Pizza Kitchen. I unapologetically ate a whole bbq chicken pizza. YUM.

Then we headed off to the most glorious place on the planet. The honey to the pot. The jewel to the ring. THE POTTERY BARN FOR KIDS!!!!! It was the most wonderful store ever, ya’ll! We found things that just seemed to be meant for the baby! Her name was written all over this stuff! Heart be still. I scanned a few things like a fiend and then we left to go to our house for some help sprucing up! (much needed help might I add!)

While moving furniture around I stepped out of the room…and returned to the most beautiful thing ever!!!! My Auntie Kay and Mckenzie had brought my favorite bedding set and mattress from the pottery barn kids that I had basically drooled upon!! For some reason little ole me got emotional! That was so nice of them to do and the baby will look so beautiful in her new crib with new bedding! I am SO FORTUNATE to have such great family. There’s no way I would keep sane without them. They scurried a bunch of my worries right out the door at that very moment! 🙂 SO HAPPY.

We moved stuff and organized for a while and then called our nail salon to make an appt for 6pm to get our nails done.

Dear John got home right as we were leaving.

I found it odd that John sent me a message asking for a can opener… Ya’ll, this pregnant lady takes inventory in our food stock. There wasn’t anything that he would feasibly eat out of a can! Trust me if it was in there, I would’ve already eaten it!!!! Oh well I just discarded it and thought I’d ask about it later.

We got our nails and toes looking spectacular and headed home!

I walked in and the house smelled great…like…BACON? IS THAT BACON??? John lets me know he made me dinner. I keep asking what it is, not even realizing it’s on the table. Because I’m blind.

John asks me to hand him some texas toast from the freezer. I comply. He looks at me a little bewildered when I hand him said toast. He then says: “Can you also get me the ice cream?” I slightly questioned him, but lets be real folks, a pregnant lady WILL GET OUT THE ICE CREAM NO MATTER WHAT! So I went to get the ice cream and there was a pretty velvet box sitting on top. With a… wait…is that a… A RING!!!

I turn around to John and he is down on 1 knee. No, he’s not injured…HE’S PROPOSING! I of course said yes!!! duh! After several hugs I asked him to put it on my finger and it was just perfect! Very fancy! I never thought I deserved anything THIS BIG! I could barely eat dinner because I kept looking at it the whole time!!! It’s perfect though, really.

Baby Bunny,

Daddy really came through for Mommy today…Mommy is super happy!

Daddy will make you happy too, I already know it!










Today, I am not afraid.

Today I was trying to find a semi- old journal I had been keeping since I was 6 weeks pregnant. It had all sorts of stuff in it! I realized today that I threw it away because every page was stained with my fear. In every sentence it was clear I was terrified. I didn’t want my sweet baby to ever read this and feel any kind of bad feeling because mommy was so scared. So to the trash can it went a couple weeks ago.

Today I am not fearful of the things I was when I was only 8 weeks pregnant. Before anyone except John and I knew. That time was so uncertain and unfamiliar. Even though I am still scared of other things (i.e. the exit of dear baby princess) I know that I will have support.

The MAIN reason I wanted to find that book was because of a particular entry I first wrote. It was about when I told John we were pregnant. He told me that we would be okay. He told me that he would never leave or run away. He told me that we would do this together! I could see in his eyes that he would not ever leave us alone and scared. And even though his face was a shade of green I hadn’t seen yet, he agreed to lay with me just so that I could think with him. We planned to eat dinner…we did not eat dinner. In that entry I also noted that I thought he was such a kind person and I knew that he would always take care of us. That he would be such a great father and when I didn’t know what to do, he would help me figure it out. All of these things are true. John is a man that would probably feed his dog before himself, he would help a friend even if it was the most inconvenient situation in the world, he would drop anything for his family in the blink of an eye, and I think he would do anything to make me happy.

When John loves something or someone it shows.

Clearly I am a very lucky girl. 🙂 Not only do I have this perfect boy the rest of my life, as my best friend and partner, my baby girl’s daddy, but I also will gain a whole new family I already love.